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Year Three, Day 68, 34 Days Hooping, Day 7 Grain-Free!

Day 7 Grain Free!
I am really starting to like this way of life!

I had a wonderful hoop session this morning. One of the regular track guys actually complimented me on my "hooping exercise!" I wore my Snoopy shirt again today. The one that is too tight. I am hoping to show a progression soon.  I am feeling lighter, but the belly fat seems to be the last to go!

My allergies have subsided a bit too. Not as much coughing last night!

I am at my library office. It is a perfect day here in Portland, Oregon. It is sunny and about 75 degrees. There is a nice breeze.  

I am going to meet my daughter for a nice, healthy lunch shortly.

Speaking of  lunch, I discovered a healthy, CHEAP grain free lunch yesterday. I was teaching in the SE Hawthorne district. I decided to get a salad at Pepino's. Which is most brave of me, since I used to love to binge on chips and salsa!

But I was a strong, disciplined woman! I ordered the "Verde Salad" which is just a green salad with cheese and a vinegar and oil dressing. I had it topped with chopped steak. It was only $7.20 and plenty to eat! I had ice water to drink. So as of today, I have stuck with my grain free diet for 7 days!


I stopped at Fred Meyer's on the way home to pick up some of the supplements Dr. Davis suggested. I walked away with only Vitamin D.  I need to wait until payday to get the rest. The fish oil he recommended was $27 for a small bottle (liquid).  But I trust in him and am attempting to follow his plan as closely as possible. I have not yet tried any of his recipes. because I am usually too busy to cook, but I am really looking forward to making some "fat bombs"! 

More about the tomorrow.

I have a most pregnant daughter to meet for lunch!

Happy Wednesday!

Enjoy this divine weather!

Talk to you tomorrow!


Zita :) 


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