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Year Three, Day 136: Day 100 Hooping! It Must Be the Hoop!

Sleep is the best medicine.

I am quite sore this morning. But I feel rested.

And I started the day on the right foot. In Joyce Meyer's book, The Mind Connection, she suggests starting your day saying positive things.  It is basically a positive thinking book with a strong biblical message. The reason I am reading it is that I have been on this path for sometime. I had a moment of clarity once in a counseling session. I wasn't fond of the counselor. But I remember telling him about some negative thoughts. He had his hand on his chin, looking ponderous. He asked me to tell him more. He seemed bored. Disconnected.

And then boom! Light bulb! I sat up straight in my chair and said,
"I just realized I do not have to follow my thoughts!"

He arched an eyebrow.  "Tell me about that..."

I do not recall the conversation after that. We did not bond.

But I do remember my light bulb moment.

So when I stumbled across a Joyce Meyer program on television one night, and …

Year Three, Day 135: My Hoop, Duct Taped

I have much to say, but barely enough energy to hold my head upright.

Had a busy, involved weekend with my daughter, granddaughter, mother, son-in-law, son and his girlfriend.  It is 10:30 p.m. I just got home and took off my shoes.

I leaned my duct taped hoop up against the wall. After I gave it a quick spin to make sure it still functions.

My hoop suffered a traumatic injury today. Just my hoop. Not me. I am fine.  Things can be replaced, people cannot!

But I will have to tell you about it tomorrow.

The duct tape is sparkly purple.  And as I work on monitoring my thoughts, I can't help see an analogy here. My emotions, just like my hoop are duct taped together.

I love my family so much.  So much it hurts.

And I am determined to stay positive and focused so I can serve them best.

I will have to continue these thoughts tomorrow.

Most tired am I!

But I did manage to do a short hoop workout (before the traumatic hoop injury). I was in stealth mode.  I had a very limited space.  B…

Year Three, Day 134: The Charmed Life of a Commuting Grandma

I just discovered that the Starbucks at Cascades Station stays open until 10:00 p.m. every night.

Just when I was wanting to pinch myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming. Being a commuting grandma really is not that difficult. Actually, my life pretty much rocks right now!

Today has been a very good day. And I had maybe 3 hours of solid sleep last night. The Burrito has decided she likes to sleep cuddled in the arms of her Great Grandma Blanche or Grandma Zita during the day. Or snuggled safe in her infant seat while her mom, grandma and great grandma go out to lunch, do laundry and go shopping.

I warned my daughter that the
Baby Burrito needed some awake time yesterday. Or else we would pay for it in the evening. But getting so much done with a snoozing baby in tow was so freeing. Especially since Baby Burrito's dad is elk hunting all weekend.

We finally roused her for a bath, diaper change and piano lesson early afternoon.

Baby Burrito had a fantastic first piano lesson. At…

Year Three, Day 133: It's the Small Things. Done With Much Love!

"In this life we cannot do great things. We can only do small things with great love."
Mother Teresa

10:00 a.m. I am so excited. First of all, I am on my way to spend the weekend with my daughter and the Baby Burrito!

11:00 a.m. I just got off the Max and am about to enjoy a maple pecan latte with almond milk at Starbucks. The highlight of my trip so far was discovering I can hang my hoop on the bike peg on the Max. It's the little things in life.

Oh my goodness. This latte! I ordered it with half the usual sugar. It was luscious! But I need to back off the sugar. I've let it creep back into my life. We will keep working on that.

I sat with my lovely latte for a bit. With my new books, just delivered yesterday.

Then I ordered a ride from Lyft. To Vancouver.

11:00 p.m.It is now evening. I had the most rewarding day. Rocking my granddaughter, lunch with my mother, daughter and granddaughter. Then laundry and dinner.

Such simple sounding activities, but done with such l…

Year Three, Day 132: A Hint of Purple and a Modern Granny!

I forgot to mention that I dyed my hair last weekend. It was supposed to come out purple. The shade pictured on the front of the box was a lovely violet. I was tired of seeing gray and thought, "I'm a grandma now. I can go purple!"

Alas, the first few days it came out Viking red, as usual. I guess I have the blood of a Viking woman.

But today, it is starting to show a hint of purple.

Here is my viking look a few days ago:

I like purple.

I woke up this morning at 3:00 a.m. After only 4 hours of sleep. As usual, I made the mistake of going online. I read about the devastation from the earthquake in Mexico, and Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. I prayed for the victims. And then I started to worry.  I knew better. I should have just prayed. Or maybe gotten up and done something productive. But I worried. I started thinking about the big earthquake that is supposed to hit the Pacific Northwest. That is in fact overdue. I keep telling myself I am going to get prepared. Get a g…

Year Three, Day 131: The Bluebird of Happiness, Part II or It IS My Problem!

I just had a lovely encounter. One of my favorite bus drivers. She is about 8 years older than me. A very sunny disposition. After spending most of the day alone in the church office, it was nice to be validated by another human. I smiled when I saw it was her.

"There's my friend!" I greeted her as I hopped on the bus.

As usual we talked a bit about the weather. And then, as usual she told me a story about her life. Which I find most interesting! Let me tell you, sometimes the impersonal, mind your own business in Portland contributes to one's loneliness and increases one's feelings of invisibility. These talks with friendly people- bus drivers, R from church who brings me flowers every week and sits down to visit for a few minutes, J the Sign Ninja, who said that putting up the sign is much more fun with someone there to help and talk to...

And all my students and their families. Our time together is more than learning piano. That is just the subject.

I guess wh…

Year Three, Day 130: The Bluebird of Happiness, Part I

I am back on steroids. Prednisone to be exact. My coughing and wheezing was wearing me out. I am guessing it was exacerbated by the smoky air.  Last week, I read in the news that Portland, Oregon had the worst air quality in the country. And while I usually wear my commuter and walker status proudly, like a medal, I probably did more harm than good to myself by walking outside and breathing the foul air. At least to my lungs.

But I slept really well last night. No coughing. In fact, I couldn't get out of bed. I was wide awake about 5:30 a.m., but my bed felt so cozy, and it was still dark and dreary outside. So I checked breaking news, and played a few rounds of "Words with Friends" which is a bit of an addiction for me. I justify it by telling myself I am exercising my brain. But at times, I make myself avoid it. So I can be in the present moment. And avoid being a cell phone zombie!

Anyway, I fell back asleep about 6:30 a.m. and couldn't rouse myself until 9:00! I …

Year Three, Day 129: A Sign!

So...I guess when you ask God to give you a sign, He delivers!
It didn't dawn on me until after my friend "J, the Sign Ninja" messaged me this picture!   I believe that God is telling me to look at my behavior, my thoughts my actions.   Especially my thoughts. I admit, they are not always peaceful. I tend to dwell on hurtful words received from others. And, ehem sometimes think of possible even more hurtful words to hurl back! Quite often peppered with choice curse words too foul to write in this here blog!
My bad.
My friend "J", aka the Sign Ninja is still healing from a bad bicycle accident. He still walks on a cane. He is our sign volunteer. He comes every Monday, takes down the old letters, retrieves the new message from our pastor and puts up the new letters. 
But since his injury, I have taken over. It is a brutal job! The letters do not come out or go in easily in the little slots. My poor piano fingers take a beating.  So I was glad to see him back. But…

Year Three, Day 128: The Backpack Comment

I smell rain!

The skies are gray and clouder. It is chilly enough that I needed a sweater for my morning hoop.

The air is heavy and tense. I feel anxious.  I just want the skies to open and pour down that sweet water.

Should be any moment. I feel like the whole city will sigh with relief when the rain finally comes.

I felt quite ill from smoke inhalation yesterday. I spent the day teaching piano in a large church. One of the pastors usually comes in early on Saturdays and opens all the doors to air the place out and attempt to keep it cool. No A.C. in that church.

The temperature was quite pleasant all day. But towards the end, I felt ill.  The smoke had permeated the sanctuary and filled my lungs. I was wheezing and coughing.

I cancelled my early evening one mile walk home that I look forward to each evening. Instead I ordered Lyft on my phone. I justified the expense by telling myself I was saving my lungs.

I slept like a log last night.  I felt like I had been run over by a truck …

Year Three, Day 127: A Hoop Break, Smoky Air and Exhausted Me

I think I am getting used to surviving on about 3 hours of sleep. I made it through a 6 hour teaching day without a nap!

Much caffeine, but no nap.

No bee sting either!

But I did get two sessions of hooping in! One early this morning at my daughter's house, while my mom rocked the baby burrito.

And one on a break between students  at the church where I teach on Saturdays. The narthex is the perfect space. The floors are shiny and even. I did check for bees before I took off my shoes, however.

I even got a short but focused piano practice in. I am working on pieces for an upcoming solo piano concert I am doing in November.

I am exhausted, but in a good way. I accomplished a lot today, including much needed bonding with the Baby Burrito!   But I can hardly think, type, or even hold my head up now.

Can someone just beam me home?

I think in order to keep my sensitive emotions in check, I need to stay focused on the immediate task at hand. Tonight is much needed, uninterrupted sleep. T…

Year Three, Day 126: Hooping Across the State Line

I had too much fun traveling with my hoop yesterday! A cashier at Walgreens looked at me quizzically and asked if that was a "very large steering wheel" on my shoulder!

I had a fun conversation with one of my bus driver friends, and I did a little hoop demo for two of my piano blues boys and their parents!

 It gave me a sense of accomplishment showing off my skill and passing on my advice to just practice five minutes, of focused practice every single day. You will improve! This holds true for learning a musical instrument too. Consistent focused practice, even five minutes a day will yield results! Of course, longer practice will yield more results, but it must be daily and focussed!

Speaking of which, today is day 90 of my daily hoop experiment! I hopped at my daughter and son-in-law's place in Vancouver, Washington. Over the state line. And Honey Dog does a guest spot at the end!

I am typing this with my grandaughter's precious head on my shoulder. There are no wo…