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Year Three, Day 51: On the Path Again! :)

I stepped on the scale this morning and did a happy dance!

At last the numbers on the scale are descending again!

I popped right up and went to the track with hoop in hand. Had a nice little workout. Now I'm getting ready to go to Mass at the Grotto.

I will check in later....


I'm back!  it's now 2:56 p.m. I am in my library office. There are a lot of people in here. It's a nice place to spend a hot, summer Sunday!

Speaking of a lot of people...

Today was the "Freedom Mass" at the Grotto.  I could not believe what I saw as I approached the grounds. The parking lot was full. There were uniformed security guards directing traffic and situated all throughout the facility.  Every seat was taken and people were standing in every niche they could find. Beautiful music (sung in Vietnamese) flowed through a speaker system.

I inched my way forward. In time to see the "Our Lady of Lavong Liturgical Dancers".

So sweet and beautiful.  I wiped a tear from my eye.

I looked up "Freedom Mass" and found an article in the Catholic Sentinel:

"The annual Freedom Mass, held near Independence Day, is organized by Portland’s Vietnamese Catholics. Many in the older generation escaped persecution in their native land because of the communist regime’s antipathy toward Catholicism in the post-war years. Representatives from the Laotian/Hmong, Filipino, Polish and Eritrean communities also attend the Mass." (

I did not stay for the entire Mass. People were still flowing in as I made my way through the crowd. I do not speak Vietnamese, but I recognized the Mass. And as I attempted to leave, I smiled. Everyone parted and smiled back. 

I smile in Vietnamese!

I decided to just head to lunch at Namaste and try out my new and improved eating skills. I could also pray, journal and read my bible.  I will go to Mass next week when it is not so crowded!

I did well with my lunch! I had one plate of rice, tandori chicken, eggplant massala and curried chickpeas, one cup of lentil soup, and one plate of salad and fresh fruit.  And a whole pitcher of water!

I think my daughter and I have made have devised a workable eating plan!

Plus, I think beginning and ending the day with exercise is vital for me.

Today is my day of rest.  But I am still going to go to the gym for a swim.  

Then home to practice piano and knit some baby blankets!

I hope you are having a restful Sunday.

Talk to you tomorrow!





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