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Day 258: Happiness is: Relief from Struggle?

Yesterday was one of my occasional very good, balanced, almost pain free days.  Is it just my biorhythm?  Was it the bone broth? The stretching? The giddy feeling of accomplishment? Afterall, I practiced several hours, lost one pound, and stuck to my schedule.

Or was it my new found fascination with hymns?  I printed one of Isaac Watts hymns and kept it with me when I went off to teach piano.  I read through it several times during the day.

It is called "Bless O My Soul the Living God" written by Isaac Watts in 1719.

Bless, O my soul, the living God,
Call home my thoughts that roam abroad;
let every power within me join
in work and worship so divine.
Lord God, how wondrous are your ways!
How firm your truth, how large your grace!
You take great mercy as your throne,
and thus you make your glories known.
Not half so high your power spreads
the starry heavens above our heads,
as your rich love exceeds our praise,
exceeds the highest hopes we raise.
Not half so far has nature placed
the east of morning from the west,
as your forgiving grace removes
all painful guilt from those you love.
Lord, your eternal love is sure
for all your saints, and will endure!
Let not this wonder that is wrought
be lost in silence, and forgot!
Let all the earth behold your face;
let all adore and know your grace;
the noblest with the humble join
in work and worship all divine.
I am fascinated by this man who is considered the "
"Father of English Hymnody" and wrote nearly 750 hymns. (  He had a very interesting life. Click the link below if you are interested in reading more about Isaac Watts.

So today I will set out to have a productive, yet peaceful and pleasant day just like yesterday!  I must add, that my son and I went to lunch yesterday. It was spontaneous, he got off work early, as I was heading to the trail.  We went for pho near my first student of the day, stopping at the library first to grab some more dvds.  Then he dropped my off at my students' house. I think having the nice bonding with my son and saving time in my commute also contributed to my pleasant day.

I have often remarked that peace of mind sometimes comes after relief from stress, pain and worry.  Perhaps that is it.  Maybe without all my pain and struggles, my peaceful pleasant days would not bring so much joy? Hmmm....
  1. Shower
  2. Stretch
  3. Blog
  4. Bone broth
  5. Prayer/Bible Study/ Hymns singing
  6. Practice piano
  7. Trail
  8. Lunch
  9. Teach
  10. Grocery store
  11. Make potatoes for tomorrow. We are having the fam over for dinner tomorrow to celebrate my nephew's birthday, my birthday and my dad's recovery from his stroke.  I'm make mashed potatoes and green beans.  But I work all day tomorrow, so I'm going to make the potatoes tonight. I like this recipe from "The Pioneer Woman" website: (http://thepioneerwoman. . /cooking/delicious_creamy_mashed_potatoes/)
  12. Stretch
  13. Bed
Happy Friday! :)


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