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Year Three, Day 49: Coffee with Snoopy

Today is Day 15 of my daily hooping. I was brave and wore my Snoopy shirt. I ordered it on It fits a bit too snug and shows off my menopot, but I LOVE Snoopy! In fact I think at this point in  my life I identify more with him then my previous alter ego: Eeyore!


Speaking of which, embarrassingly enough on Facebook memories this morning, my post from June 30, 2015 came up. With the title of "Homestasis".  I honestly did not remember this post, because on June 23, 2017  I posted "Take That Homeostasis!"

Here are the two posts, if you wish to compare them:

The interesting thing,  is that I took my stats on both days. Most likely I used the word "Homeostasis" because of my frustration with how hard my body works to maintain the shape of an APPLE!


And here we are on Friday, my newly d…

Year Three, Day 48: "Take it Easy"

Today is 14 days of hooping everyday!  So, to celebrate, I recorded myself hooping to the entire song, "Take it Easy", by the Eagles.

I was brave and wore a shirt that does not cover my 'menopot' belly!  So you can see, I still have much work to do!

But my hoop skills are slowly improving!

I like progress!

My daughter surprised me last night. She called and told me to wake up early - we were going to breakfast! It was the incentive I needed to drag my weary self out of bed at 6:30 a.m.!!

We met at the Wichita Pub and then we went for a walk on the running track.  Most pleasant!!

Well, er except for the part where she was supposed to record a video of me hooping under my favorite tree in my new top!

That just arrived in the mail!

I bought it through 'GreaterGood: A portion of the proceeds go to really wonderful causes!!

 I like wonderful causes!

Anyway, we tried maybe 10 takes, but could get past the first few seconds witho…

Year Three, Day 47: Courtship Dance of the Blue Footed Booby

Yesterday was quite interesting!

I ended up seeing THREE men that had vanished from my life!

First, my lovely visit with "R" at my church office job.  It was a very sweet encounter.
He disclosed that he had been pondering asking me out, but was afraid I would say no because
of the age difference.  It was such a nice exchange because it felt completely authentic. I wrote down my phone number on a post-it note and told him he could text me. I also I would not say no to coffee! It was so cute how nervous he was. But I admire his nerve and forthrightness.

I, on the other hand, am quite the chicken.  My next encounter will prove it.  My face is red as I type this. Most embarrassed am I! But I am sharing this next encounter, because I believe I am growing into an emotionally semi-mature woman.

I altered my afternoon bus trip yesterday, so that I could be on "D's" bus.  I hadn't seen him in several weeks. It felt forced planning my day around his route. And a bit …

Year Three, Day 46: Nice People!

What a lovely day I am having so far!

I managed to wake up early enough to go next door to the running track. I walked 1.5 laps and ran .5 laps. Then I came home and had a good hoop workout!

I am working on engaging my abs when I hoop. I can really feel a difference.  This is Day 12.  I do so love progress! :)

And to add to  my pleasure, I stepped on the scale and did a happy dance! I am back down to 187.  I have been gaining and losing the same 3 pounds for several weeks now.

Let's just keep going down from here, I say!

I had a lovely bite of a gluten free cobbler my lovely roommate had made and told me I could sample. It was delish!  Then I set out for my 2 minute walk to my church office job. In the parking lot, I ran into one of the older men who heads and AA group at our church. He is very kind and friendly. We chat every week. He likes to sew as stress relief. He has made a purse for me, my mother and a wallet for my father!  This morning, he popped out of his car and hande…

Year Three, Day 45: Black Coffee and Cloudy Skies = Bliss!

I just got back from my  morning walk/jog for coffee.  The weather is practically perfect today. At least for me.

Yesterday topped out at 101 degrees F. This morning it is 62 degrees and overcast. A lovely breeze is blowing about.

As I walked, I thought about last night.

After the library I had planned on going to the gym. But I was so tired. The air felt heavy, and hot. It was as if I was being baked in an oven. My backpack was digging into my shoulders.  I made a snap decision to go for frozen yogurt. I rationalized that it was my day off. I needed rest. And I could do some weights at home. In an air conditioned room!

So I walked up the street to "Green Apple Frozen Yogurt" at Eastport Plaza.

My plan was just a small serving. And keep the toppings simple and gluten free.

I was pleased to find they posted the calorie and sugar content for each flavor. I was even happier to discover there was a "Plain, tart" yogurt. It still had sugar, but much less than the other…

Year Three, Day 44: The Priest Wore Sunglasses

Day 10 of daily hooping! I am definitely noticing a difference!

I only did about 400 rotations plus stretching this morning. I plan on going to the gym and working out with weights after church.

It is going to be a scorcher today. The forecast is 99°...aka hotter than Hades!

It is currently about 10:45 a.m.

I am having my passion fruit iced tea at Starbucks. I decided I need a leisurely Sunday. Instead of hurrying to make a 10:00 a.m. service, I am taking my time and going to 12:00 noon Mass at The Grotto.

I am feeling my Catholic roots calling me. I am craving reverence, ritual, peace and solitude. I believe I will find it at the Grotto. Plus, it is nice and cool in the shade of the old growth trees.

I will blog about it later.


4:09 p.m. I am at my library office. It is so nice and cool in here.  It is blazing hot outside!

I went to Mass at the Grotto. It was lovely!  It was held outside. The priest was wearing sunglasses!

Even with the surrounding trees, the sun was beating…

Year Three, Day 43: 1,000 Consecutive Rotations on My Hoop!

Here it is folks.

The moment you have all been waiting for!

10 minutes of yours truly hula hooping for 1,000 consecutive rotations!

This is only my 9th day of hooping every morning.

This is proof that if you practice consistently, you will improve!


I am most proud of self!!

I don't have much time this morning. I am off for breakfast with my mom and a full day of teaching.

It is going to be 100+ degrees today in Portland, Oregon. I want to get walking before the heat wave!

I had an incredible day yesterday. I co-taught and impromptu music camp for 30 kids with two other wonderful instructors at the Community Music Center.

And we rocked!!

I'll tell you about it tomorrow.

I also promised you a book review, but I am pondering the last several chapters. That is coming soon too.

In the meantime, stay cool, stay safe, stay happy!

Happy Saturday!

Talk to you tomorrow!

Much Love,


Year Three, Day 42: Take That, Homeostasis!

I have been at this long enough to know not to give up when I do not see positive change.

I remember back in high school biology, learning the word "homeostasis".  This word has stuck with me. My own definition is that our bodies strive to stay in balance, resisting change.  I found this definition at KidsNet.AU: 

"Homeostasis in layman's terms means balance or equilibrium. It is the property of an open system to regulate its internal environment so as to maintain a stable condition, by means of multiple dynamic equilibrium adjustments controlled by interrelated regulation mechanisms. The term was coined in 1932 by Walter Cannon from two Greek words (to remain the same). The term usually is used in the sense of biological homeostasis in humans and animals" ( My body is definitely resisting change.  So is my brain. In fact I was just thinking about my brain this morning. I woke up feeling negative. I noticed …

Year Three, Day 41 (HPP Day 7):There was Kimchi!

I had a very nice day yesterday.

I had only one student. Three students cancelled because of a conflict with a dance rehearsal. One student was out of town.


I love my students. But an unexpected evening off is such a luxury!

I had a nice dinner at Laughing Planet. Be-bim-bap! Not exactly authentic, especially since they put a hard boiled egg instead of a fried egg on top. But what the heck. There was kimchi!  And I had a nice leisurely dinner of eating and reading at the same time. My favorite activity!

I read some more of my Beth Moore book (So Long Insecurity: You Have Been a Bad Friend to Us!). I know this sounds crazy, but I feel like she is speaking directly to the inside of my brain!

After dinner I discovered that my last student was out of town. Good thing I checked my email!

I was unfortunately having a craving. For ice cream. And I was really close to Cloud City Ice Cream parlor on SE Woodstock. I almost walked up there. The dark chocolate stout is serious heave…

Year Three, Day 40: HHP Day 6: I MUST Remain in Motion!

I stayed up late last night. Watching weighted hula hoop workouts on youtube.

I am ready to take it to the next level!

I am going to try doing my workout with feet together.  That is supposed to target the abs in a different way. Once I conquer that, there are a lot more different techniques, including marching hula hooping and lunges! I also have some new ideas for stretching with my hoop. One trainer said that since hula hooping is fun, you will not only get in shape but you will improve your mood.

Ok! I am looking forward to natural mood enhancement!

Some of these hoopers are insane, but they are in shape. I am ok with insane! Well, except for the "Diet Hoop" from South Korea.  It has ball the stick out. It looks very painful. The bloggers who tried it said it was very painful. They called it the "hoop of hell".

I think I will pass on that hoop.  But their video is hilarious!

So is mine.  I am still trying to find th…

Year Three, Day 39: HHP Day 5: Questions for Myself

Another tired day.
I did not get up and run. Or walk to get my cup of coffee. 
I stayed in bed until the last moment.
What got me up was thinking of my hula hoop project.  I did another 500 consecutive rotations this morning. I would have done more, but alas, that snooze button! I am at it's mercy!

Today I am heading up to the gym before I teach. I need a good workout and a nice hot tub soak.

I am still feeling a bit low. But lunch with my daughter yesterday lifted me. She is in her third trimester of pregnancy.  She is glowing!  I remember this time with both my pregnancies.  It is like being a piece of ripe fruit.  I loved feeling my babies kick. The amazing miracle of life inside of me!

But it is also difficult. You get very heavy, tired and achy.  I pray for her every day.  Childbirth is one of God's greatest miracles. But it carries with it much pain, fear and a sobering obligation. To raise a life.

I am struggling today with myself.  With my motives for self improvemen…

Year Three, Day 38: HHP Day 4 - Walk Like a Marine!

First of all, I am going to toot my own horn.

I did 500 consecutive rotations on my hoop this morning!

And I've learned to turn in a circle!

Progress is sweet!

I can't believe I am saying this out loud, but I am starting to like my body. Curves and all!

NOTE:  My daily hoop videos do not show my complete workout. In my humble opinion, that would be MOST BORING!

So I am RECORDING just 35 rotations everyday. The reason for my daily hoop videos is part of my experiment. To show that daily hooping, increasing everyday if possible will bring results. I am most determined to be rid of this belly!!!!

Speaking of which, I had a revelation on my  morning walk.

YES! I actually got up and did a brisk morning walk. In the SUNSHINE!

To get my cup of hot bitterness.  This morning I was extra brave. I switched to dark roast. (I usually drink the more mild, "breakfast blend")

Still no sugar. I quite enjoy my black coffee now!

I am feeling better today. After the sourdough toast inci…

Year Three, Day 37: Hula Hoop Project Day 3 and My Old Friend

I ate gluten yesterday. Again. Sourdough toast. It is PAINFULLY obvious now that I have a sensitivity. Oy!

However, I did manage to haul my bloated, miserable self out of bed for my hoop session. 400  rotations today. Without stopping!

I have a cloud of gloom hanging over my head today. No sense trying to act like everything is ok. I am having a low day. A very tired, insecure anxious and depressed day.

My plan is to hide out. I did make it to church, but my few casual conversations felt forced. I don't like forced. Or phony. So I snuck out of church without establishing eye contact, as if I had places to go and people to see.

Only, I didn't.

I thought about stopping for lunch somewhere. But my tummy vetoed that thought.

Plan B was to stop and have iced tea at Starbucks, ponder and brood a bit. Read and pray. Then go for an attitude changing workout and hot tub soak.

At Starbucks, I sipped my tea and inhaled deeply. I was beginning to feel better. When I am low, I try to reme…

Year Three, Day 36: Hula Hoop Project, Day 2

I had a day of pampering and relaxation yesterday.

I started out with a late morning stroll to breakfast at the Wichita Pub.  I stopped in at the beauty salon a few doors down and asked if they had time for a haircut. I told them I was off to breakfast first and could be back in an hour.

"Yes!" said a very friendly lady about my age. She asked me my name.

"Zita", I smiled.

The whole salon stared at me. I figured they had never heard such a unique name. I waved goodbye and headed over for a lovely breakfast of eggs, Oktoberfest sausage, hash browns and black coffee.

True confession time. I had toast!  I know, I am supposed to be gluten free. But I read that sourdough bread is probiotic because it is made with fermented dough. I REALLY wanted toast.  I rationalized that it would be an experiment.

Oh man. That toast! Dripping with butter, dipped in egg yolk. I was in heaven! I just hoped I didn't pay for it later.

I sat and enjoyed my coffee, listening to happy vo…