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Year Two, Day 289: The Space in Between

This will be a short post.

Most tired am I!

I started off the day securing a storage unit. The man who signed me up was really funny.  We had a grand ol time joking around!  Then he showed me my rental space, gave me a padl ovk and key,  and I was on my way.

I've rented storage units before. My last big major move was kind of a rush job.  Our home had been shot up and we were all quite eager to move out. My daughter was in college, my son recently graduated from high school.

We had a huge garage sale and then ended up giving away probably half of our belongings. Even with that, I had many boxes, mostly full of books, music and journals. I rented a U-haul, tossed it all in and packed into a storage facility.

Over the last few years, I have gradually gotten rid of most unnecessary items.  Still, many books remain.

 I suppose you could call me a book hoarder.

But this time around, I plan on being more organized.  Tomorrow, I am putting up some shelves and buying more plastic bins. Then I will label them and put only the books I absolutely cherish and my piano music in storage. Along with some journals, photos and items of sentimental value. I purchased a small shop light that I can turn light my path and go through my things at my leisure.

The first month rent is only $1.00.  It buys me some time.

But right now, I am sitting in the middle of my bedroom looking at my bookshelf.  My son-in-law came in out of the blue and gave me a hug.

This is the end of an era.  Out on my own again.

The mama bird is flying away from the nest. But the baby birds are not babies anymore. They know how to fly.

It is hard to part with things. For me books. Each book I look at, gives me an emotional pang. A lot of unfulfilled dreams attached.

My son-in-law has a fishing boat in the garage.
He bought it many years ago. He had big plans for that boat. But he never did anything about it. And there it sits. And he still is hesistant to let go of it.

So much of life is like this.  Hanging on for dear life to things, people, behaviors, feelings, thoughts that no longer serve a purpose.

It is good to take inventory now and then. To purge. To release and set free.

We come into this world naked, with nothing but our flesh and a loud cry.  We will leave with nothing.  But hopefully the time in between the beginning and the end will have many memories, experiences, love and laughter.

It's the space in between the really matters.

And today, my spiritual fruit to focus on has been "love".

So I wish you a happy Friday, filled with love and laughter.

Talk to you tomorrow!

Zita :)


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