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Year Two, Day 204: A Piece of Cake, A Margarita, A Beer, and I!

Another stellar day!  I did not get a chance to get to the gym, so I started the day with the stretches my PT gave me.  I was pleased to step on the scale and see that I have lost one of the pounds I gained back after my back injury.

In fact, I believe I am way past due for sharing my stats. So, here they are!

But first, I will share my stats when I first started recording them. Love to see the progress!  And I want to reiterate that my scale was off.  I am not sure exactly how much I started at, but I found an old diet journal from about 10 years ago. I was 238 back then. 

May 26, 2015
Weight: 203
Neck: 15"
Chest: 47" Waist: 41" Hips: 48" Thighs: 23"  Biceps: 14"

November 30, 2016
Weight: 187
Neck: 13.5"
Chest: 41" Waist: 36" Hips: 43" Thighs: 22"  Biceps: 13" 

Stats do not lie!
Today I ate lentil vegetable soup and rice for breakfast. And green tea. That was about 10:00 a.m.

Year Two, Day 203: Pleasantconversationville

Another wonderful day!  The sun actually emerged for a bit, and I did not encounter any rain.

My mother surprised me this morning by calling and asking to meet for lunch.  We went to our favorite restuarant, Tom's on SE Division and Cesar Chavez.  I had the baked chicken and rice special. And Earl Grey tea. We had a pleasant visit before she took off to pick up my niece from school.

I ran into my friend "C" yesterday on my walk home. C is not from a dating site. He is a very pleasant, friendly man that I have been running into on my walks home since I moved into the neighborhood nearly two years ago.

I enjoy our random connections.  Last night he mentioned that he was worried because he had not seen me walk by in several weeks. So I told him about my back injury, my physical therapist, and her recommendations for exercise.  It turns out he has been lifting weights since his teens. We are about the same age.  He also gave me some good advice. Then we started talking food…

Year Two, Day 202: My First PT Appointment - Stellar!!

I had the most amazing experience this morning. I had my first PT appointment!  The physical therapist was so wonderful. She evaluated me and is seeking authorization from my insurance company for six visits.

We had an incredible talk. She was very pleased that I was "different than her usual patient".  I like being different. Especially when it is in a positive way.

When she asked me my goals, I did not say to reduce pain. I said, "To be able to return to the gym and not only gain what I lost, but move forward in a more calm and aware manner."

We talk about proper form and posture. She gave me a few sheets of wonderful stretches, with pictures.

And she suggested that I return to the gym, but first only water exercise and hot tub.  And lots of stretching.

When I return, she will evaluate me for pain and mobility, but she is going to focus on assisting me tailor my workout! She said she wants me to be kind to myself and increase my awareness.

This I can do!

I feel …

Year Two, Day 201: "I"

I had a wonderful first date last night!

We had a lot on common. The conversation flowed easily. We laughed.

It was so lovely, that I think I shall not blog about him. Not yet anyway.

I am just going to call him "I".

I like I. 😉

Today was a long, wonderful family day.

Went to church with my daughter and son-in-law. Very powerful, uplifting service.

After that we went to the horse races. Had a blast. Broke even. Essentially had a free lunch and four hours of entertainment.

After the horses, we had yet another Thanksgiving dinner at my niece's place. It was her first turkey. It was amazing! But thank God I had enough willpower to resist the pie!

Tomorrow I go for my first physical therapy appointment.

Tuesday it is back to the gym!!

Happy Sunday!

Year Two, Days 199 and 200: Advent

I did not get a chance to post yesterday. I think I was suffering from a food hangover!

I played for the homeless luncheon at the church on Thanksgiving from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. It was a "volunteer" position, but they gave me $60 and a free lunch!

In addition, I got to sit with some lovely people and visit.  And look at this lunch! (I had pie too....oh boy do I need the gym!)

After the lunch, my daughter and son-in-law picked me up and whisked me off to my brother's house for yet another Thanksgiving meal!  I did not eat lightly.  I enjoyed every morsel.

And some heated political debates. lol  But all in all a good time!

Luckily I did not have to work yesterday. My daughter was also home. Her husband went out hunting. So when she and I get a day off together, we go to lunch! But we were both moving sluggishly, so first we took Honey Dawg for a nice romp in the nearby doggie park. Then we decided we would walk for a nice cup of pho and then walk up to Walmart to get cle…

Year Two, Day 198: Imagine. A Thanksgiving Gift To My Dear Readers!

I had a super stellar day!

I have not felt this good in a long time.

I cleaned my room, organized all my music and put together a program for the homeless lunch I am playing for tomorrow.

I have missed my piano. I do not know why I have been away so long. But it is good to be back. I think it helped to get organized and possibly to take a break so that I would see what a hole music left in my life.

I also went for a nice dinner with my daughter.  Got caught up on ALL my laundry...not sure if that has ever happened!

I even gave my daughter a piano lesson and just hung out a bit with my adult children and Honey Dawg.

And tomorrow I will share my love for music with people who have very little. I am so looking forward to this.

Oh yes. Another thing I did was CALL people. Old school style. On the phone. I have become annoyed with texting and emailing. I am a musician. And an emotional, sensitive type. I NEED to hear tone of voice.

I made several calls this morning before I got kicked into…

Year Two, Day 197: Balancing Act and a Back-Up Plan!

I admit that I felt a bit out of sorts today.  I had talked with my new friend S yesterday about trying to seek balance in my life.  He told me that he writes poetry.  I had an "aha" moment during our conversation and realized that I had not been making music lately.  I have been so worried about bills and trying to decide if I should get a part time job, that my creative juices had stopped flowing.

I had been halfheartedly looking for a church pianist job online to no avail.

But this morning I woke up at 3:00 a.m. Wide awake. And I had a talk with myself. I have been in this place before.  Finding balance between work, my music, my family and my interior life. And now my social life!  And when the money coming in does not cover what is going out, stress arises. So having time to ponder and wander through life is lovely, but if I can't pay my bills, I spend my extra time worrying.

I know in the past that when I have to dig in  my heels I do. My new friend suggested that…

Year Two, Day 196: A Gentleman!

First of all, my humble apologies for not giving you an update last night.  "S" called after I left the gym, on my way to meet him and told me he had an urgent matter to attend to at home. He thought he might be able to sort it out and meet me a little later. I told him not to worry. I, after all, had family with "urgent matters" coming up on occasion. I told him I had some work to do at the FedX store and he was welcome to call me later.

I was a bit disappointed. After all, I was having a good hair day. And a good face day too - my eyes were way less poofy than normal!

However, I just got this deep feeling of authenticity from S.  And I decided to just go with that.

I did some work at the FedX store. Mailed a letter and stopped at Fred Meyer for some groceries.  I was really hungry at this point, but I resisted the urge to by junk food or stop at a fast food restaurant. See? Progress! :)

I arrived home and made a healthy dinner. Had some peppermint tea. Checked o…

Year Two, Day 195: Dropping the Facade!

I had another good day yesterday. I had my usual Saturday breakfast with mom, but my daughter and her husband joined us.

These times feel very stressful. And I find myself wanting to be closer to family.

However, I am still feeling the mercurial pull of the internet, especially facebook. I am trying to wean myself. And live more full present in the real world. I have picked up a bit of a habit, that I am trying to break. It seems to have really taken hold of me since my back injury and the elections.

I am hooked on "Words with Friends". The online scrabble game. I am especially intent on beating my son in law. Who has pummeled me every game!  I have really improved my game and usually beat most of my other friends. But not SIL!

We were even playing at the breakfast table yesterday!

But I realize that internet games, facebook, food, cookbooks, magazines, television...they all rob time from potential real life experiences.  As you can see from my list, my addictions are not a…

Year Two, Day 194: All I Need

I had such a peacefully balanced day yesterday. I have gotten back into the habit of praying and writing in my prayer journal before I start my day. I hope to get back to daily exercise as well. And daily healthy eating. I had a wonderful vegetable soup brewing in the crockpot for dinner. But I didn't make time for or pack a healthy lunch. So I made a quick stop at 7-11 on the way to the music center to teach group piano. I was going to grab hot tea, nuts and maybe a yogurt, but felt the need for comfort food. Ny back was aching a bit and t c.there was a cold, bitter wind howling. I got coffee, peanuts, chocolate and a cheeseburger. It was comforting! But if I am not careful, the weight will creep back.

As I was standing in line with my guilty comfort, a young, frantic woman came up to me and asked if I could spare $.17. She said she hadn't hardly eaten in three days. I dug in my purse and handed her a quarter. She smiled sadly and eyed my food. I paid for my lunch and handed …

Year Two, Day 193: Never Forget the Sisters!

Today feels like a good day. My daughter had the day off, so we finally got to go to the gym together again! Her husband had her car, so we rode the bus together.  It was so pleasant. We got to chat and talk about her job and her projects. The bus was empty and the driver gave us day passes instead of the 2.5 hour ones we purchased. Plus a very nice friendly smile he gave!

My daughter gave me one of her knowing looks.   But I'm not sure I want to start another bus driver romance. LOL.

We had a nice easy cardio workout. My low back is still quite tight. I left a message for the physical therapist. I am hoping to get in next week.

After the gym we stopped at the grocery store. Both of us have been overeating.  Since the temperature has dropped so drastically the last week,  I feel like a bear.  I want to eat and store up for the winter. And then hibernate until spring!

So we bought fresh vegetables for a cabbage soup. It is currently bubbling away in the crockpot.

On the way back f…

Year Two, Day 192: Plenty of Fish

I'm feeling odd today. Odder than usual. I feel like I am about to shift into a new reality.  I know, that sounds wacky.

But I was out walking today, I felt a different vibe in the air.  I'm feeling a bit restless. 

I also did not get to the gym today.  I really need to go to the gym.  I've been spending too much time on my android phone. Mostly on Facebook.

And I just had a flash of insight. About my love life. Or lack thereof. I realize I have been extremely selfish.  Since I edited my profile on POF (Plenty of Fish), to put God and family first AND explain that I was carless by choice, my inbox has been eerily quiet. 

I looked at some of the men's profiles. One stood out in particular. He was about my age, Christian, employed. But he said he is looking for a woman to spend time with. One of her qualities needed to be "financial independence".

Bingo.  Light bulb. Thunderbolts of lightening. Very very frightening!

I deactivated my account.

You see, I may be…

Year Two, Days 189, 190 and 191: "I Cried and Then I Sang. On Being White Trash Profiled"

Man, do I ever need to get back to daily blogging. My life has been so disrupted lately.

As I am hearing from many other people.

Yesterday, I was saying goodbye to one of my newer little piano students. She is 7 and absolutely EXHUBERANT about learning to play the piano, especially note reading. This little girl makes my heart sing.

Her mom and I had a touching conversation as I headed out to choir practice. You see, exactly a week before was election day. As we parted last week, she expressed some apprehension about the results that evening.  As a gay woman with a partner and a child, she had fears about a Trump presidency.  I listened with compassion and filed it away in my mind.

I have said I do not fear a Trump presidency.  I told my friends in the carpool to choir that evening that I fear more the violent protests that were sure to emerge regardless of which candidate one.

Last night, this mother pulled me aside at the door. She told me about Pence. That in the state of Indiana t…

Year Two, Days 187 and 188: When the Going Gets Tough, The Tough Make Bebimbop!

I feel like I have  been reborn. My back is still slightly stiff, but no more night sweats and fatigue. I haven't even had coffee today and I feel wide-eyed and bushy tailed!

I am in my library office. I even made it early to church this morning.

And lo and behold, my bus driver was HFKAR!  I hadn't seen him in over two weeks, since I injured my back. No texts from him either. I assumed he had flown south for the winter, the thrill was gone or both.

Well, it turns out he has also been sick.

The thrill is also gone. LOL. We had a polite bus driver/rider conversation. You know, about the protests downtown and our aches and pains.  It was like this summer never happened.

And I am fine with that!

He did give me a free bus pass though.

Church was nice this morning. I was clear headed enough to pay attention to the sermon.  The pastor even talked a bit about the current state of our nation and our president elect. He compared him to King Nebuchadnezzar II. Apparently he was a tyr…