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Year Three, Day 177: Moving Forward Gingerly

I am already noticing improvement in my cough with my ginger therapy.

I coughed some last night, but not as much wheezing.

I got up early to head to my church gig. I played the piano for a lovely little Presbyterian church.  I packed my overnight bag, because I will be heading over to Vancouver afterwards to spend time with Baby Gracie!

I packed my big ginger root, jar of honey and lemon that I purchased from the Chinese grocer yesterday. I planned on mincing it up at my daughter's house. But I missed my connecting bus and had a 15 minute wait. So I decided to do my prep work at the bus stop!  I felt like quite the survivalist sitting on the bench, paring the rough skin off of the ginger and then whittling it down into a pulp. Luckily I had a spare plastic baggy!  I stopped at the corner store to get hand sanitizer and a lighter in which to sanitize the knife.

It wouldn't do my health any good to be exposed to germs or bacteria!

I got my ginger pulp all prepped as the bus pulled up. I had plenty of time to stop at Starbucks for a cup of oatmeal and tea.  I put a teaspoon of honey topped with my ginger pulp and a squirt of lemon in my cup. It was very tasty! I swear, I can feel the congestion in my lungs loosen up!

Then I walked up to the church. This is a small, but sweet congregation. The pastor is very humble and kind.  I was moved by sthe "Unison Prayer of Confession and Brokenness"

"God of Grace and Mercy, as our nation continues to grieve more and more acts of violence, we confess our fear that violence will harm us or those we love. And there's more, dear God: We fear that we will come to accept violence as our new normal. We fear that anger and despair will be our only response. Help us, dear God, to do our best, to be our best, and trust in you to do the rest. Amen." (Kenilworth Presbyterian Church, November 5, 2017)

I had considered posting this prayer on Facebook, but after church was over, I got a breaking news alert. There has been another shooting. This time at a Baptist church in Texas, near San Antonio.

I decided not to post the prayer, but instead to just put my usual "Praying for the Victims."  My usual. So sad.  But as I type this, I think, what if this had happened at the little church I played at this morning? Just a group of people gathered together on a Sunday to pray, worship and hear the Word of God. They even had a speaker who talked about his mission work in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina.

What kind of evil is this that attacks the innocent?

Such is the world we live in. I am sitting in a library. It is full on a Sunday. Many people on computers. A very diverse group. To my left is a homeless man with his backpack, looking at Youtube videos. I see high school students working on papers. I see children playing video games. All ages, races, genders. Quiet. Thoughtful. Innocent.

This can all be shattered in an instant by an act of selfish rage.  Moments like these speak to my heart to cherish my life. To be present even more for my loved ones, and for anyone in need. Even if we survive unscathed, we do not escape death.  So that makes life even more precious.

I need to hop on the Max now. I will continue this blog later. I am hoping to do some hooping at my daughter's house, if Baby Gracie cooperates!


I'm back. I had such a lovely afternoon with Baby Gracie. But it was bittersweet. When she she took little naps I read the breaking news from the church shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas. My heart is breaking for the people who lost their lives ones.

I held Baby Gracie close, cried and prayed.

Again, I vowed to live in the moment with kindness, patience and focus. We may never have a future moment.

But good Lord, how do we protect our children?

For me, not only will I love more in the moment, but I will try to maintain more present moment awareness.

And keep praying.

And hooping. Must be strong if I am to help and protect!

I did a short hoop workout when Gracie was taking a nap. It was a short nap.

I will talk to you tomorrow. Hold your loved ones tight, be kind and be aware.




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