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Year Three, Day 189: The Voice in the Shower II

Ok. Here it is. The story I was too tired to write last night.

Actually I'm pretty dang tired again tonight. I'm in concert preparation mode.

But if I don't tell it now, it might now get told!

So. There I was. At the gym.  I was looking forward to a nice hot soak in the jacuzzi, followed by a session in the steam room, followed by a hot steamy shower. My gym has strong water pressure and good heat.  Hydrotherapy at it's best!

I was determined to conquer the cough!  I'd been practicing pursed lip breathing and controlled coughing.  It has been working. Everyday I get better! Night time is still tough, but I've noticed improvement.

Anyway. I had my soak in the jazuzzi.  I had a nice steam room session. Then I got into the shower. I could feel much movement in my lungs! I did some pursed lip breathing. Then it occurred to me that the shower would be perfect for controlled coughing. Just bring that stuff up and wash it down the drain!

I was so happy. Got things moving.  Could feel my lungs clear up after removing some of the gunk.

But then...

I heard a voice!

I didn't realize anyone else was in the showers. I thought I was alone!

And the voice said, (very sarcastically, I might add), "Oh great! Cough, cough, cough.  Just get us all sick. "(Then a few choice bad words, which I shall not repeat).

I froze.  How embarrassing! I was gleefully hocking up loogies like a truckdriver (sorry for the analogy if you are a truckdriver, but that's what comes to mind), and I had an audience!

But, somehow, my positive thinking training and prayer work kicked in.

I said in a very clear, but kind voice, "I have chronic bronchitis. It's not contagious. But the steam room helps me. It is good for me to cough. Sorry if it bothers you."

Then I got out quickly and grabbed my towel. I did not want to come face to face with my accuser!

But lo and behold, she apologized!

"I'm sorry", she said. "I didn't realize. Most people just don't care."

"It's o.k.", I said to the shower door. "Have a nice night".

Then I walked quickly back to the dressing room and speed dressed.  I got out of that gym in record time. My cheeks were still red as I walked to the Max station.

I felt so stupid! Of course, it is disgusting to hear someone bringing up phlegm (Sorry for being disgusting).

Why, just the other day I was at the bus stop, minding my own business.  When an SUV pulled up to the light across from me. It was blaring rap music.  Many choice bad words, I will not repeat. A young man with a baseball cap on his head stuck his head out of the window and looked at me. Then he tilted his head back, cleared his throat and hocked a big loogie on the pavement. Then he looked at me and laughed.

"Almost got you, huh?"

I actually flipped him off casually as I sipped my tea.  I didn't regret it. That was just evil.

And I had been inconsiderate too!  I bet the voice in the shower was flipping me off!

Since I seem to be prone to lung issues. I have decided to be super conscientious. I got many packs of Kleenex, cough drops, and hand sanitizer. So if I am in public and need to, er, clear the passages, I will do so discreetly in my Kleenex and use hand sanitizer afterwards.  But I've decided to make sure I am in a very private place before I practice controlled coughing.

I have heard the voice in the shower. And I am listening!

Oy, but my cheeks are still red!

On that note, I'm off to bed. Tomorrow I shall be rehearsing all day for my Sunday concert.

Here is today's hooping video.

Happy Friday!

Talk to you tomorrow.  And perhaps I will stop discussing my phlegm!




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