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Year Three, Day 189: The Voice in the Shower II

Ok. Here it is. The story I was too tired to write last night.

Actually I'm pretty dang tired again tonight. I'm in concert preparation mode.

But if I don't tell it now, it might now get told!

So. There I was. At the gym.  I was looking forward to a nice hot soak in the jacuzzi, followed by a session in the steam room, followed by a hot steamy shower. My gym has strong water pressure and good heat.  Hydrotherapy at it's best!

I was determined to conquer the cough!  I'd been practicing pursed lip breathing and controlled coughing.  It has been working. Everyday I get better! Night time is still tough, but I've noticed improvement.

Anyway. I had my soak in the jazuzzi.  I had a nice steam room session. Then I got into the shower. I could feel much movement in my lungs! I did some pursed lip breathing. Then it occurred to me that the shower would be perfect for controlled coughing. Just bring that stuff up and wash it down the drain!

I was so happy. Got things mov…
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Year Three, Day 188: The Voice in the Shower

I will have to tell you the story about the voice in the shower tomorrow. It is most amusing!
But I don't have the strength for words. My cough is a tad better today, but I am exhausted.
I will leave you with my hooping video and wish you peaceful, pleasant dreams.

Talk to you tomorrow!

Year Three, Day 187: Controlled Coughing

I am still fighting the battle of the Cough.

I am a warrior. I will fight it to to the death!

A few years ago, when my daughter, her then fiance, my son and I lived in Salem I had a similar cough. My daughter would twitch every time I hacked. It was a very dry, itchy, nervous sounding cough. She said she was going to direct a movie and call it "Cough".

So I guess the Cough and I go way back. I guess I've been in denial. Every time it would return I would think, "It's a virus, or nerves or acid reflux. My immune system is compromised because I have been under stress."  

I had my home remedies. I would usually eat much pho, drink tea, gargle with salt water, maybe suck on some cough drops. Eventually it would go away and I would forget about it. Until the next time it paid a visit. 

Well it's back now. I'm definitely paying attention! 

I am going to have to start charging it rent if it doesn't stopped hanging around!

So, in addition to raw ginger, honey,…

Year Three, Day 186: Breathing Exercises

I woke up this morning hacking like a chain smoker. I was most frustrated! I took my dose of Prednisone and got into cough kicking mode. I had a spoon of honey with minced ginger. I irrigated my nostrils with saline. I rubbed some Vicks Vaporub on my chest. Then I remembered the book I checked out from the library: Positive Options for Living with COPD, by Teri Allen.

I speed read through to the chapter on breathing exercises.Good stuff! I practiced pursed lip breathing and walking breathing all day! I even made a little video!

This is progress! I feel like I've had a double shot of espresso, but I've only had green tea with ginger all day!

I am also practicing "controlled coughing. But I will have to tell you about that another day. Most tired am I. And I need to be up early tomorrow for Baby Gracie duty. Hopefully as saying auf wiedersehen to this annoying cough!

On that note, I wish you a pleasant evening. Talk to you tomorrow.



P.S. Here is today's hoopi…

Year Three, Day 185: P-P-P-Prednisone!

It is quite late. So I will be brief. I felt like I was crawling across the Sahara Desert, hand outstretched. But not seeking water. Seeking Prednisone. This cough is destroying me! I was actually out of refills, but called the pharmacy hoping my doctor would approve yet another refill. He did!

Hallelujah!  I grabbed my prescription, swallowed my dose with a glass of water followed by a hot teach chaser and headed to the music center.

Still coughing, but my lungs do not feel like they are inflamed as much as earlier.

I made it through my day, with less attacks than usual.

I am still downing ginger, honey, tea and soup. I plan on revisiting my doctor after this course of Prednisone. After my concert.

Coughing aside, I had such a glorious time with Baby Gracie this morning
 My grandma activities seem to be helping her sleep. My daughter tells me Gracie sleeps deeper and longer after a day with Grandma Zita. Last night she slept a solid 7 hours, from 10:30 p.m. to 5:30 a.m.!

My routine i…

Year Three, Day 184: Sleeping When Baby Sleeps

I am so happy. I got to spend the whole day with Baby Gracie and my daughter. She has almost fully recovered from her cold virus. She is 11.5 pounds now. And she is laughing, cooing, smiling and interacting. I love this age.

I was able to hoop in the trailer while she watched from her crib. She got fussy after a few minutes, so I put on our favorite song and dance her to sleep.

Alas, my cough has returned. I went ahead and called for a refill of my Prednisone. To get me through this week. I need to get sleep and practice for my upcoming concert. Coughing all night kind of interferes with that plan. I'll pick up my prescription tomorrow when I return to Portland.

My daughter made me promise to make an appointment to see my doctor after this next course of Prednisone. And be more assertive about my health concerns.

I always keep my word.

But now, I need to get some rest. Baby Gracie just went to sleep. We've got about 4 or 5 hours before she wakes up for her next feeding. Always…

Year Three, Day 183: Getting Better...

...all the time!

"Everyday in every way I’m getting better and better."
– Emile Coue
I'm sure somewhere along your path you've heard the above quote. Today I found myself repeating it over and over again.
Because I am!!
My cough has subsided!
My hip pain is gone!
I made significant progress on my piano selections for my upcoming concert!
I ate a healthy lunch I packed!
I woke up early!
I did my prayer and bible study before I left home!
I found myself wondering about the origin of the quote. So I looked it up. And found a lovely article on the transformative power of positive thought. How serendipitous!  You can read it here:
I have to run. I am going to catch a free Portland Chamber Music Concert and then home to bed.
Tomorrow is my shift with Baby Gracie!
I can't wait!
Talk to you tomorrow!