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Year Two, Day 174: There is a Balance Here Somewhere

I was a very good girl yesterday.  I babied my back. Used alternating ice and heat.  Did not try to overstretch. And I went straight to bed after my bowl of Pho. I've been binge watching "Empire" at the suggestion of my friend H.  I am hooked on the characters. And I found myself inspired by the music.

I stayed in bed this morning. Did not try to get up and go to church. I think God understands. I needed time alone. Sometimes I need some humbling. Like a back injury.  I need to be reminded that time is precious.  Never to take anything or anyone for granted.

I finally got vertical about 10:00 a.m. And I immediately went to my piano. It has been many moons since I have been motivated to play.  And I wrote a small composition. It is an interlude for a piece the choir I accompany is singing in December.

It just flowed out of me. I recorded and sent it to the director.

I feel like I have my groove back!  I am feeling peaceful and balanced.

Well, my back is still a bit sore.  But amazingly, I can walk almost normally today. It's just sitting that is tricky.

I am at my library office right now. Heading to do very light cardio and a long hot tub soak at the gym afterwards.

My friend H has suggested gently that I tend to overthink things.  So I was thinking about the last night. Lol. And I came up with the conclusion that I  sometimes do need to hit the pause button in my life and contemplate. I prefer to call it "thinking over" rather than overthinking. :)

But I think what he was  saying is that by hesitating and thinking rather than just being and doing, we can miss out on opportunities in life.

I just read a great quote online by Mike Tyson: ''Everyone's got a plan until someone punches them in the face."  I like that.
Or until your back goes out.  

There is a balance here somewhere.

I intend to find it!

But first, the hot tub!

Happy Sunday! :) 


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