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Year Two, Day 365: AKA 2 Full Years Blogging!

Yay! I made it!

Two solid years of daily blogging!

Tomorrow I will begin on Year Three.

I've learned so much by blogging everyday....

New routine to add: Evening prayer. I notice I waked up in the morning to hit the snooze, pulling myself out of deep, usual disturbing, or anxiety ridden dreams. And usually sore. So my intention is to get a bit more sleep, without the disturbing dreams and wake up refreshed. It rarely happens. I usually finally wake up with a start, realizing I do not have enough time to do everything I would like to do before I have to be at work.

This morning I stepped on the scale and did a happy dance! Down about 1/2 pound from yesterday!  Tomorrow I will post my stats and compare them to the beginning of the blog.

I am feeling much better having greatly reduced my sugar and sodium intake.

I am doing a lot of brisk walking, but I would like to make it to the gym at least 3 days a week.

But my biggest addition for my new of blogging is: RUNNING!

I started out 2 years ago talking about running a 5K. But then I chickened out.  Or maybe I just tired out!

But these days I am walking 2+ miles a day, usually with a backpack that weighs at least 25 pounds.

I can run!  I am going to start rising early, and heading out for run.

I had a nice breakfast at Larry's Restaurant this morning.  Eggs, ham, hashbrowns, fruit instead of toast and BLACK COFFEE!

Then I headed over to my Ukrainian deli and stocked up on beet salad, dill pickles and saurkraut. Should keep me out of trouble for the weekend.

Now I am off to teach piano classes.

I will add my food log this evening.

10:30 p.m.

I'm back!

Wanted to keep up my accountability and add my food log.

I am doing so much better with my eating.  I am realizing I have some definite triggers with food.  Foods that send me into binge mania. Where I eat like an animal, and don't stop until it's all gone.

Foods like potato chips.  My food drug of choice for sure.
But now, I am seeing that sugar has indeed been a problem.  Salt too. But I
was aware of my salt addiction.

I am hungry for sure.  But I am retraining my mind to not see hunger pangs as "bad" like I used to.  I think growing up with very little, produced a fear of scarcity mentality.

Years ago my brother told me when he has hunger pangs, instead of feeling the need to comfort himself with food, he imagines that the growling tummy is fat being melted.

I like that! 

And I am definitely going to try running again. I used to run as a teen and young adult. My fear over the past 15 years or so, when I packed on the weight, is that running would be hard on my joints.

But coincidentally, (or not), I got my newest issue of "Runner's World" in the mail this week. And there is a lovely article on running over 50.  People running even into their 80's and reaping many health rewards.

I too would like to reap many health rewards. Of utmost importance to me now is to reap the reward of actually getting out there and doing it!

Oh, and melting more fat too.

On that note, here is my food log for today:

Food Log 
May 12, 2017

10:00 a.m. 1 cup black coffee, 0 cals, 2 eggs - over medium 140 cals, 130 mg sodium, 0 g sugar, 1/2 cup hash browns 151 cals, 290 mg sodium, 0 g sugar, 1 piece ham 203 cals, 1684 mg sodium (Ouch!), 0 g sugar,
1 cup canned fruit 70 cals, 0 mg sodium, 15 g sugar
3:00 p.m. 12 ounces Pure Leaf Unsweetened Lemon Iced Tea, 0 cals, 15 mg sodium, 0 g sugar
4:00 p.m. Food from "Plenty Food & Deli" 1/4 lb. beet salad, (68 cals, 300 mg sodium, 4g sugar), 1/4 pound Ukrainian dill coleslaw (90 cals, 320 mg sodium, 1 g sugar), two dill pickles (2.6 cals,198 mg sodium), 1 apple, 95 cals, 2 mg sodium, 19 g sugar, 30 raw almonds 208 cals, 0 sodium, 1.73 g sugar. 

Grand Total:   1,119.6 cals, 2,924 mg sodium, 40.73 g sugar.  (9.78 teaspoons) calorie count for today was great!

My sodium was twice the amount recommended by the American Heart Association. (That darn ham!) And my sugar was a little high.  AHA recommends no more than 6 teaspoons a day for females.

It turns out the breakfast meats are very high in sodium.  I compared ham, bacon and sausage, and it looks like bacon has the least amount of sodium (4 slices is 768 mg of sodium, less than half of the ham! 1 link of sausage is 562 mg of sodium. And who can eat just one link of sausage!)

I will order bacon at my family breakfast tomorrow for sure!

Talk to you tomorrow!

Happy Friday! :)





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