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Year Two, Day 52: The Lump

So much good news to share!

First of all, I discover the bicycle/pedestrian path on I-205. I do not need to even use the Max to get to my gym!

There is a lovely little bridge that goes over the freeway, and deposits me right there!

I love these little discoveries!  I am probably more excited about this than I should see I am feeling very happy. Relieved too.

I had a doctor's appointment this morning.about a lump. A growing lump under my right mandible. I have been a little bit concerned. My dear grandmother had lymphoma. Back in the 70's. When chemo was much harsher.she was very strong and a woman of faith. She conquered her lump and lived 20 more years.

But I was a bit nervous. I put off the appointment because my last few visit to this clinic were somewhat annoying. First, a difficult blood draw resulting in huge, purple bruise and sore left elbow that is just now feeling better. Plus, the last Physician's Assistant was an arrogant man, who seemed to be mocking my elbow pain! (I am on the Oregon Health Plan. Need I say more?)

Well, imagine my delight when a young, Vietnamese female ,friendly, efficient P.A. greeted me today. Wonderful, caring, did I mention friendly? :) She took my lump quite seriously. Asked me many questions. Looked I'm my mouth.

Then informed me I have a blocked salivary gland!

"So...not cancer?" I assessing relief.
"Nope", she smiled.

"So, what is the treatment?" I asked tentatively.

"We usually recommend sucking on sour candy. And moist heat", she smiled."And plenty of water".

I thanked her and practically skipped out the door to the bike rack, where Maggie was patiently waiting.

I hopped on, and felt the cool summer air.I headed for the gym and did a quick treadmill and chest workout.

I am now in my new office at Target -they have free Wi-Fi! - about to do something brave.

Have I mentioned I hate sour candy?

Sigh. I am such wimp.

This could be so much worse.

Yikes! I think my lump is already diminishing!

Life is good.

Happy Thursday!


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