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Year Three, Day 174: Running in the Dark

I was up all night coughing and wheezing. But amazingly, I popped right up at 6:30 a.m. I felt a bit better. And before I could talk my way out of it, my feet hit the floor, and gravitated towards my running shoes. I was almost on automatic pilot. So I through on my sweats, grabbed my keys and flashlight and went out into the stormy early morning!

This time I was wise. I wore two layers of clothing. And I wrapped a scarf around my neck, nose and mouth.

And I walked one lapped before I tried to run. I like running in the dark. It was very peaceful.

The warm, moist air really felt good on my lungs. I came back just slightly panting instead of wheezing like and elderly Darth Vader!

And I wasn't even tempted to lay down!  But since I was up all night coughing, I cancelled piano students this afternoon. I feel like I might even have a bit of a cold virus. No need to get anyone else sick!

So I made a mug of tea and I practiced my piano for my upcoming concert. I practiced a good two hours! I am getting really excited about this concert. I am featuring some female composers and their male counterparts. The research has been most interesting!  I hope a lot of my students attend. I always make my concerts family friendly and include an interactive game and prizes for the kids.

I also spent a good hour organizing my upcoming piano student recitals and answering emails.

Man, I really did need a good day off!  I am going to bundle up soon and head out to lunch. A hot, steamy bowl of pho should cure what ails me.

I thought about another doctor's appointment. But he won't give me antibiotics if I don't have a fever. I woke up in a sweat last night, but when I took  my temp it was normal.

I think I am just going to have to learn how to best live with this COPD.

I hope it never comes to the point where I have to give up my exercise. Because, finally at age 55, I am committed! And I like it!!

On that note, here is today's hooping video. I am sticking mostly to the sidewalk since the grass is wet.  Being mindful of my health, I am!

Anyway, today is day 138 of my daily hooping journey.

Happy Thursday!

Talk to you tomorrow!




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