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Year Three, Day 98: A Steam Engine Am I!

I greeted the sun this morning. 6:30 a.m. hooping! I owe it to my former landlord. He texted me at 5:30 a.m.

A letter was delivered to my former address. He told me if I was awake, he could bring it over. He doesn't live far from my current abode. I decided it would be good to rise early. The letter he was delivering contained a check.

I will get vertical for money.

Plus, it was a bit like a spy movie to grab my hoop and walk out to the road, just as he pulled up in his brand new, shiny Camaro convertible. I didn't know they made Camaros anymore. All the cool guys in high school drive Camaros. We chatted a bit. He handed me my envelope and then I strolled over to the track to greet the sun.

This proves you can get older and better. Me, exercising at sunrise!! Who would have guessed?!

The pictures above prove that exercise and healthy eating eventually make a dent. First picture was taken August 17, 2017. Picture below is August 16, 2014. In case I lose my steam, I …

Year Three, Day 97: A Hooping Compilation and Newton's First Law of Motion

I am woman, hear me roar! I found a wonderful quick, nutritious breakfast that I can make at work. It is a breakfast in a mug recipe. The internet is overflowing with them. I used this one this morning:

But instead of bacon, I added chopped Aidell's Italian chicken sausage. I also used Egg Beaters instead of a real egg. It turned out so yummy - but next time I will use real egg. Oh, also I did not use cooking spray, I just rubbed butter on the inside of my mug.

Took less than 5 minutes to prepare, and I can eat it at my desk!

I do love convenience. Especially if it's healthy!


I figured out how to connect excerpts from the last 61 days of hooping into one compilation!

Here it is:

I see a little improvement. I definitely need to take my whole life up to the next level!

I plan on it!

I started yesterday. After my last student, I stopped for a light dinner at one of my favorite li…

Year Three, Day 96: Reuniting with My Old Friend

I am playing my piano again. It feels good. Like reuniting with an old friend.

I am feeling the need to re-prioritize.  Fall is just around the corner. New grandbaby on the way!

And a solar eclipse is threatening to disrupt our lives.  I spoke with a lovely lady from the church where I work in the office weekday mornings.  She said she and her husband have gotten eclipse fever. Especially since she just realized she will not be around for the next eclipse of this magnitude, 39 years from now.

I probably won't either. Unless I plan on living until I'm 94!  I guess I'd be o.k. with that. As long as I don't outlive my loved ones. And I can still hula hoop, walk and play my piano!

But what really affected my perception, was the realization that my granddaughter will be 39 at the next eclipse!

Life is so short. I told my friend from church that we will probably be in heaven. Watching the next eclipse with Jesus.

I like that.

I had a nice hoop session this morning. By my fa…

Year Three, Day 95: Different, But Not Suffering

I went to the gym yesterday! I had a short, but intense arm workout. I can feel the burn today. I am enjoying it!

My energy and strength has increased since I have cleaned up my diet, and gotten rid of my wheezy cough.

And I am not suffering with this eating plan. Look at my breakfast!

I hope my good health continues when I am done with this course of Prednisone!

I had a good hoop workout this morning. Short, but good. Never enough time. But I guess it is good to want more, rather than watch the clock and wish it was over!

Good motto for life, that is!

Today, I plan on going to the gym after my afternoon students. The hot tub was being cleaned yesterday. I plan on doing some cardio and then getting in a nice soak!

Meeting a friend at the food carts for lunch. Interesting, I am not even afraid of food carts anymore!  I trust that I can make healthy food choices!


As I type this, my ear picks up a song on the radio. My brain zeroes in on the lyrics. I often just hear the music …

Year Three, Day 94: Music Therapy, Two Different Eyeballs and a Pina Colada Smoothie!

Today is Day 60 of my daily hooping adventure.

Two whole months! And I do not intend to stop! It is what gets me out of bed in the morning!

And believe me, it was difficult getting out of bed this morning!

I popped up wide awake at 1:30 a.m. And against my better judgment reached for my phone. And opened Facebook. much anger, hostility, violence, drama!

I want to be involved. I want to pray and help where I can. But the internet is like a tornado of whirling garbage.

I finally put down my phone and tossed and turned. Turned and tossed.

So, most cranky was I this morning!  But I grabbed my hoop, slipped on my sneakers and headed to the track. And just the act of carrying on revived me. A bit.

I did a rather short hoop session, so that I would not be late for my office job. I plan on heading to the gym today before lunch with my daughter.

My roommate is home. So Squire the dog is in good hands. I spent much time with him over the past two weeks, especially in the midst of t…

Year Three, Day 93: Something to Celebrate!


I could hardly wait to get outside this morning.  I chose to hoop near the playground structure, so my phone wouldn't get wet as I recorded. I set my phone in it's little holder on the top step of the slide. There is a little overhang conveniently built over the step, so I was able to hoop in the slight drizzle!

How fresh the air was!

It felt like I was inhaling new life.

My heart is still heavy after the news of the violence in Charlottesville, VA last night. I swore to stay off of social media because it raises my blood pressure. It is like hearing thousands of screaming voices in my brain with hateful opposing views, all claiming they are RIGHT.

But I couldn't resist.

I'm glad I did. Some of my friends are pastors. I found a deeply moving post by one of my pastor friends. She actually posted her sermon for today.  It cut to the core. Another pastor friend said he was going to do a live video of him conducting a Taize service. I have yet to see it, but I have su…

Year Three, Day 92: Raw Blogging

I almost didn't blog today.  So many things going on in the world. I am feeling a little numb. Spent most of the afternoon following the breaking news about the violence at the white supremacist rally and counter protest in Charlottesville,Virginia.

Before that, at breakfast I talked with my mother, some regular customers and the owners of the restaurant we frequent about the rising tensions with North Korea.

I'm feeling a little raw right now.  I need some quiet time with God.  Many things to pray about.  Going to try to stay off of social media. Opinions and emotions are flying like hotcakes.

I'm finding it hard to breathe.

I am fortunate that my little corner of the world is peaceful and calm. So many people are hurting and suffering today.

It feels incredibly shallow to blog about my diet and exercise.

But then...

I recall 09/11/2001. Watching in numbed horror as the news showed the plane flying into the World Trade Center. Over and over again.

Feeling paralyzed.  Not …

Year Three, Day 91: The Shrinker, Friday Stats, Crossing the Jordan...Life Victories!

I am feeling rather victorious this morning!

Small battles won. Each meal I eat without added sugar, grains, preservatives...


Each day I continue to progress in hooping...


Each day I continue this blog...


Each day I make it to one of my jobs. On time. Fully present, ready to give my best...


Each day I read a passage or more in Scripture...


Each day I keep in touch through prayer with God...


Each day I can help a family member, friend or stranger...


I think I am winning. And the game is life! :) (I know, corny. But it feels good to type that!)

Anyway, I just finished my first course of Prednisone this morning. My doctor gave me 2 more refills. I am refilling!  My cough is nearly gone, but my doctor had me taper off my dosage. I started with 2 a day for three days. Then 1 a day for 2 days. Then 1/2 tablet for 4 days.  I can feel a bit of congestion still remaining in my lungs.

I am trying to stay out of the smoky air as much as possible…

Year Three, Day 90: Shallow Water

Day 56 of daily hooping!

I am starting to feel almost graceful as I hoop. Like my hoop and I are one!

The woosh effect from yesterday is still with me. I managed to stay at 180 lbs. I am hoping to drop into the 170's soon. And I found a yummy way to make a sandwich wrap.  Instead of wrapping the filling in a seaweed "nori" wrap (it gets mushy!), I packed sliced veggies: cucumber, green onion and avocado. And I packed a package of salmon. Then I just rolled and ate. The nori was still nice and crisp.  It works! Quite tasty! :)

My lovely daughter joined me for a walk this morning on the track. She walked, I hooped. Then we walked together. She is glowing in maternity!  Baby is engaged and ready for takeoff. Should be happening within the month.

My daughter shared with me her ideal weight. She has been blessed with this pregnancy. She has not gained too much, and it is mostly in her belly.  Which should be easy to lose once baby girl arrives.

We talked about our goals. It …

Year Three, Day 89: The Woosh!

I experienced my first woosh overnight. Most exhilarating!

"What in the world is a woosh?"

Well, I am glad you asked!

The woosh effect is a phenomenon experienced by many people on low carb diets. Especially when you've hit a plateau and that scale seems stuck. You'll be going along feeling frustrated, wanting to kick the scale across the room, tempted to cheat on your diet, cranky as an old church lady...and then suddenly "WOOSH" overnight you lose several pounds!

I did that!

This morning I woke up feeling light as a feather. My clothes were looser and I was down three pounds!


 You can read more about the woosh here:
This blog recommends having a big carb cheat day and then going back to low carb. I am not comfortable without the big cheat concept. That would be a slow decline into the abyss for me.

But I think I know what triggered out.  The Claim…

Year Three, Day 88: The Way of the Ninja Turtle

I do not like whiners and complainers. And here I am complaining about complainers!

It reminds me of the Israelites complaining to Moses as they wandered 40 years in the desert.

I have not yet started Joshua.  Where he finally leads Israel into the Promised Land.  I need to.

My day started out really rocky. Some issues and complaints at work. I let myself get defensive and feel sensitive, and made a really stupidly embarrassing mistake.

Then I started making excuses for myself.

Then I stopped. Because yesterday I had such a wonderful day. Especially lunch with my pregnant daughter. We were planning our schedule for when the baby arrives. It's quite complicated since it turns out I am not going to be able to afford a car.

But I did some research and discovered, there is a way to get to Vancouver on public transit early in the morning! Max doesn't run until 7 a.m. from Clackamas, but the #71 runs at 4:40 a.m.!  If I ever get up that early, I could transfer at the Parkrose Stati…

Year Three, Day 87: Hooping Silently

OMGoodness.  My grain free, almond flour bagels were da bomb!!!

I can't believe how good they taste. Since I became gluten free, I have been most disappointed with gluten free bread.

But not these!  I made a burger with one. Grass fed, Angus beef, blue cheese, spinach, oh my!

Served it with brussels sprouts and sauerkraut.

I was so excited, I posted these pictures on the 10-Day Grain Free Detox secret Facebook group:

I got many "likes" and "yums!".

But what was hilarious, were the comments about the Brussels sprouts! Several people from the group were shocked that I would eat such a large portion at one sitting!

Most embarrassed was I! I was so excited to show off my bagels, I didn't realize I was inadvertantly revealing how large my portions were.

(I did eat all those Brussels sprouts, happily!)

But it made for many humorous posts.

One of the criteria for losing weight with the grain free lifestyle is to count carbs. I added up all the carbs in this meal a…

Year Three, Day 86: Denzel, Deuteronomy and Almond Flour Bagels

I had the most extraordinary talk with my mother at breakfast yesterday. First of all, this early rising is really working for me.  I popped up again about 6:00 a.m. this morning. I didn't quite make it out to experience the sunrise. But then again, it was so overcast this morning, not sure if I would have witnessed it anyway.

There was a pleasant breeze blowing. The skies were a light gray and cloudy (or smoky?). I didn't detect any smoke. I can actually breathe again. It is so nice to take long deep gulps of fresh air and smell aromas, without breaking down and wheezing and coughing!

Today is day 52 of daily hooping. And day 25 of grain free.  And approximately 22,320 days of life.
That's a lot of life!

I am most pleased with this way of eating!  It is also nice to have the support of others who are going through the grain detox on the Facebook group. I posted my Day 1 Grain Free picture next to today's (Day 25) Grain Free picture on the group page this morning. I ha…