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Year Four, Day 64: Praying People

This will be brief.

My family member in crisis is in the crisis of his life. I am in tears, trying to remain strong.

I cannot divulge details at this time.  But if you are a praying type of person, please pray for our family.

I am fearful, but deep down I know we will get through this. I feel God's hand in this.

I am giving it up to Him right now.

Talk to  you soon.

Love and blessings,


Year Four, Day 63: Call Me Peculiar...

"Call me peculiar, but slate gray skies make me happy", I thought this morning as I leaned my head against the window of the Max train heading to downtown Portland.

Lately, I think in sentences that are perfect blog openers.

That's peculiar in and of itself!

It was chilly this morning when I left home. I walked through the park, kicking colored leaves with my boots as I walked. I could see my breath in little puffs in front of me as I walked.  I felt light-hearted.

I don't often feel light-hearted. I am often pre-occupied. Either worried, or pondering, or planning.

But I felt genuinely good and happy to be alive.

I have been pondering the connection between memory and emotion lately.  The slate gray skies and cool weather bring back memories of me being in a happy state.  I don't recall any particularly moment, just the feeling that I have looked at these same skies in this same emotional state many, many times before.

I wish my nose was functioning properly. I…

Year Four, Day 62: "I Am Not a Bum!" Love with a Capital L

Dear Friends:

This happened last week. I do not remember what day.  I blogged that evening, but fell asleep before I could finish it and post it.

So, a random day last week:

3:00 p.m. Belmont Library:
Another incredibly lovely day.  It is surreal, this weather we have been having lately. The sun is blinding. I wish I could find my sunglasses.

But I am determined to be present in this moment. The clouds will come, swollen with rain.  The skies will turn gray. And it will be damp for months.

At least that is how it has been in the days of the past.

I have noticed that I have been feeling stronger and more energetic lately. I believe it is mostly due to my increased activity.  Fall term is in full swing.  I am teaching three days a week, plus one evening of choir practice.  And I am walking more.

I do love to walk. But I am mindful of my stride. No more sauntering! I put on my sneakers in the morning, load up my backpack, and hit the road. The muscles in my legs are burning, my feet ar…

Year Four, Day 61: The Magic That is Johnny Cash

What a glorious fall day!  The skies are completely clear and a lovely light blue. The sun is brilliant, so bright it hurts the eyes. Unfortunately I have misplaced my special sunglasses. The ones that fit over my glasses. I am trying not to squint. Squinting causes wrinkles.

I watched Grace as usual this morning. We are still having our Mary Poppins marathon. I shall have to buy the DVD. I renewed it yet again from the library. I dread the day I have to return it!

A friend of my daughter's told us that there is a new Mary Poppins coming out soon. I am looking forward to seeing it, although I doubt anyone can hold a candle to Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke!

I am at the libary.  It is very peaceful here today.  A lovely view of trees with changing colored leaves is is visible through the window near the computer I am typing from.I believe they are maple trees. They are tall, sturdy andrd mighty.

My daughter dropped my off at Cascade Station so that I didn't have to spend so m…

Year Four, Day 62: Gluten Free Fry Bread

Not the best picture, but today was my first attempt at gluten free Native American fry bread.

They were tasty! Almost as good as the real deal.The texture was much airier than I expected. Score!

I also made a big batch of vegetable soup today in my crockpot.  Our produce box comes every Tuesday night. Wednesday I am home with Gracie most of the day, so lately I have been making concoctions with vegetables. Last week it was stuffed green peppers.

My soup was extraordinary.  A beef broth base loaded with fresh veggies such as carrots, green peppers, zucchini, potatoes, onions, garlic and Swiss chard. I added a box of crushed tomatoes, lemon juice and minced fresh parsley during the last hour of cooking. One secret my daughter and I have learned recently is to use box crushed tomatoes rather than canned diced tomatoes for cooking.  The flavor is more intense and not as watery.

So delicious!  I served it over steamed cauliflower for me, brown rice for my daughter.

I was wishing I had so…

Year Four, Day 61: Say Hello to My New Friends: Homer, Sophocles and Aesop!

8:00 a.m.  Home

I woke up this morning much easier then usual. And with anticipation!

I downloaded Homer's Odyssey to my Kindle yesterday and began to read on the bus. I am still immersed in the introduction. It is written by Theodore Alois Buckley (1825-1856). He is one of the translators of Homer's Odyssey. Interestingly enough, it is Homer I am most curious about after having read a bit of the intro. There is much debate and many legends surrounding this mysterious man. I shall have to do a bit more research. But at this point, I have discovered that Homer was most likely blind, he was a wanderer and a gifted poet. There is much debate about weather he actually wrote both the Odssey and The Iliad...

3:43 p.m. Portland at a Library

I feel like a kid in a candy store! I just finished rehearsal for an insect musical at a grade school.  The first graders are putting it on. It is written by a friend of mine. Over the past few years, she has hired me to play the piano part. It is…

Year Four, Day 60: The Leaf and The Beginning of My Odyssey

I watched a leaf fall yesterday. I stood mesmorised on the sidewalk, and watched as it drifted slowly to the ground. It was a lovely shade of magenta. I picked it up and wrapped it in a tissue and put it in my purse.

I felt this was one of those profound moments in my life.  I have felt quite anxious, restless and slightly depressed lately.  I hang onto so much negativity from my past and this tree showed me that letting go can be very beautiful. And it also reminded me of change. I've always said that I love change, but lately I felt I feel a little stagnant.

I seem to always be  struggling with my weight and lately my health.

As a way of self-soothing, I spend entirely too much time with mindless activities like social media or my game of choice Words With Friends. Or I eat.

I absolutely cherish my time with my granddaughter, Grace. But I don't want her to think she has a boring old grandma. And I don't want her to grow up like so many kids just staring at a screen. The…

Year Four, Day 59: With Flashlight and Mace in Hand

Saturday, October 6, 2018.

I have not blogged for five days. It was a busy week. Fall term at the music center where I teach piano began on Monday.

I am trying to avoid social media with all the political frenzy.  I am attempted to stay informed by reading several news sources daily. But choosing not to take sides. Yet.

I have my own life to get in order. But I am being watchful.  This country seems to be in a very precarious position.

I am also a wee bit exhausted.  I have had incredible teacher-student moments this week.  In particular a brand new beginning class made up of all middle school students. In the past, I have been a bit apprehensive about this age. But this group rocked!  I decided to teach them the stories and songs I made up for the younger kids and they loved it! 

I am wondering if becoming a grandma has made me a better teacher?  I am older, more patient and grateful for each day. Hopefully a bit wiser too. 

The fun thing about teaching piano in a group setting is th…

Year Four, Day 58: Back on the Alkaline Train, and a New Starbucks Obsession! :)

I had a gluten fest yesterday. We had a dinner for my father's 79th birthday. My nephew made spaghetti and meatballs. My mother brought a cake. I brought a salad.  My daughter, Baby Gracie and I couldn't stay long because we had to pick up my son-in-law from work.  So when presented with a table of pasta, french bread and cake, I caved.  I just ate to my little heart's content.

I suffered a bit last night. But not as much as I have in the past.  At least I did not have cheese!  But I did have a bowl of popcorn while watching "Mary Poppins" with Gracie. Mary Poppins is her new favorite movie. 

My granddaughter loves moves with music, real live people, especially children and live animals. She absolutely loves Dick Van Dyke as Bert. 

This morning I went to breakfast with my mother. I had a small breakfast of polish sausage, eggs and gluten free toast. And a pot of English Breakfast tea. No sugar.

I feel as if I have a mild hangover. But I know what to do. Just hop …