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Year Three, Day 218: Smile and Enjoy the Ride

I love riding the Max!

I am on the Orange Line heading to Portland Meadows to meet my daughter, son-in-law and Baby Gracie. We're going to watch a few horse races before heading to their home in Vancouver.

Today was my first time catching the Max from the downtown Milwaukie transit center. We just crossed over the Willamette River on the Tillicum Bridge. It is a quiet, mild day here in Portland. Very few people are out. I am feeling quite calm, peaceful and happy to be alive!

I am feeling like I am taking a train ride through the memories of my life. Looking out the window, I see the Cheerful Tortoise. One of my favorite hangouts in college.

It reminded me of my college days at Portland State University.

Speaking of PSU, one of the choir members of a group I accompany was chatting with me last week. We were talking about grandchildren and retirement. She told me that one of the most wonderful discoveries she made when she turned 65, was that senior citizens can register at PSU and…
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Year Three, Day 217: I am Happy Tonight

I do believe I'm catching the Christmas spirit! I am waiting for the bus near SE Belmont. Heading out to visit my son and his girlfriend. Not sure if I'll see them Christmas day, so I come bearing gifts.

I stopped and had a lovely pumpkin tofu curry with brown rice at ImJai Thai for dinner. Gluten free vegan seems to be agreeing with me.

I did cough a bit last night. But I seem to have things under control today. My nurse practitioner had said to use my inhaler "as needed". I was afraid to overuse it. But I did a bit of research today. And it seems it is quite acceptable to use it every four hours for acute episodes. I had a puff every four hours along with hot tea with lemon and fresh minced ginger root. Feeling quite chipper, I am!

On top of that, I was thrilled to discover Peacock Lane is open! I am enjoy watching many merry people walk by. Quite a few families with young children. And just now, a group of young people dressed as reindeer pushing a stroller holdin…

Year Three, Day 216: Six Months of Daily Hooping

Today is Day 180 of my daily weighted hula hooping experiment. Time moves on whether you are doing anything or not.

I am proud of myself for sticking with it!

Here is my Day 1 Video:

And here is today's video. Six months later!

Now if I could only get rid of this cough. Sigh. I'm sticking with my no meat, no wheat, no sugar, no dairy diet. Today is day 3. I am finding it not difficult. After all, I've had plenty of experience eliminating various food substances from my diet.

In addition to my dietary changes, I'm using an inhaler, taking Allegra and using a saline nose spray. I think I'm going to have vegetarian pho for dinner. My energy level is higher than usual. My head feels pretty clear. But the cough persists. And I have a sniffly nose.

But...I can walk several miles a day. I can hoop every morning. I am alive. I have a family I love, even when they annoy me. I have wonderful students, many who have become like family. I have work. I have a roof over my head…

Year Three, Day 215: Simply Amazing!

I feel like I have been reborn! It must be the L-Lysine! Combined with eating no meat, dairy, wheat or sugar yesterday. And not eating right before bed.
My face is less poofy! I have very little pain. The cough is still there but, less so. 
Plus Baby Gracie slept through the night - from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m.!
My daughter was ecstatic to get a full night's sleep. She got up and fed her from 6 a.m. until about 6:30 a.m. My daughter was exhausted. I told her to go lay back down and I would stay up with Gracie if she did not want to go back to sleep. 
My daughter breathed a heavy sigh of relief and lay Gracie gently in her crib.  But as soon as my daughter left the room, Gracie started to fuss. I remembered a Youtube video I saw recently. A woman showed her aunt putting her baby to sleep with light facial massage in just a few minutes.
I've given Gracie baby massage before. And stretches.  But the light facial massage intrigued me. Back in the day, I was a licensed massage therapist…

Year Three, Day 214: Fate, L-Lysine and Eliminating Dairy

I believe in fate.

There I was. Having lunch. Suddenly my phone rang. It was the father of two of my students.

I rarely get phone calls these days, other than family members. Parents of students usually text or email.

I was tempted to let it go to voicemail, so I could enjoy my lunch. But then I realized it was Wednesday. His kids usually had a lesson with me on Wednesday. Maybe he forgot that I had a homeless concert that I was playing, and wouldn't be teaching.

So I answered. I was right. He couldn't recall if there was a lesson today. I reminded him that I was not teaching because I was playing the piano with my friends of Portland Chamber Music. We play music for several homeless meals over the holidays. Tonight was Portland Rescue Mission. One of my favorite gigs.

He then asked me when their next lesson was.

I told him I needed to do so serious work on my health, so I was going to take the next few weeks off. We would resume lessons after the New Year.

He said that was fi…

Year Three, Day 213 and Day 214: Chai Tea Memories

I was going to blog last night when I got home. I started to, but then fell right to sleep! So I am blogging for yesterday and today right now!

It will be short. I need to go get in a hot tub soak and steam room experience before I teach. My cough and congestion is back. With vengeance!

I called my nurse practitioner. The receptionist told me they just received the results of my x-ray. He will consult with her to see if I need an appointment. I told him I was busy this week, but next week I am off and can come in. I also told him that the antibiotics worked pretty well the first few days, but I completed my course Friday and now my symptoms have returned. I asked him if he could ask her if I could get a refill of my Azithromycin to hold me over until I see her again?

They will call me later today.

On the way to the library today, I stopped at Starbucks. I felt the need for a Chai tea.  I got a "lightly sweetened Chai with almond milk". It is lovely!

And as I sat, sipping th…

Year Three, Day 212: The Best Ever

I know. I say this every time. But tonight was my best student recital ever! I was moved nearly to tears to hear so many of my students play with expression.

This is why I teach!

My office assistant is my favorite. He has worked with me for most of my recitals for the past several years.

It was a perfect night!

But I will have to tell you more tomorrow. I'm here at my daughter's house. It is Baby Gracie's bedtime. And yet she is wide awake! It may be a long night.

So I will say goodbye and talk to you tomorrow!



P.S. Here is today's hooping video. Day 175!