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Year Four, Day 210: Comparing Faces

This is going to be a short post. I am on my way to teach a student and then to choir practice.  It is a lovely fall day. Clear and sunny, but with a bitter chill.  I have no reason to feel low today. But I do. But mostly low energy.  I am not feeling particularly stressed out about anything.

All this work on myself is paying off. I am keeping my head above water, and keeping my priorities in mind.  I am praying and knitting Happy Socks.  I am practicing piano, hooping and eating healthier (within my "window"). I am reading positive, inspiring books. My newest is Chicken Soup for the Soul: Find Your Inner Strength, by Amy Newmark; forward by Fran Drescher

An odd thing, though with my new hair color and cut. People are telling me I look younger. And they mean it as a compliment. But I realize I had started getting used to the idea that I was "older", as in eligible for a senior discount. A grandma with gray hair that was trying to stay healthy.

Now I feel this temptation to focus more on my appearance, worry about wrinkles, wear makeup.  There is a constant shift in the balance of life.  A shift between between authentic and caring for others, to taking care of ourselves, caring what others think and putting forth an image.

And then hiding behind that image.

I wish I could have talked to my therapist today.  He rescheduled for next week.  But maybe it is best. I believe I needed a bit of solitude.

And perhaps a large chai tea with heavy cream and sugar free cinnamon dolce.

And a book to lose myself in.  Aside from my positive thinking books. I picked up a little mystery paperback just now, called Flourless to Stop Him  by Nancy J. Parra.

Now to disappear for an hour before my student.

Talk to you tomorrow!



No hooping video today - I tried, but my granddaughter woke up when I just started. Watching her and hooping don't go well together! I'll try again tomorrow!

Wait! Something made me go back and look at old posts from this blog. Something I rarely do.  I looked up this day in 2015, my first year of this blog.Comparing my face picture of four years ago to today, instantly cheered me up.  I can see less poof! And I honestly feel like I see more of my authentic self in today's picture.

Time passes and we can just let it go, or we can make something of it!

Happy Tuesday! :)



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