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Year Three, Day 78: Just a Middle Aged Woman and Her Hoop!

I finished knitting my granddaughter's baby hat last night! Just in time for her baby shower this afternoon!

My daughter and her husband are bowhunters. I asked her what color she liked and she said, "camo".  So camo it is! And so cute! My mother was afraid it might be too small, so I am going to knit a few different sizes. I've learned to knit them on a round loom. Super easy.  I think everyone in my family might be getting loom knit hats for Christmas!

I also bought her a book on baby massage. When I was pregnant with my daughter, I was massage therapist. I was extremely interested in infant massage, and considering getting certified as an infant massage instructor! I read several books. When my daughter was born, she was treated to a massage every night after her bath. That baby girl slept through the night practically from the first day!

The problem is, growing up she expected a massage every night! When it was time to read stories, pray and tuck my kids in, my little girl lay in her bed like a queen saying "I am ready for my nightly massage, Mom!"

I told her then I felt sorry for her husband one day.  Well that day has come. My son-in-law said to please not do baby massage on his daughter. His wife is spoiled enough!

LOL! So, I HAD to buy the above book and present it to her today at her baby shower!  My son-in-law groaned when he saw the book. lol

So, the baby arrival is getting real. My daughter is fully supplied - with every high tech gadget a mom could want or need! I am jealous. We never had half the things they have now!

I especially loved her very high tech, styling, baby jogger.  Can't wait to try it out with baby on board!

I managed to survive a baby shower with all the people and food. I didn't have my normal social anxiety. It was my son-in-law's family. They are all very sweet people who love my daughter. What's not to like? Plus they are amazing cooks!  I managed to walk past all the pastries, crackers and breads. I feasted on several salads, cheeses, fruits and meats. 

Most stuffed am I! But I think I stayed the course!

This morning I hooped out by the Community Garden.  It was nice being among all the plants!

There is a play structure there, with a step the perfect height for recording!  I was a little worried about people driving by staring, but it was so early. I believe I only heard one car. And besides, what is there to see? Just a middle aged woman and her hoop...move on...nothing to see here!

 Day 44 hooping!

I am still wheezing at night though.  I am looking forward to seeing my doctor on Wednesday. I am going to be most assertive with him.  I have had a cough for over 7 months. I exercise and eat right.  I will not let him pull the fat and lazy dismissive look and prescribe me meds like last time. The clinic I go to rotates their doctors, (actually PA's) regularly.  I have had two I liked. And two I did not like. I did not like the attitude of the last one. Hopefully he's gone. But if not, I am not going to let him dismiss me so easily this time! I am prepared!

I think there is power in the hoop. I see progress everyday. Even though my lungs and sinuses are ailing, the rest of me is getting strong.

One last thing I'm trying today is fresh ginger mixed with fresh sage. In a tea.  I've read that is a powerful remedy.

The pastor from the little church I was going to called and said they missed me. I told him about my wheezy cough and fatigue. That I have been trying to get more rest. He has a heart condition, so he understands. But it meant so much to me that he reached out to me. That I was missed. He told me he and his wife were praying for me. I told him I was praying for him too. I plan on going to church tomorrow. That is one thing that I have been missing.

P.S. Speaking of wheezing, I am in my nice, cool library office blogging. A man just sat down at the computer next to me. Wheezing.  Coughing. Labored breathing.  At least I am not alone!

I am heading to the store after this blog. For ginger, sage and grapefruit.  Then home to bed early for me!

It is going to hellish hot this week. I read a forecast of 108 on Wed and 109 on Thursday!

I think the weather is confused. This is Portland, not Phoenix!

Just thinking about those temps is alarming.

I hope you all stay safe and cool this week.

Happy Saturday!

Talk to you tomorrow.


Zita :)


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