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Year Two, Day 146: The Return of R

So I woke up early this morning.  It was raining. I love the smell of rain.  Fall has definitely arrived. And I am feeling invigorated! I love the Pacific Northwest.  I love change.  I could not live in a climate that was constantly the same, even if it were 80 and sunshine.

I stepped on the scale and did a happy dance. I am down yet another pound!  I will post stats tomorrow.

My daughter commented that my outfit looked nice, especially my new boots.  I had her take a picture. And then a little plan started formulating in  my mind.

Mind you, I intend to honor my newly rediscovered authentic self. But....R does drive the bus that I take every Sunday to church.

Would it not be inauthentic to purposely take another?

So I got on the R bus today. And was welcomed by a big grin!  He gave me a free bus pass. I tried to decline, but insisted.  It was just R and I for several blocks. We made casual conversation.

Then he mentioned that he had not seen me at the gym. I told him in a shaky voice that my son had been in a terrible accident and my week had been full of car towing, going to court and talking with him.

I told him that he ran into a cement post outside the Church of God. I also told him the police man who talked to me when we were trying to get the car towed told me my son was lucky in so many ways. There was no other car involved, no one was injured and he was young with no priors. The cop then said if he had been a few inches to the right, he may have been decapitated!

When I told R that, he pulled over at the next stop, which was vacant and told me that years ago his life had almost been taken by a drunk driver. He woke up in the hospital with serious injuries, mostly to his legs. But the woman who ran into him did not survive. She had been decapitated!

I told R that he may run into my son since he will be busing it to work. R volunteered to have a friendly chat with him.

When we got to my stop, I gave him a hug. He kissed me on the cheek. And I felt a warmth of friendship for this man. We may not be relationship material, but now that we are both behaving like adults, I am glad I know him.

After I got off the bus, I realized I was too early for church. I walked into the Taco Bell nearby and ordered a 'mini breakfast' bowl and coffee. The mini breakfast bowl is perfect for breakfast! No gluten, small portion and only $1.00.

So my day has gotten off to a stellar start!

Happy Sunday y'all!


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