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Year Two, Day 46: Z-xit

I am in my library office. I just finished teaching a lovely family - two boys and a girl.  These are the "lazy days of summer" for me.  Just a few students a day.  I like the time to breathe. And the looser schedule allows me to spend a little time with my students.  I like breathing room.

I was able to convince myself to go to the gym before I headed out. I've been pretty consistent about GOING to the gym daily. I don't always get as long of a workout as I should. But I go!

Today, I did a mile on the treadmill while watching the news of "Brexit".  This kind of took me by surprise, and much of the world it seems! I try to stay current with the news, but lately the political campaign has been such a circus, that I don't give it much thought. I sometimes hesitate to search for breaking news when I wake up. I am committed to being aware of, praying for and mourning the latest victims in the newest shooting. But it does drain one's soul.

So, the exit of Britain from the EU was kind of shocking. Now I am intent on doing some research about the EU. It seems from first read, that people were concerned about terrorism and immigration. But it also seems, our English neighbors were critical of the economy, jobs and high prices of housing.  Hmmm...Sound familiar?

I am wondering where Ireland and Scotland now stand. Apparently they voted to stay.

For once the news is not centered on the United States. Apparently, this also has global implications.  My heart goes out to all affected.  And now I am more interested in the news. This beats the Clinton/Trump wars for sure!

I went to to see what the British had to say about all of this and found this article showing the front pages of the world's response to Brexit.  It is a historic day, for sure!

Speaking of economy, our household is needing to tighten our belts.  I was looking at my budget, which is tight during the summer (many students on vacation), when a bolt of lightning hit me.

I spend nearly over $100 a month on the bus here in Portland.  I sometimes miss the bus and have to wait. I often walk, which I enjoy, but I could save $100 + a month by riding my bike to students homes!  The weather is milder. A little rain never bothered me. I have a bike I used in Salem, with a cute little basket to put my books and a lunch.

I am going to spend some time this evening in the garage with my bike and some WD-40.  I also need to check the tire pressure and find my lock.

Then I am going to take it for a trial run tomorrow! My daughter is worried for my safety. So sweet when the adult children start worrying about their parents!

But I am thrilled to find a solution!

If my daughter and her husband ever decide to move and have a real life without me renting, I had considered buying a camper van. Rent is outrageous in Portland.  Maybe we should Portxit!  lol

But now, I need to Z-xit and go celebrate my Mother's birthday.

Happy Friday!


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