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Year Three, Day 80: 1:11

Another day hooping on the deck with my assistant, Squire the Dog.

Another sleepless night. Coughing and wheezing. And then wide awake at 1:11.

A friend of mine sees the numbers 111 often. She claims it is a spiritual call. She has been my prayer partner for many, many years.  I trust her judgment.

I thought of her this morning. At 1:11. Wide awake, staring at the glowing numbers of my alarm clock.

So I got out of bed. Knelt on my yoga mat. And prayed my heart out for about half an hour. It humbled me. And it helped me get back to sleep.  A solution to my insomnia and a deepening of my spiritual life.

Today is going to be hot. The beginning of our summer heat wave. I am hearing 104 for Wednesday, 106 for Thursday.

A good week to take it slow and easy.

Which is exactly what I am planning on doing!

And now, I am must go to my office job. I wish you a happy Monday. Stay cool!

Talk to you tomorrow.



Year Three, Day 79: Vitamin P

I am pet sitting for my roommates. So this morning I hooped on the deck with Squire the Dog!  He video bombed me...most adorable!

It was nice and cool and overcast this morning. But I knew not to get too comfortable. We've got a killer heat wave coming to Portland this week.  I've heard forecasts of 104 to 111 for Wednesday!

I woke up a little late. But my cough was a bit better. I minced fresh garlic root into a paste and took a tablespoon of it with a bit of honey before bed. And I made some sage tea. I've been reading on the internet that sage tea has many healing properties, especially effective in treating lung conditions and sinusitis.

I had a moment where I thought, "Dang, now I am going to have to cancel my doctor appointment".

I am such a silly goose. I would be happy to be rid of this cough through natural measures and would gladly suffer the inconvenience of a…

Year Three, Day 78: Just a Middle Aged Woman and Her Hoop!

I finished knitting my granddaughter's baby hat last night! Just in time for her baby shower this afternoon!

My daughter and her husband are bowhunters. I asked her what color she liked and she said, "camo".  So camo it is! And so cute! My mother was afraid it might be too small, so I am going to knit a few different sizes. I've learned to knit them on a round loom. Super easy.  I think everyone in my family might be getting loom knit hats for Christmas!

I also bought her a book on baby massage. When I was pregnant with my daughter, I was massage therapist. I was extremely interested in infant massage, and considering getting certified as an infant massage instructor! I read several books. When my daughter was born, she was treated to a massage every night after her bath. That baby girl slept through the night practically from the first day!

The problem is, growing up she expected a massage every night! When it was time to read stories, pray and tuck my kids in, my …

Year Three: Day 77: My Blog is My Baby!

I had such a busy day, I nearly forgot to blog!
But, here I am! I had this vague uneasy feeling coming home tonight. Something did not feel right. I thought perhaps it was just stress. I finally got home and settled, made some tea, put up my feet and got out my knitting, exhaled and got comfortable.

Then I sat bolt upright.


You know I am distracted when I forget to blog. My blog is my baby!

Speaking of babies...

My family has a lot going on.  My granddaughter, Baby Grace is head down, and ready to make a landing here in the next month. And my daughter is nesting like crazy.

In fact, I spent a good portion of my day with my nesting daughter.

I got up super early, got in a little hoop workout and then hopped on the Max towards the airport.  I got off at Cascade Station. My daughter and I had arranged to meet there this morning. I walked right off the train and into the Starbucks. I got a piping hot, grande, black coffee for myself and an iced, unsweetened green tea for my da…

Year Three, Day 76: Unstoppable!

Most congested am I!

I broke down and made an appointment to see the doctor for next week.  I have a day where several students are out on vacation. I really need to get to the bottom of this coughing stuff.  Plus, with the new grandbaby on the way, I am required to make sure I am up to date with my vaccines.  My daughter told me everyone who is close to Baby Grace must be up to date on their "TDAP" vaccine. This protects against tetanus, diptheria and pertussis (which is whooping cough).

I slept like a log last night.  A little bit of coughing, no wheezing. But I did take "Alka Seltza Nighttime Cold and Cough". It helped my sleep.

But I woke up groggy and this morning I am more congested than ever.

Sneezing, itchy eyes, dry cough.

But I am unstoppable! Especially when it comes to my hula hoop regimen!

 I chugged a bottle of water with vitamin C powder in it. Grabbed my hoop and headed to the track.

It was an overcast day. Rather chilly. I headed back home and pu…

Year Three, Day 75: Double PPFFLIN!

I can breathe better today.  Just a little coughing last night.

Today is 14 days of my grain-free diet, if you don't count that barley incident! (I'm not counting it, because I didn't realize there was barley in my veggie soup!)

So I celebrated with a new burgundy hair color (suggested by my wonderful daughter!):

I say "new" hair color, but this color and hair style takes me WAY back. This is pretty close to what I looked like about 30 years ago, but without glasses and a few less wrinkles!

I posted the above grain free face pic on the 10-Day Grain Detox page on Facebook, and Dr. Davis himself commented this morning!  He said, "I believe we can see a reduction in cheek puffiness, Zita!"

It is indescribable the feeling I have reading Dr. Davis' books, following his plan and having wild success! On top of that, to be complimented by the author himself. Most flattered am I!

Now if I can only get rid of that double chin...sigh...but I must remind mysel…

Year Three, Day 74: Trial by Hoop

Today is day 40, of daily hooping!

When I mentioned this to my roommate/friend/boss who is also a pastor, she looked at me and said "40 days! That is a spiritual journey!"

She's right!

I did a bit of research. I recall that the Israelites followed Moses out of Egypt and wandered for 40 years in the wilderness.  God flooded the earth for 40 days and nights. Jesus fasted for 40 days and was tempted by the Devil before he began his ministry...

But did you know that the number 40 is mentioned 146 times in the bible?  And get this - According to, "...the number 40 generally symbolizes a period of testing, trial or probation."  (

So, perhaps my trial by hoop is essentially over, effective tomorrow?  

I must say, that this is one of the most positive good habits I have ever established. I truly look forward to every morning, hopping out of bed, grabbing my hoop and heading to the trac…

Year Three, Day 73: A Woman Has to Breathe

I woke up with a clear head this morning!

It was so nice to take a deep breath. Air is something I take for granted. I got up and stretched, breathing deeply, filling my lungs with sweet oxygen. No wheezing! I only coughed a little bit last night. But I added a pillow and slept in a semi reclined position. It seemed to help.

I also moved my bed so that my head is on the east side of the room, near the window. And away from the air conditioning vent.

I am also taking Vitamin D, fish oil and magnesium. And ginseng. And drinking ginger tea. Not to mention, I am on my 12th day eating no grains, no sugar and low carbs.

 Not sure what did it, but I figure I'll will continue this exact regimen just in case.

A woman has to breathe, you know!

I think I will leave it at that today. I am feeling an iced tea and walk in the sun calling my name.

Talk to you tomorrow.

Happy Monday!

Love, light and oxygen,


Year Three, Day 72: A Restful Sunday

I am taking an absolute day off of everything today. Except, of course hooping, and my new way of eating. Which I hope suits me for life!
I skipped church. Instead I am talking to God from under this here tree:

This is the same tree I was sitting under over a month ago, before I did the 10-Day Grain Detox, and right about when I was starting my daily hooping.
I hope my face is not getting to be a big bore for my readers, but it motivates me to keep pressing on when I see the changes I have made.  
So here is my face, about 5 weeks ago, under the tree:

I took another picture without my glasses and with the same head tilt to compare:
Still suffering from what I think are seasonal allergies. I'm going to probably visit my doctor this week and talk about asthma treatment if I don't improve after my day of near complete rest.
After I post my blog, I am heading to a nice grain free lunch. Then a light workout at the gym - I consider that part of my day of rest!  I will probably sit…

Year Three, Day 70: Friday Stats - WOOT WOOT!!!

This is Day 9 of being grain free.  I am doing the 10-Day Grain Detox, following Dr. Davis' book and blog. I even had a few comments on my posts and pictures in the private Facebook group from the Doctor himself!  Most flatter was I!

Funny thing is, now that I only have one more day, I am not feeling like I want this to be over with.  I am starting to feel really healthy. And the pounds are dropping!  So after I finish the 10-Day Detox, I am going to incorporate these eating patterns into my life!

So, here is the moment I've (and maybe YOU'VE) been waiting for!

Friday Stats!

July 21, 2017
Mood:  7 (On a scale of 1 - 10, 1 being depressed, 10 being ecstatic!) Weight: 180 Chest: 40" Waist: 35" Hips: 42" Thighs: 21.5" Calves: 14.5" Biceps: 12.5" Ankles: 8" As compared to last week: July 14, 2017
Mood:  7 (On a scale of 1 - 10, 1 being depressed, 10 being ecstatic!) Weight: 184 Chest: 40" Waist: 36" Hips: 42" Thighs: 21.5" C…

Year Three, Day 71: The Way of the Hoop

I did it! I survived the 10-Day Grain Detox (following the book by Dr. William Davis).

I lost 5 pounds. One inch from my waist! I feel good! I am not starving. I am sleeping better. My mind is clearer.

Still struggling with the hay fever, or seasonal allergy thing. But the coughing is easing up.

Best of all, I am so much less obsessed with food than before! Probably because the fat is satisfying. Carbs tend to create cravings and binges. And addiction. At least for me!

So today, instead of taking myself out to dinner (my usual reward), I celebrated with getting my hair shampooed and cut.

I feel even lighter now!

I most DEFINITELY will continue this WOE (way of eating). And I will most DEFINITELY continue the way of the hoop!

I still would like to lose about 30 pounds. But I am not in a hurry. Now that I found a system that works.
I will now return to pondering other aspects of life:

GodMusicLove - Someday perhaps my prince will come?Family- Including my new granddaugter coming soon!Fri…

Year Three, Day 69: The Gift of Time

I have survived 8 days without grains and no added sugar! I feel better every day!  My allergies are still giving me some grief.  But today was overcast with a nice breeze. When I went out to hoop, I felt my sinuses clear.
A few odd things. I am hardly hungry at all with this eating plan.  I do not obsess about food as much as I used to. Not reading recipes while I eat.  
Also, I woke up at 3:30 a.m. Wide awake. Clear head.  Almost got out of bed!  But I knew I'd be tired. So I just stretched and tried to find a comfortable position to doze off again.
No luck. So I did what most insomniacs do in the wee hours, I got on the internet. I opened Facebook. And I started to giggle. It struck me as hilarious how the first few words of each post from friends were so random!  I actually jotted a few down before sleep transported me away for a few more hours:
"Do you talk to yourself?" "Yesterday was just awful..." "Prayers for John McCain..." "Does anyone else s…

Year Three, Day 68, 34 Days Hooping, Day 7 Grain-Free!

I am really starting to like this way of life!
I had a wonderful hoop session this morning. One of the regular track guys actually complimented me on my "hooping exercise!" I wore my Snoopy shirt again today. The one that is too tight. I am hoping to show a progression soon.  I am feeling lighter, but the belly fat seems to be the last to go!
My allergies have subsided a bit too. Not as much coughing last night!
I am at my library office. It is a perfect day here in Portland, Oregon. It is sunny and about 75 degrees. There is a nice breeze.  
I am going to meet my daughter for a nice, healthy lunch shortly.
Speaking of  lunch, I discovered a healthy, CHEAP grain free lunch yesterday. I was teaching in the SE Hawthorne district. I decided to get a salad at Pepino's. Which is most brave of me, since I used to love to binge on chips and salsa!
But I was a strong, disciplined woman! I ordered the "Verde Salad" which is just a green salad with cheese and a vinegar …

Year Three, Day 67, 33 Days Hooping, Day 6 Grain Free!

I had a really hard time with my allergies last night.  Hacked like a smoker all night. 
I was wondering if I would even be up to hooping this morning!
But I forced myself to get vertical, drank a big glass of water with vitamin C powder mixed in and grabbed my hoop before my bed could lure me back.

Once I got out in the sun, walking to my favorite tree, I started to feel more human. I had a good workout.  I am hooping to Beethoven's Fifth Symphony today. How profound is that! It actually goes nicely with my hooping. The amusing thing is that I hooped without music and added it on Youtube afterwards and it syncs nicely!

A nice lady was walking on the track with her children. She stopped and asked about my hooping. I told her today was 33 days straight hooping. She was most impressed!

And suddenly I felt better.

I had a good grain free breakfast:  sauerkraut (which is probiotic), chicken sausage (0 grams of sugar), cucumbers, kimchi (also probiotic!), and TZATZIKI (I am hooked!). …

Year Three, Day 66; Day 32 Hooping, Day 5 Grain Free!

I am feeling better this morning. My nose is just on a slow drip instead of running like a faucet. My eyes are less poofy. I am down a pound. I feel lighter. I do not feel anxious. The panicky, "When will I eat? What can I eat?" thoughts have subsided.

I ate at Hometown Buffet yesterday for a late lunch with my son, his girlfriend and her mom. It was wonderful!  I had thought about how I would explain my eating habits. But no need!

I just filled my plate with a base of veggies (collard greens with bacon and green beans).  That was a substitute for rice or potatoes. Then I had a slice of turkey, a slice of prime rib, bratwurst and saurkraut.

That was plate #1!

Plate #2 was a salad plate with orange slices.

I did cheat a bit, and have a small bowl of frozen yogurt topped with nuts.

Water to drink.

I was pleasantly satisfied. I felt empowered by walking by all my off limit foods. And I did not feel heavy and sleepy afterwards!

After dinner I went to the gym. No workout. I just …

Year Three, Day 65: Day 31 Hooping, Day 4 Grain Free...The World's Most Boring Blog?

Wow, most OCD am I!

But logging my progress in my commitment to lose weight, get healthier physically, emotionally and spiritually definitely keeps me accountable.

I just hope this is not the world's most boring blog!!

I am going out to lunch with my son and his girlfriend today. They chose Hometown Buffet.  My diet will definitely be put to the test!

I was quite sore this morning. Mostly my arms. I worked out with weights on Friday. So this morning I took it easy hooping. No fancy arm movements.

My allergies are still intense. My nose is running like a faucet.

This could also be part of the detox that Dr. Davis talks about in his book ("10-Day Grain Detox"). The withdrawals can vary from person to person, but can be brutal. Other than my faucet nose, I feel pretty good this morning. My arms hurt, but the pain is from working out.

I feel lighter today. More balanced. Serene even.

I am not craving carbs as much as the first few days. Since I am able already gluten-free, I…

Year Three, Day 64: One Month Daily Hooping! Day 3 Grain Free!

Today marks 30 days of daily hooping - 1 solid montharooni! :)

I am ecstatic.  I celebrate the small victories!

Devising a plan has always been the fun part for me. But sticking to a plan often loses it's interest for me quickly.

That's why this daily blog means so much to me. And now my daily hooping!

I am sticking to my grain free eating. So far. Today is Day 3. I have had several moments of panic. Several moments of victory.

I mostly miss rice.  I am going to try the 10-Day Grain Detox that Dr. William Davis recommends. After I'm done, I may put a bit of rice back in my diet.

I can see how I have been addicted to carbs now. I think I am experiencing the carb withdrawal he talks about.  But I had three good meals today. And I am pleasantly satiated! I had a moment of weakness where I imagined going out for frozen yogurt, but I conquered!

I had eggs scrambled with cheese and veggies, bacon, sliced tomatoes and black coffee for breakfast. For lunch I had unsweetened iced g…

Year Three, Day 63: Friday Stats Day

It's Friday Stats Day!!

July 14, 2017
Mood:  7 (On a scale of 1 - 10, 1 being depressed, 10 being ecstatic!) Weight: 184 Chest: 40" Waist: 36" Hips: 42" Thighs: 21.5" Calves: 14.5" Biceps: 12.5" Ankles: 8" Compared to last Friday:  July 7, 2017
Mood:  6 (On a scale of 1 - 10, 1 being depressed, 10 being ecstatic!) Weight: 186 Chest: 40" Waist: 36" Hips: 42" Thighs: 22" Calves: 15" Biceps: 13" Ankles: 8" I am excited to see more progress!  However, now my body is changing to the shape of an apple with chicken legs!

Must address that Belly Fat!

Today is Day 29 of daily hooping. Today I tried adding arm hooping.

Ok. It needs some work. But I am a living experiment!
Today is day two of grain free, whole food, no sugar eating. Plus, I'm cutting back on restaurant food.  I prepared another spinach, chicken, feta cheese salad with homemade tzatziki dressing for lunch. Two hard boiled eggs for breakfast. And I packe…

Year Three, Day 62: Going Grain Free! (The Beginning of the End of the Menopot!!)


I feel like I just went up to a higher level in my personal growth.  Physically, spiritually and emotionally!

First of all, I went on Youtube and noticed that every time I used music for one of my videos, they tagged it as "Copyrighted Material". The note said it was ok, but the owner of the copyright had the right to post ads.  That made me quite nervous to have my videos tagged! They were my hooping videos and my piano videos!

I am still learning my way around the internet. I had never been to the "dashboard" of my Youtube account!

So, I cleared off all the copyrighted music. Youtube is quite pleased with me.  I clicked on "Copyright Notices" and only 7 of my old piano videos came up. I have them on private link.  I hate to delete them because I do not have a copy. But I will if I need to!

My conscience feels so much cleaner!

And speaking of clean...

My day took a big positive turn when I went on Facebook yesterday. I had joined a private "Whe…