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Year Four, Day 57: Mission Mendelssohn

Wednesday, September 26, 2018. 5:45 p.m.

I am at my library office. Huffing and puffing. I cannot believe I made it here on time!

I am on a mission.

A mission of the Mendelssohn kind. I got the idea the other night to study and compare the music of Fanny Mendelssohn with her brother Felix. I went online and reserved all the books and music I could find and had them put on hold at the library I usually visit when I am in Portland.

And here I am in Portland today. I taught two brothers in their home. The last time before I switch over to group classes next week.  Whilst on the bus, I got an email that my material I had on hold had arrived!

Most excited was I!

However, I had a vague uneasy feeling. My students were from 4:30 to 5:30. And the branch that was holding my beloved books closed at 6:00 p.m.!

So I mentioned to my students dad that I had important music and books waiting for me at the library. And that particular branch closed at 6:00. So he told me that he completely understoo…

Year Four, Day 56: Doing Half Good!

I feel like I am beginning yet again...

Even so, I am thankful I had the foresight to food prep for the week yesterday. I had a full morning with Gracie, which would have prevented me from putting together healthy items to pack in my lunch.

I am feeling mighty fine today. The sun is shining in a brilliant blue sky.  It is a lovely fall day!  I ate healthy yesterday and so far today.  For breakfast, I had my oatmeal with dried fruit.  After some play activity with Grace, I put her in her high chair with cottage cheese - one of her favorites.  While she grabbed handfuls and attempted to navigate her spoon, I made some quinoa with lime and cilantro.  I first made it yesterday. I got the idea somewhere on the internet - it is similar to Chipotle's cilantro lime rice, but made with quinoa.

It is extraordinary!

I had the foresight to save a bit of plain quinoa for Grace. It was a hit with her as well! And most adorable to watch her fastidiously trying to pick up each little tiny kernel…

Year Four, Day 55: Sunday Confession

I sinned.  And it wasn't pretty. It was a sin of the gluttinous kind. 
Involving cheese and too much meat. 

I fell off the wagon yesterday. I had two meals out. The first, with my mother. We went to a darling little diner called "Paul's" in downtown Vancouver.  I had corned beef hash.  I asked to substitute fruit for the toast, but the waitress proudly informed me that they had gluten free bread. She told me they received several calls a week asking for gluten free options. 

"The owner finally just purchased a couple of loaves of gluten free bread", she said with a grimace. "It's kind of weird little bread", she confided.

It was typical store bought gluten free bread. I'm used to it.  I prefer my home baked bread, bagels and rolls. But it gets expensive. I prefer almond flour.  Next time I should probably smuggle an almond flour bagel into the restaurant!

The breakfast was really good other than the toast.  And I cleaned my plate!
I hadn't …

Year Four, Day 54:Sweet Strawberries with a Hint of Vanilla - The Return of My Sense of Smell!!

I can smell again!!

I just walked by The Body Shop at the mall. I was heading for some solitary prayer and study at Starbucks (as shallow as that sounds), when a wave of scent hit my nostrils.

The sweet smell of strawberries! I almost shrieked and jumped for joy right there! Luckily I got hold of myself. I walked up to their table of samples and slathered strawberry vanilla hand cream on my hands and arms.

I am sitting here by the window of Starbucks, watching people, praying, reading, journaling and blogging.

Every so often I pause and sniff my hands.

Still there! Sweet strawberries with a hint of vanilla.


Not only that, but I did it!  A 4-day alkaline cleanse! I feel fabulous! So fabulous, in fact, that I believe I will continue!  I will probably add a bit more meat back into my diet and eggs. Other than that, I plan on keeping on!

My beloved nostrils and I are now on the way to the gym.

I really am digging this progress.

Happy Thursday!



Year Four, Day 53: I LOVE RESULTS!

Today is day 3 of my alkaline cleanse. I am totally digging this way of eating!

I have lost 4 pounds and my energy is soaring!

I've increased my water intake.  My secret is to keep a pitcher of water in the fridge with sliced cucumbers, fresh ginger and lime.  Everytime I pass through the kitchen, I pour a big glass of this lovely concoction.

My breakfast every morning has been oatmeal with quinoa, almond butter, walnuts, and dried cranberries.  I smear a bit more almond butter and a dab of honey on top.

Today for lunch, I even went out with my daughter and Baby Gracie to Hometown Buffet!

I am most proud of my self!  I had two plates of salad, a piece of baked chicken, some beans and a bit of fruit. And I was most content!

For supper I had pinto beans, steamed bok choy, a salad and a bit of chicken.

I can do this!  I may keep up this way of eating for the rest of my mortal life!

I think avoiding dairy works well for me.  Since I am not rewarding my taste buds with cheese, butter,…

Year Four, Day 52: Detoxin and Depoofin

I am feeling less poofy and more alive today!

I woke up Sunday morning with a head that feels 20 pounds lighter. I can breathe through my nose, my jaw doesn't ache and the rash on my chest has greatly diminished. Perhaps it's a combination of the Prednisone and wishful thinking.

For breakfast this morning I had a lovely of oatmeal with quinoa and nuts. I topped it with a drizzle of  raw honey. Who am I? I ate my oatmeal without butter! Without any type of milk whatsoever! On top of that, I had a cup of nettle tea which has no caffeine. And half of a sliced cucumber. And I made a pitcher of cucumber/lemon water with freshly grated ginger. I must admit, I am frightened. But that means that I'm on the right track. I'm afraid that I will give into cravings for meat four cheese for dairy of any kind for fried foods and carbs. But for the length of this blog, I have been fighting this cravings. And I am still here.  Fighting!

I felt so good, that I went to the gym before chu…

Year Four, Day 51: The MRI, the Boil and Me!

I am beside myself with joy! Gracie and I are strolling through the park near our home, and I noticed leaves are falling from the trees. Some of the leaves have turned a beautiful bright yellow. And a gentle rain has begun to fall. I cannot tell you how happy I am! The only thing that would add to my joy, would be if I could actually smell the new rain.

I still have no sense of smell. My taste is greatly diminished too.

I am so happy that I had that MRI yesterday. The results should be coming within a week they told me. It was actually a very interesting experience!

The most difficult part was holding still. Especially since I suddenly had the urge to cough. Violently. I shared this information with the technician. She shook her head and told me no coughing, sneezing or any kind of movement whatsoever.

"It would ruin the scan", she said somberly.

I told her perhaps I should use my inhaler. She told me that was a good idea. So I hopped off the scan machine and wen…

Year Four, Day 50: Polyps!

I am having a crazy hair day.  Did not get much sleep last night.

Gracie has been sick. She had a most glorious 1 year old birthday party which I spoke of in my last post.  I am still grinning at the memory of her sitting in her high chair, in a beautiful light pink dress and a white bow in her hair.  Her mom gave her a cupcake with a candle in the shape of the number one on it. We all sang "Happy Birthday" to her. She was surrounded by family and friends. At least 50 people.

And many flies and bees.  It was hot that day.

She looked quizzically at her cupcake and then proceeded to daintily wipe the frosting off with her pinkie finger. She tasted it and looked pleased.

She ate slowly and very dignified for a one year-old!

Surrounding her in a semi-circle were her admiring fans, cell phones in hand taking many pictures.  She seemed amused.  She was in a very pleasant mood.

Not so the next day. Very grumpy. Slept a lot.  Thursday night, I heard the howling of what I first gue…

Year Four, Day 49: My Brain, On Fire

Today is Thursday, September 6, 2018.  It has been a week since I blogged!

Time does not stand still.

I have been very busy helping my daughter prepare for Gracie's 1st birthday party. She turned 1 yesterday. Speaking of time not standing still, I have been part of this little girl's life from day 1.  The last few months I have been a part of her daily life.  Yet still, she is speed growing!

The party was great fun. I got a little nervous the day of. So much to do!  But my daughter reminded me that it was Gracie's day.  Our job was to be in the moment and celebrate her!

But still - there was a lot of preparation. I am glad I gently talked my daughter into dropping me off at the park. She set up the tables and the high chair while I held Gracie.  Then I put the finishing touches on an stood guard while she went home to grab her husband and the food.

We had shredded chicken and pulled pork, salads, chips, fruit, pickles, olives, cupcakes and fizzy water.

We finished getting…