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Year Three, Day 3: High Five!

Was feeling quite low this morning.  It might have been the gluten in the cheesecake I ate at my brother's house yesterday.

Or poor sleep due to worry. I have been worried about my son lately, more than usual.

But I was so happy that he called me out of the blue yesterday to wish me a Happy Mother's Day! Then he actually came to our family gathering at my brother's house. We had most of the family there.  Although, I was missing my niece, great niece and nephew. Someday soon, I hope to have us all together!

My cough is back again.  I am wondering if it is a stress cough. It has not kept me up as much since I started using the Flonase.

But this morning, instead of getting up and going to the track, I lay in bed and prayed and worried and cried a bit. Mostly about my son. As usual, wondering how I failed him as a mother.

I do not know if I can ever truly enjoy my life if someone I love is struggling.

I did drag myself out of bed in time for a vigorous 3/4 mile walk to the gas station for black coffee. And then more of a stroll the 3/4 mile back home, sipping the bitter hot drink and pondering my life.

Monday morning at the church office is often busy, since I only work Monday through Thursdays. But this morning was like Grand Central Station.

I was glad. Being busy helped me from dwelling on my anxieties.

The pastor and I chatted a bit about our eating. It is so nice to talk about food with someone who is on the same  page as I.  We both felt a little off this morning.  After talking a bit about our food intake for the weekend and our symptoms, she suggested I might want to give up dairy for a month.  Apparently it takes 30 days to completely clear allergens from our system.

I told her I no longer put cream and sugar in my coffee. She has complimented me on this after reading my blog!

"But, there is also cheese", she said.

Gulp. Give up cheese?


Ok. My strong reaction tells me that indeed it is cheese that I need to give up!

And, come to think of it, I ate a lot of cheese this weekend. I usually bring cheese and rice crackers to church on Sundays. I ate most of the leftover cheese last night before dinner at my brother's house.  And for lunch yesterday, I had a chicken fajita plate at Tebo's. They had shredded cheese on top of the refried beans.

Giving up cheese might just be the answer!

But I can keep the yogurt, because it is probiotic.

Starting today. No cheese.

I want to lock myself in the bathroom and cry for awhile. But unfortunately I have no time.

You see, today is "D" day!  I want to wash my hair before I hop on his bus.

Talk later...

Ok. It is later!

I had a lovely ride on D's bus.  It was just he and I most of the short ride to the transit center.  Interestingly enough, he seemed to be a little nervous, but happy to see me.  We started talking as usual and he just took over! Good thing. Because I was feeling low energy. I didn't want to be phony. So I just listened. And he told me quite a bit of his life story.  He was talking quite fast. But I kept up. I am really interested in him. Even more so now. He is much more than a bus driver!

In fact at one point in the conversation, he said,  "I drive a bus, but it does not define me!"

I liked that. It seems he has been described by friends as a "Renaissance Man".

I like Renaissance Men.  He has a creative side - does some graphic design. In fact, he said next time he saw me, he had something for me. A card he created.

I felt so happy and relieved when I got to my destination.  He reminded me of me. I get excited when I meet someone who I can talk to. And I tend to talk fast without coming up for air.  It was a relief to be able to just sit and listen.

Another chapter in the book of D!  As I jumped off the bus I told him I was really looking forward to seeing his card.

And I am!

Mood after bus ride with "D": 7

The young adults in our family can take it over.  And some of them do a very good job! I am always there for them, though, when they need to talk.
Speaking of young adults, I had a lovely lunch with my very beautiful, very pregnant daughter. We went to Cartlandia. We chose to eat at Poco India. She and her husband are friends with the owner. The food is a wonderful fusion of Mexican and East Indian.

While we were eating our Tandoori Chicken Rice Bowl, I mentioned to her that I was a little blue today.

"It was probably the cheesecake", I said matter of factly, between mouthfuls of wonderful chicken, rice, black beans and pickled cabbage.

She looked at me oddly and then put down her fork.

"Mom, I'm going to tell you something", she said in a most serious voice.

"I have known you all my life. EVERYTIME after you attend a social event, you say you are depressed the next day. You usually talk about what you ate.  But it is obvious to me, that you are exhausted from the social aspect".

My daughter is so smart.

I smiled and gave her a high five and went back to my Tandoori Chicken.

My mood lifted just then.  My daughter does tell it like it is. But she also makes me laugh.

Mood after lunch:  6

My daughter gave me a ride to my next destination. I had been a good listener at lunch. She was telling me about housing plans that she and her husband were discussing.

But on the way to my student's house, I asked if she wanted to hear about the latest bus ride with D.

She said she did.

I told her. She said he sounded nice.  "He sounds real", she said. "Not like that first one".

I asked her if it sounded like he was interested in me.

"It does", she said.

"What should I do now", I began to ask.

But then I interrupted myself.

"I know what I'm going to do", I stated emphatically.

"What's that Mom?", she looked at me curiously.

"I am going to do nothing!"

She kept looking at the road, but raised her right hand. And gave me a high five.

So, moving are my Monday stats and food log:

May 15, 2017 Stats
1:30 p.m. Mood:  3  
(On a scale of 1-10, 1 being severely depressed, 10 being ecstatic)

Weight: 190 pounds
Chest:   40"
Waist:    37"
Hips:      44"
Thighs:   22"

Biceps: 13"
Calves:   15"
Ankles:   8"

May 15, 2017 Food Log

 9:00 a.m.. 1 mug black coffee 0 cals
  • 12:00 p.m. 1 serving "Umpqua Oats Insane Grains  - Oatmeal with Quinoa & Chia" with 1 teaspoon butter 240 cals., 137 mg sodium, 11 g sugar.
  • 12:30 p.m. 10 raw almonds, 70 cals, 0 mg sodium, .5 g sugar
  • 1:00 p.m. 13 "Good Thins Veggie Blend Rice Crackers" 60 cals, 53 mg sodium, 1.5 g sugar, 2 tablespoons "Private Selection Mediterranean Herb Hummus, 70 cals, 150 mg sodium
  • 3:45 p.m. Tandoori Chicken Bowl (1/2 portion)at Poco India food cart at Cartlandia approximately 300 cals, approximately 120 mg sodium, 1 chicken tamale approximately 200 cals, approximatley 300 mg sodium, approximately 1 g sugar, 1/2 cup low sugar Thai Iced Tea, approximately 120 cals, 10 g sugar
  • 6:00 p.m. "Plenty Food & Deli" 1/2 lb. beet salad, (68 cals, 300 mg sodium, 4g sugar), 1/4 lb. sauerkraut, (65 cals, 120 mg sodium, 1 g sugar), one half sour pickle (1.3 cals, 89 mg sodium)25
  • 7:00 p.m. 1 12 oz bottle Unsweetened  Ice tea 0 cals.
Grand Total: 1,194.3 cals, 1,109 mg sodium, 25 g sugar (6 teaspoons)

Yay! I am within my limits for calories, sodium and sugar today!


May 15, 2017 Exercise Log
  • 8:50 a.m. Brisk 3/4 mile walk.
  • 9:10 a.m. Leisurely 3/4 mile stroll. 
  • 8:30 p.m. Moderate 3/4 mile walk
It is now 10:00 p.m. I am going to go straight to bed.  

Current Mood:  5

I feel good about today. After my fluctuating mood all day, I feel quite balanced now. 

I hope to feel better about tomorrow!

Talk to you then.

Happy Monday!




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