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Day 261: Moving Beyond The Birthday Cake into this Glorious Day!

Hit the wall this morning. Like a stubborn mule. Tired, a little foggy, sad and lethargic. I will blame it on the birthday cake. I had another slice after dinner last night. So this blog will be brief. I intend to still stay with my routine in order of priorities despite the fact I stayed in bed far too long.

I did do my stretching this morning. My stretching music was "Concerto Antico for Guitar and Small Orchestra" by Richard Harvey.  Simply sublime. I am feeling streams of life trickle back into my sad self.  This tune come in at Number 282 on the Classic FM Hall of Fame for 2015.

I opened up the curtains and gasped at the brilliant blue sky.  The weather is forecast to be clear and sunny with a high of 55!  Contrast this with our brothers and sisters on the East coast who are digging themselves out of a blizzard that dumped nearly 2 feet of snow in some places.  Isn't the weather trippy lately?

I think I will not dwell on my shortcomings today. How can I, with a sky so blue?  I will save my sadness and worries for another day.

I am going to do some piano practice and head to the trail for a glorious walk. Then I shall come home and pray and write in my prayer journal and have a nice healthy lunch.  Then out to teach piano!

Here are today's stats. I expected to gain a few pounds after my birthday dinner weekend!

January 25.2016
Weight: 188
Neck: 14"
 Chest: 41"
Waist:  36"
Hips: 43"
Thighs: 22.5" R, 22" L 
Biceps:  13.5" R, 13" L

January 4.2016
Weight: 189
Neck: 14"
 Chest: 41"
Waist:  37"
Hips: 43"
Thighs: 22.5" R, 22" L
Biceps:  13.5" R, 13" L
Slow progress is still progress.  I have not been to the gym lately. I have only been walking and stretching. I am still concerned about my sore left elbow. But it has been feeling better the last few days. I think I will go to the gym tomorrow.  I'd like to push forward!
After all, time does not stand still.  But today, I am breathing and enjoying this moment. My morning fog already seems to have dissipated.  
I recalled a portion of the sermon from the church I went to yesterday.  He talked about how our generation is so concerned with how we "feel".  Do I feel like getting out of bed? Do I feel like working? Do I feel like doing my chores or watching tv? Focusing on our feelings can lead us to an unproductive, unGodly life.  The happiness we experience from following our feelings is temporary. Better to focus on truth.  Old fashioned values like work first, play later.  Fill my mind and spirit with principles from the bible.

I ordered a book of 1,000 hymns from that arrived this weekend.  I think I will start each day with a hymn!  

Today's hymn is "Abide in Grace, Lord Jesus". Words by Josua Stegmannn (1588-1632), music by Melchior Vulpius (c. 1560-1615).  

1 Abide in grace, Lord Jesus,
Among us constantly,
Lest Satan's art deceive us
And gain the victory.
2 Abide, Lord, with the story
Of Thy redeeming love;
May we the Gospel's glory
And saving virtue prove.
3 Abide, our pathway brighten
With Thy celestial ray;
Blest Light, our souls enlighten,
Show us the truth, the way.
4 Abide with us in blessing,
Lord of the earth and sky;
Rich grace and strength possessing,
Do Thou our need supply!
5 Abide, our only safety,
Thy people's sure defense;
No power can withstand Thee
Divine Omnipotence!
6 Abide among us ever,
Lord, with Thy faithfulness;
Jesus, forsake us never,
Help us in all distress!

For now, the darkness has lifted.  

And I am going forth!

Happy Monday!


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