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Year Two, Day 137: Down But Not Out

Oy. Oy. Oy.

My friend R texted me this morning.  He asked me if I wanted to go see a movie today.

I had told him I have Fridays off until October.

He also has Fridays off.

A little history on R. He is a bus driver. A very handsome Latino man.  We have had this bizarre but wonderful adventure since we started talking in the beginning of August.

He texts me many, many times a day. While I was extremely flattered and enjoyed the male attention (especially from him!), I was a little wary of all the texting, and no meeting in person.

He did, however actually call a few times.

Finally I told him I was curious to know where he was coming from. After all, sources on the internet revealed that men who only texted women were "players".

It would be good to know if this was just playtime.

He assured me he was not a player (of course, would this not be what a player would say? lol ) and proceeded to ask if we could workout together.

So now I have this incredibly handsome trainer friend.  We have had lunch together too.

But the texting continues.

And I continue to enjoy it. So much, that I told myself not to worry about the future. He is a few years older than me. We are both single. Who knows what the future will bring?

But when he asked me out today I was overjoyed! Like a little kid! I picked out the coolest outfit I could find.

He told me he would like to see "Scully" with Tom Hanks. I was practically jumping up and down.

"Me too!" I said (via text. So luckily he could not hear the giddiness in my voice).

I was so excited. I gushed that I had been wanting to see that movie. And I remembered when the real event happened.

He asked me to look up times. I did.

But then, oddly...

His texts slowed wayyyyyy down.

One word answers.

So I did my pilates workout and cleaned the house. He had said he was going to do some chores.

Finally I texted him and asked him what showing looked good.

He said, "Grab tickets for the 10 a.m. showing!"

That stopped me cold. First of all, embarrassingly enough, September has been a slow month for me. My work load gets busier in October, when the music center where I teach classes reopens.

I frankly could not afford two movie tickets.

I sat there staring at the text.  Why would a man ask me out and then ask me to pay for the tickets?

We have been equal with our lunches.  He bought twice and made lunch for us once. I bought twice and made breakfast burritos and cookies for him earlier this week.

But he asked me.  Am I clueless and old fashioned?  Or is he trying to really drive home the "just friends" thing? with my improved health, looks and outlook in life comes this drama with men.

I chose to rise above. I told him I could not pay for tickets since it was the end of the month, but would gladly stop and get some treats from the corner store. Since I know popcorn cost more than tickets at the theater!

Then all of a sudden he texts me that his daughter "just now" texted him that he needs to pick up her kids because she has an important doctors visit.

"Good thing the tickets were not already purchased", says my friend.

Good thing indeed!

I am breathing deeply and trying not to get upset.

Why does the interaction between the opposite sex have to be so difficult?

At least for me.  Perhaps I see now why I gained so much weight. To insulate my feelings!

But I am stronger and wiser now. I am getting ready to go to the gym. And then I just might go see Scully by myself.

So, for my final message to this butthead, I said, "Perhaps I will still go see Scully. I have been wanting to see that movie!"

And he said...

"Tell me how you like it momma".


I am down, but not out!!!!

Happy Friday! :)

PS He is sending me his usual little chatty texts. But I am choosing to ignore them. Being strong, I am!


Ok.  After a bit of thought, I probably will not speak to him again. At least for awhile.  But it was the most fun I have had in years. And I am fitter and stronger and more confident because of him.

Even if he is a butthead.



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