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Day 299: My Very Good, Wonderful, Fantastic Day!

Union Station, Portland, Oregon.  With early blossoms of Spring!
I had a very good, wonderful, fantastic day yesterday! I felt my inner peace burst forth into joyful love by mid afternoon.  I started out on the Max, heading down to Union Station. I met a nice young man who had never ridden the Max before. I gave him some pointers. He was from Dallas, Texas. Heading to the airport.

I made it to Union Station with plenty of time to spare.  I see signs of early spring everywhere!

I purchased my ticket to Salem and then headed to the little
store at the station.  The clerk saw me coming and poured me my Earl Grey tea, complete with two ice cubes so I would not burn my mouth.

These little acts of kindness warm my heart. We exchanged smiles and wished each other a happy day. I still had time before my bus departure, so I sat on one of the wooden benches and sipped my perfect tea.

That is when I noticed a group of people that seemed oddly out of place. In a very good way. They were dressed in what seemed like 1940s attire. Fine attire, I should add. All the women wore hats. The men wore suits and long jackets. They had an assortment of ancient looking luggage and even hat boxes!

Then I noticed a woman in jeans with a script in her hand. And a cameraman. They were making a movie!  So to my pleasure, and the other passengers waiting for trains and buses, we got to have a live look at the making of a movie (or perhaps a commercial?).

Before I was able to inquire, my bus arrived.

One of my favorite drivers greeted us. So friendly and smiling.  There were only about a dozen of us, including "Booboo", the 120 pound German Shepherd service dog and human.  They sat across from me.

As we departed Portland, I sipped my tea and looked out the window. It had started to drizzle. For some reason, he took a different route. We went along the waterfront.  There were hundreds of what looked like homeless people milling about near the Burnside bridge. As we travelled further south, they thinned out. Then we saw joggers and a group of preschool children with their adults.

When we hit the freeway, the ran increased. I got out my Kindle and read.

In Salem, I noticed even more blossoms.  And more rain.  But I also noticed more space.  Less people.  Fewer homeless and no trash alongside of the road.

I exhaled.  Had I been holding my breath? Then I inhaled and smelled fresh air, flowers, and rain.  I walked passed Willamette University. Passed some students scurrying along the walkway that crosses the train tracks.

I walked a few blocks to one of my Indian buffet restaurants.  The aroma of butter chicken permeated my senses as I opened the door. The owner spotted me right away and led me to my table.  Oh my, how I love fragrant Indian food!

Then I walked downtown Salem, passed the capital building to the transit mall and bought my day pass.  Hopped on the bus to my first student, one of my adult students.  I am only traveling to Salem to teach two days a month lately.  So I sincerely miss this little town and my students.  All of whom, really seem genuinely interested in learning to play the piano.

We had a lovely session as usual. However, I talked a bit too much about the unfortunate homeless situation in Portland before we got into his lesson.  He is quite amazing. He has been studying for a little over a year. He is retired. His wife and him volunteer at an animal farm. And he has learned so much in a year. One of my best students really. And it does prove that it is never too late to learn!

He drives me to my next family. As sweet and quaint as Salem is, their transit system kind of sucks. No bus to the area of my other family of students.  But we have interesting conversations on the drive.

My next family feels like my own family!  Their dog, a very shy little guy, almost let me pet him yesterday. The boy I teach is a brilliant student. He told his mom he never wants to give up piano. He practices. He is engaged. He asks questions. His little sister has recently gotten the music bug too. She is in kindergarten.  Not reading yet, but on the verge of notereading.  The boy is working on "Toccata in d minor" by JS Bach. So is his mom. They are having a friendly competition. She is a busy mom, wife and office manager for her dentist husband. Does not always get to practice much, but she recently got an espresso machine. I am greeted with a handmade vanilla latte at their home!

And my day continued on these pleasant peaceful notes.  My last family drove me to the bus stop. I had an hour to kill, so I walked over to The Ram and had a luscious burger on a gluten free bun.  I know, I am trying to avoid restaurant excuse...but I enjoyed myself.  Tomorrow I will go grocery shopping with my daughter and get back to the plan.

Back at the Amtrak station, the counter lady, motioned me over. She said she had some great news for me.  She knows I come down every other Wednesday. She said that just that very day, a food truck had begun to park in their parking lot. A Vietnamese truck with very yummy food!

She was like a kid with her enthusiasm.  She would go gaga with the food carts in Portland.

But it does warm my heart that the people I run into on a regular basis remember me.

When I got on the bus going home, just the driver (another favorite) and one other passenger, I put my feet up and sighed. Could all days be this lovely? My anxiety was practically nil.  I had focused on friendly, pleasant relationships all day.

Jesus is on to something with the "Love your neighbor as yourself" commandment. 

I opened my Kindle and checked my email. Lo and behold, the much anticipated email from the priest about the church pianist job popped up just then! I have an interview next Tuesday!

Waterfront, Portland, Oregon.  Where the homeless congregate. And people jog.

"Cuisine India". One of my Indian buffet haunts in Salem, OR

My lunch. Tandori chicken, rice, chutney, dal and fresh vegetables!

Our state capitol is blossoming!

Riding home on the Amtrak bus. The driver, another passenger and I.  Raining outside.  Cozy and peaceful am I. Thinking about my fabulous, wonderful, very good day!
I am stretching this morning to Piano Concerto No.20 in D minor K466 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Beautiful! The above video is
Sviatoslav Richter, piano with the Moscow State Symphony Orchestra,
Karl Eliasberg, conductor.

My hymn of the day is : "It Took a Miracle". Words by John W. Peterson written in 1948.

It Took a Miracle

1. My Father is omnipotent, and that you can´t deny;
A God of might and miracles, ´tis written in the sky.
It took a miracle to put the stars in place;
It took a miracle to hang the world in space.
But when he saved my soul,
Cleansed and made me whole,
It took a miracle of love and grace.
2. Though here his glory has been shown, we still can’t fully see
The wonders of his might, his throne, t’will take eternity.
3. The Bible tells us of his power and wisdom all way through;
And every little bird and flower are testimonies too.
4. The greatness of the Lord is seen in everything he made,
But greater far the work he did when on him my sin was laid.

 Happy Thursday! :)


  1. Fun to see me in your blog. I'll show it to Janet. Sending positive thoughts for your church piano job interview next Tuesday.


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