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Year Two, Day 276: For Goodness Sake!

Today's fruit of the spirit (Galatians 5:22) is goodness.

For me, this is more challenging than kindness.  I consider being kind an active word. Doing random "acts" of kindness.  As I mentioned in my previous blog post, these acts of kindness often benefit me as much as the givee.

But "goodness".  That is who I am deep down for goodness sake! My core below all the layers that life has piled upon me...

And I struggle with low self esteem. I am trying to let God remake me and mold me into a kind, giving, generous, peaceful person. But sometimes I just feel rotten to the core! But I know that is my faulty Eeyore mentality. Underneath it all, I am pure, radiant goodness enveloped in many years of victim mentality

I fight it daily.

Today feels like a good day.  I did not hit the snooze button more than twice!

I started with some stretches and wall pushups. Since I have not had time for the gym lately, I'm trying to get exercise in my everyday life. I've been lengthening my stride and picking up the pace with my walking. I've been wearing good running shoes every day. I feel a difference!

And then there is food. Always an issue for me! But I have conquered gluten. I am, as far as I know gluten free!

Still working on portion control. Probably until the day I die. Focusing on lean protein, veggies and fruit. The pastor at my church job is paleo. She eats no grains.  She suggested I might want to remove corn from my diet. It is known to cause inflammation. I have heard this more than once lately. So I may have to let go of corn: corn tortillas (aack!), polenta (arg!), corn chips (Nooo!).  But the fact that my inner rotten core is rebelling tells me that it's got to go. At least for now.

I've also started taking Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc and Vitamin D. I feel more energetic already!

This will be a short blog today. I am on my way to breakfast with mom and a busy day teaching.

So I will continue rooting out my core and replacing it with goodness today.

For goodness sake!

Have a Happy Saturday! :)



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