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Year Three, Day 178: On Becoming More Vigilant

My heart is heavy with grief for the victims of the shooting at the church in Sutherland Springs. Of course I am praying and keeping the people in my thoughts. And social media is alive with gun control v 2nd amendment rights. None of which will probably have any impact on the next tragedy.

There will be another one. Usually every 2 weeks.

My suggestion is to become more vigilant. We tend to react with fear, horror, anger, disbelief, etc. with each incident. And then go back to our comfortable lives.

Don't be comfortable! You need not live in fear. But live in a state of heightened awareness. I long for the days of trusting our neighbors and believing in the good in everyone. And I still believe most of us are good.

But for the sake of the innocent, I am going to keep my eye out for the handful of people with bad intentions, bad judgement, poor impulse control, or just having a bad day.

Here is an article I found. I am committed to protecting my loved ones if at all possible. Much better than sitting back and hoping the pendulum doesn't swing my way.

I will be doing more research. But it is obvious we need to empower ourselves.

I have a strong desire to protect those I love and make the world a better place. Sounds corny right?

But that is who I am!

Here is another article I found on being vigilant. It is more on being present in the moment and focusing, which is something I am working on.

On another note, my cough is easing up. Less wheezing. More productive. The ginger is working! I minced up the entire root and have it in a little tupperware container. I packed a jar of honey. I take a spoonful of honey sprinkled with minced ginger 2 to 3 times a day. Along with copious amounts of hot tea and water. And my daughter and I were overjoyed to find a Pho restaurant in Vancouver! I think I will limit my eating out to mostly pho. That aromatic, hot steamy broth opens my sinuses just by breathing in it's goodness!

I spent the night at my daughter and son-in-law's house last night. Had a fabulous time with Baby Gracie. She is on a good feeding and sleeping schedule with much more awake time.

We had so much fun when her mom and dad went to their volleyball game last night.

We danced to 3rd day. I gave her some belly time on the blanket. Her head and neck are strengthening nicely! I put her in her bouncy chair and played the piano for her. I fed her breast milk from a bottle. She is starting to protest the bottle. She recognizes the phony and wants her mom!

Then I rocked her to sleep. She took a brief nap. And then she woke up and we did it all again!

I do so love being a grandma.

And perhaps that is why this latest shooting had me in tears yesterday. I had a good cry while Baby Gracie was down for a nap. One of the youngest victims was just 18 months old! What kind of evil is that!

I want to protect my little grandbaby, and if possible, help empower her life and the life of others.

It is who I am!

I have removed most distractions from my life. I watch very little television, except for occasional movie or the news. And yesterday I watched a documentary. I don't drink or hang out in bars. I don't have a car - I walk and take public transportation. More time to think and study civilization. Less time spent in traffic, at gas stations, at the mechanic.

I teach. I practice piano. I pray. I study. I exercise. I take care of my grandbaby. And I am preparing to help others whenever possible.

I am getting closer to my core. Getting rid of the extra layers that I put on myself over the years. Layers of a self I thought would make people like me, show the world how "successful" I am.

In essence it suffocated me.

Maybe that is why I have trouble breathing!

Light bulb moment!
Sorry for the rambling blog. I'm a little tired today. Even though Gracie sleeps 4 to 5 hours at a time now, I tend to have insomnia when I spend the night. I find myself listening for her breathing.

I am on my way to Starbucks for a pick me up and then to teach piano.

I did my morning hooping session in Vancouver this morning with my disabled hoop.

Day 141. And counting!

Talk to you tomorrow.

Be aware!




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