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Year Two, Day 138: Contestant Number One

Well I am feeling rather empowered!

I am so glad I did not sink into despair, doom and gloom with the R incident yesterday!

I ended up going to the gym and having a good sweaty workout. I worked that man right out of my system!

He sent me about 10 messages, but I chose to ignore them until I could feel calm and respond rationally.

Then I went out for a lovely dinner of pho with my son.

Finally I opened the messages from R. They were his normal chatty messages. But he did sound concerned not to hear from me. He also sent pictures of his grandkids. I felt a pang of remorse.

Just a little pang.

I realized he did not know that I had been hurt. And I intend to keep it that way. But back way out of this pending whatever it is.

I would not mind keeping him as a friend and training partner. But romance be gone! And continuous stream of consciousness texting needs to decrease.

As fate would have it, one of the men who responded to my personal ad wanted to go out for a drink.

This, I will have you know was the first person I agreed to meet.

I had hundreds of responses. I believe I was very clear in my ad. I was reemerging on the scene after a long absence due to raising children alone, finding myself spiritually and emotionally and shedding weight (physically and emotionally).

I wanted to just put my toes in the waters of the dating pool. Mostly meet a friend or two to talk to.

Man, did I have to wade through some thick, murky water to find a few men I felt comfortable talking to!

I felt a pang of guilt every time I hit that delete button. But I want to be true to myself and fair to everyone I meet.  But wow!

I wore the outfit I was going to wear to the movies with R. (Take that, you dirty rat! lol). My son and his girlfriend coached me.  My son took the above picture of me and posted it on Facebook.

He said "Date night for mom. Get em girl!"

Gotta love these young adults. :)

Anyway, I met contestant number 1 today. A very sweet man about my age. We met at a McMenamins Pub. I ordered a glass of "the darkest red wine they had". He drank water.

He looked at me skeptically at first. Eyes wide behind his spectacles. But after some conversation, we shared a few laughs.  After about an hour, I was giggling uncontrollably. So was he. Little did he know that I kept thinking that he resembled an African-American Forrest Gump! (Who I love, by the way!).

But this man wisely took my hand in his and gave me some advice. He told me to meet 2 or 3 men and follow my heart.

He told me he was looking for something permanent.

We both knew we were not the perfect match, but it was very pleasant.

Sadly, he did not pay for my wine.

Perhaps I am time traveling from the 80s and 90s. When the man asked the woman out and paid?

Perhaps I missed the era where woman paid their own way?  I guess it is only fair.

But I am going to have to get another job if this keeps up!

Anyway, I saw a grandmother of my student at the pub before contestant number one arrived. I told her I was on a blind date. She kindly gave me her number in case I needed backup.

I did not.

I think I might even be ready for contestant number two!

Happy Saturday!


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