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Year Two, Day 286: Hear Me Roar!

Today's fruit of the spirit is "faithfulness". This morning I really got this. How my emotional state is more balanced when I just let go of all the worries and "what ifs" and simply trust in God.

Because He is faithful. He continually opens up different, unexpected routes in my life when I feel I am trapped by roadblocks.

It is early yet. On a drizzly, gray Tuesday morning. It is fitting that I am sipping a London Fog. Gazing out the window at my regular Starbucks joint.

I love the rain: the sound, the smell, the sight of the drops making ripples in the puddles on the pavement.

After our big snowstorm recently, our roads are torn up. Many potholes to be seen. Which make an abundance of puddles! When I played the piano for the Penguin Musical last week, I laughed out loud walking near the playground. A group of boys were purposely seeking big puddles to stomp in. One of them actually looked up at me and said, "There are a lot of good puddles around here"!

I don't even mind walking in the rain. If it is not too cold or windy, I find it refreshing!

Already this morning, I have been the recipient of two random acts of kindness.

As I was walking to my first bus stop, a car was in the crosswalk trying to turn right on Foster near the I-205 on ramp.This is a very busy intersection weekday mornings. I am quite used to drivers not seeing me in their rush to get to work, or wherever it is they need to be on such a hurry.

So I was prepared to wait patiently until she turned. But she saw me standing there, probably looking dejected with me limp umbrella.  She put her car in reverse and backed up, allowing me to cross. It's the little things in life. I gave her a big smile and a wave of gratitude. She smiled back.  My heart warmed.

The second one was a bus driver.  I do seem to have a connection with bus drivers in Portland.  I appreciate them and feel compassion for them at the same time.  This one was a middle aged man driving the #72, perhaps one of the busiest lines.  I always get off at the stop right before Starbucks. I had rang the bell and was standing up and he whizzed right on by my stop. I gently asked him if he was going to stop. He apologized. I said, "It's ok, I'm just going to the Starbucks up ahead".

So he pulled right on up in front of the Starbucks building!  I thanked him and raced off, trying to avoid raindrops and quite thankful to just have to dash a few feet rather than a whole city block!

But now, I need to grab my London Fog and catch my next bus.

To be continued....

It is now 2:20 p.m. I am eating Moo goo gai pan at the Canton Grill while listening to David Bowie singing, "This is Ground Control to Major Tom..."

A pleasantly surreal experience. I am eating plenty of hot mustard. Hoping to open up my nasal passages.

Still sniffling I am.

On my way to a piano student's house.

Will check in again later...

It is now 5:00 p.m. I taught two students- a mother and daughter. The mother is learning the 12-bar blues. It tickles me to see how she enjoys our jam sessions. She is quite good already. She had been struggling with note reading, but she soars with the blues! Her daughter is crazy about Harry Potter and is working on "Hedwig's Theme", the theme song from the movie.

I found out right before their lesson that the student immediately after them was suck with the flu. So before I started considering tea and chocolate, I high-tailed it to the gym for a 29 minute gym break. I did about 8 minutes on the treadmill and then did some weights, focusing on my back. I am starting to crave exercise again. I had such a setback with my back injury and being sick, the snow storm and then working more hours.

One can always make excuses, but I have proven it to myself again and again, that without exercise, I am miserable. But when I work out, I am a tiger!

Hear me roar!

I am home now.  My evening ended with a lovely choir rehearsal. We are working on several movements of Bach's g minor Mass.

This music is ethereal.  I float the rest of the week and find myself wanting to sit at my piano and play Bach for hours after each rehearsal.  The older I get, the more I am drawn to his music.

Words cannot even describe the peace it brings me. So I will not offer any more words other than:

Happy Tuesday! :)


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