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Year Two, Day 355: επιμονή

Yesterday was a very good day!

  • I exercised in the morning.
  • I established a maximum daily calorie count, until I reach my goal. And I stayed within it!
  • I had lunch with my son and daughter (and granddaughter-to-be!). Our new hangout is Don Pedro on SE 82nd.  Very decent Mexican food at excellent prices! I had the #1 special: A hard shell beef taco, chicken enchilada, rice, beans, guacamole and sour cream for only $6.30!  Plus they have a nice condiment bar. I added sliced radishes, sliced lime, pickled carrots and jalapenos. And they have slow roasted WHOLE jalapenos and onions (not picture - in my belly!). I estimated the caloric count of this meal to be about 800 cals. The good thing is they do not serve complimentary chips.  I think eating a large lunch is key for me. I'm not so hungry at breakfast. And at dinner time, I am out and about teaching.  

The #1 Special at Don Pedro

  • I rode the bus with my new favorite, charming bus driver "D".  I was the only passenger for my whole trip. He was ahead of schedule, so he stopped at a bus stop and we had  nice chat!
On "D's" bus :)
  • During my walks between students, I decided to learn the Greek alphabet. I decided that my laptop is not trying to kill me after all, it is trying to help me learn Greek!  After I recited the Greek alphabet all day yesterday, I came home and typed it on my keyboard:
    The Greek Alphabet

Αα = alpha
Ββ = beta
Γγ  = gamma
Δδ = delta
Εε  = epsilon
Ζζ  = zeta
Ηη = eta
Θθ = theta
Ιι   =  iota
Κκ =  kappa
Λλ =  lamda
Μμ = mu
Νν  = nu
Ξξ  =  xi
Οο =  omicron
Ππ =  pi
Ρρ  =  rho
Σσ =  sigma
Ττ  =  tau
Υυ  =  upsilion
Φφ =  phi
Χχ  =  hi
Ψψ =  psi
Ωω =  omega

I also hand wrote the letters in a little notebook. Greek letters are so beautiful!

I am looking forward to the day when I can read the New Testament in Greek!

I also applied this to one of my students. He plays violin and is having trouble with note reading on the piano. Violin students read only treble clef. Piano students read BOTH treble and bass clef. I told him he needs to do note drills. We play note reading games once a week at piano lesson, but during the week, he should either play a note game (I like "Flash Note Derby" or do flash cards. I told him how I was studying Greek and that I recited the Greek alphabet while I walked. He was really interested, so I showed him my Essentials of New Testament Greek (by Ray Summers) book.  I explained that learning to read music was indeed like learning a foreign language. And to be able to read without brain pain, you needed to learn the language of note reading. Repetition is key.

Speaking of repetition, I am going to apply this to my continuing weight loss saga.  Repetition.  So here is my mantra.  Bear with me as I repeat this!

  1. I am going to stick to 1,750 cals or less a day.
  2.  I am going to get some type of exercise in daily. 
  3. I am going to drink much water. 
  4. I am going to focus on fresh fruits and vegetables. 
  5. I am going to have 3 meals a day. 
  6. If I need a snack, it will be tea and fruit or veggies.
  7. I am going to aim for 8 hours of sleep each evening.
  8. I will not eat after 8:00 p.m.
  9.  I will keep a daily food log
  10.  I will record my stats every Monday.
  11. I will record my mood every day.
  12. I will repeat this mantra until it sticks!

So, yesterday was a good day indeed!

After my last piano lesson, I recited the Greek alphabet on my bus ride and walk home.  Then I knit a few rows on my granddaughter's blanket.

Drank some herbal tea.


But, this morning I was stiff and sore. And tired.  I allowed myself to sleep in a bit.  I decided to just do some gentle stretching today. And walk. Vigorously.

Tomorrow morning I hope to get up early and take a brisk walk to get coffee before my office job. 

 I have heard rumors of a high near 80 degrees!  Hallelujah!

I had a good day overall today. I stuck to my calorie limit.  But I got a little depressed at the end of my day. I will talk about my mood near the end of this blog post. But first, the good news. My food log!

    • 10:00 a.m. "Bolthouse Farms Berries & Green Veggies" Juice - (180 cals)
    • 10:30 a.m. 1 serving "Quaker Instant Grits" with 1 teaspoon feta cheese and 1 tablespoon sliced black olives - (150 cals)
    • 11:30 a.m. 1 cup black tea - (0 cals)
    • 12:30 p.m. sliced carrots and 1 oz "LaTerra Fina Greek Yogurt Dip with spinach, artichoke and parmesan (50 cals)
    • 2:00 p.m. 1 bowl of combination pho at Pho Kim, hot black tea and water. I did a quick Google of calories for a bowl of pho. I will do more research when I have time, but I think it is about 450 cals plus the condiments, so I am guestimating 500 cals.
    • 5:45 p.m.  1 Trader Joes roasted chicken patty (180 cals) and 20 Trader Joes Popped Barbecue potato chips (120 cals)
    •  6:15 p.m. Unsweetened Green Iced Tea (0 cals)
      7:15 p.m.  1 container Greek Yogurt (80 cals)
      7:55 p.m. One apple (55 cals)
    •  Grand Total: 1,305 cals!

I was excited to find plain old roasted chicken breasts at Trader Joes. Two to a package for about $2.50. 180 cals each.  And the popped potato chips were a bit of a luxury, but low cal and low fat. Like eating air potatoes!

Special Combination with Rice Noodle Pho at Pho Kim. Divine!
  (1 = Very depressed, 10 = Ecstatic)

This morning I was about a 5.
  Kind of sluggish and sore, but ok.  Sticking to my eating plan is helping.

My mood perked up to about a 7 this afternoon, sometime after the pho lunch. And during my teaching. My students make me happy.  Teaching forces me to come out of my head and worrying about myself.

But this evening after my apple, at choir practice, I felt my mood plummet.

Right now I am at about a 3.

I recognize when I sink low, and then I often get a little anxious, worrying that my mood might burden other people.  Usually, if possible I will not interact with other people when I feel this coming on. Surprisingly, I am almost always able to teach. I slip into my Teacher Zita role. Am there to encourage and instruct.

But in normal life, it takes so much energy to act like all is well.

I am wondering if this might be a blood sugar thing? Perhaps that is why I gained so much weight in the first place? When I would feel the blues coming, I would feed it.  Keeping it at bay.

Well, sorry blues.  You are on your own. I am no longer feeding you!

I think an early bedtime is in order. And possibly more water.  I think I have been slacking in the water department.

I am also a little more congested today. And my cough has returned. Interestingly, the choir director tonight was not feeling so well. He said his cough has returned also. He was home coughing all day.  I guess we can blame it on the weather!

But I stuck to my eating plan today!  Changing my eating habits is hard. Like pulling my own teeth.  But blues, or no blues, I am sticking with it. 

I feel like the devil is sitting on my left shoulder whispering in my ear, "
Have some popcorn, you had a bad day!" While an angel is sitting on my right shoulder, whispering, "Have a glass of water. Stick to your plan.  You deserve it!"

I think I will listen to my angel!

On that note, Happy Tuesday!

I was focusing on self control today. I think I will focus on it again tomorrow!

My Greek word of the day is "επιμονή". It means perserverance.

Talk to you tomorrow!




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