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Year Two, Day 277: Bach and Pho

I had some "Bach therapy" between students yesterday. I played through several Bach Inventions.  I have been neglecting the piano lately. But my practice time yesterday was so rewarding, that I started considering making a youtube video of each one. More to come on that subject!

After a long day of teaching, I headed to Pho Vietnam for some "Pho Therapy". But I ended up having the shrimp and grilled pork over rice noodles. More like a salad than a pho (soup). But still therapeutic!

It seems that I am needing a lot of "therapy" lately.  Music therapy. Massage therapy.  Comfort food therapy.  Walking therapy.  Gym therapy.  Vitamin D therapy - the sun is shining at last! 

It is fitting then, that the fruit of the spirit ("But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,  gentleness, self-control; against such things there is no law."  Galatians 5:22-23 ESV) that I am focusing on today is faithfulness.   My gut feeling was that God is faithful and if I allow myself to fully trust in Him and follow His ways, it will ease my anxiety and need for all this comfort.  In a sense, I am quite needy. But instead of always seeking these earthly comfort bandages, I am learning to turn to the Almighty. Open my Bible. Study, pray.  This is the ultimate comfort.  I am still learning. A baby spirituatlly.

I looked up a few commentaries on Galatians 5:22-23. One I like is from
"Faithfulness" (NIV, NRSV), "faith" (KJV) is pistis, "that which evokes trust and faith," here, "the state of being someone in whom confidence can be placed, faithfulness, reliability, fidelity, commitment."[259] It is also Paul's normal word for "faith," the "state of believing on the basis of the reliability of the one trusted, trust, confidence, faith," but in a list of virtues, "faithfulness" is more likely.
All the examples we have in the New Testament involve faithfulness towards God, that is, a person living out his trust in God over the long haul."  

 So I was on the right track.  The words "confidence" and "trust" stand out for me.  I do have issues with both.  

I am on my way to more pho therapy right now. And family therapy. My son is meeting me for lunch.  I am hoping to make it to the gym later on. 

As I stated in previous blog posts, I have put the gym on the back burner. I have a new part time administrative assistant job in the mornings and I am apartment hunting. But in lieu of the gym, I am walking faster between buses!  

But it is nagging at my conscious.  I know I will feel much stronger if I get back to regular weight training. So I will just keep nagging myself!

At least I have been eating very healthy lately.  Gluten free, high protein, veggies and fruit.  Lots of pho!  And today I brought rice crackers and cheese for coffee hour at church so that I wouldn't have to struggle avoiding the temptation of cookies and pastries.

I was not the only one thinking healthy. Because the table was laden with fresh fruit!

We are all a work in progress!

Happy Sunday! :) 

Off to Pho I go!




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