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Day 267: Becoming Less Acidic

Extraordinary day in church this morning. And to think I almost missed it. I awoke tired, sore and cranky. And two pounds heavier. Arrrggg.

My desire was to stay in bed and "sleep it off". I didn't "feel" like getting out of bed, showering, getting dressed,etc. But then I recalled the words of our pastor last week (I am paraphrasing):

"I hear people say they don't 'feel' like doing something. Well, feeling is overrated. Be a seeker of truth!"

So, seeker of truth am I! I crawled out of bed and hobbled to the kitchen. I filled my thermos with boiling water and plopped in a Lady Gray tea bag. Typing this now, I am chuckling. Lady "Gray" am I with my undyed locks! :)

I set out for the bus stop. It was chilly and overcast. And as usual, info g praying to my senses. As was church. Which is more like a 90 minute bible study with a bit of prayer and hymn sing in thrown in. I hunger for this. I am so happy I battled the demon of sloth.

I am reassessing my diet. It has become too acidic. I am going to try and focus on alkaline foods this week.I am continuing to avoid processed food, gluten sugar and excess sodium, opting for whole foods. But I am going to decrease meat and "gulp" cheese. I am going to increase raw nuts,and legumes and vegetables. And water. I'm going to try and decrease caffeine. And I will continue walking, stretching and burpees. But soon I would like to make time for the gym. I need strength training. But I am a little concerned about my elbow pain. A nurse friend of mind told me to rest it for a little while longer. I shall. But impatiently.

I like my newly revised schedule of piano practice first thing in the morning, but I would still like to wake up earlier.

A work in progress am I! Speaking like Yoda am I today!

Happy Sunday!


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