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Year Three, Day 185: P-P-P-Prednisone!

It is quite late. So I will be brief. I felt like I was crawling across the Sahara Desert, hand outstretched. But not seeking water. Seeking Prednisone. This cough is destroying me! I was actually out of refills, but called the pharmacy hoping my doctor would approve yet another refill. He did!

Hallelujah!  I grabbed my prescription, swallowed my dose with a glass of water followed by a hot teach chaser and headed to the music center.

Still coughing, but my lungs do not feel like they are inflamed as much as earlier.

I made it through my day, with less attacks than usual.

I am still downing ginger, honey, tea and soup. I plan on revisiting my doctor after this course of Prednisone. After my concert.

Coughing aside, I had such a glorious time with Baby Gracie this morning
 My grandma activities seem to be helping her sleep. My daughter tells me Gracie sleeps deeper and longer after a day with Grandma Zita. Last night she slept a solid 7 hours, from 10:30 p.m. to 5:30 a.m.!

My routine is something like this:

  • First thing in the morning: Greet Baby Gracie and change her diaper.
  • Hand her off to her mom for morning feeding.
  • She usually falls back asleep. Mom puts her back in crib.
  • If she fusses or cries for more than a few minutes, I pluck her out and rock her to sleep.
  • Place her slowly and gently back in crib. 
  • We all sleep about 2 more hours.
  • Repeat the first few steps, but now for the next 2 hours is Grandma awake time activities.
  • I usually buckle her in to her boinger chair. She listens to music and watches me do my morning hoop workout.
  • Then I put a blanket on the floor so she can have some belly time. This strengthens her head and neck. She usually only puts up with it a few minutes.
  • Then I scoop her up and we sit and I talk to her or play piano for her.
  • She usually starts getting hungry again. If her mom is at work, she leaves me a couple of bottles if breast milk. I attempt to feed her. She usually gets mad. She now recognizes that the bottle is an imposter. But she finally gives in. I give her about 1/3 of a bottle and then burp bher. She drinks the bottle furiously, and will have tummy pain if I don't pace her.
  • Sometimes she falls asleep for a short nap after a feeding. I usually hold her on my lap in the rocking chair. Her eyes often pop open after about 15-20 minutes.
  • Then I change her diaper and we repeat our routine. 
  • When she gets fussy again, we dance. This usually puts her to sleep for another short nap.
  • Hopefully her mom comes home after this nap. She is only working very part time at this point.
And now, speaking of sleeping, I am so ready to hit the hay. Hopefully without much coughing and wheezing. I am attempting to eat a more alkaline diet in case this cough might be triggered by GERD. More water, less caffeine, no dairy, wheat, chocolate or fried foods, late night eating and smaller portions. Sigh.

I can do this! I'm a survivor. Every day I'm getting better in every way!

Good night!

Talk to you tomorrow.




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