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Day 132

I am having a very good day!

Fridays have been my "day off" for the month of September. Then in October, fall term opens up at the music center and I teach group classes.  I have one student Friday evening. And bible study in the morning with some wonderful neighbor ladies and their dogs. :)

After bible study, I went for a two mile walk on the trail. It was the perfect day for walking. A gentle breeze, sunshine, but not too hot. Nice long pockets of shade.

 I need to remember that I need this.

I need to walk miles a day. Not just for the exercise. For for my mental state.  I get time to ponder, to pray, to listen to music, to breathe to be.  I really need to remember this feeling.

After my wonderful walk,  I made lunch. Lately I feel like I have been eating too much meat. I was actually craving tofu! Who does that?  Crave tofu?! lol  Well I did.  I've also been reading the spelt flour is gluten free, and does not cause inflammation. So I coated cubes of extra firm tofu with a mixture of spelt flour, a bit of nutritional yeast, lemon pepper, salt and paprika.  I sauteed them in coconut until they were nice and crispy.  I also tossed some sliced zucchini with the same mixture, but added a bit of parmesan cheese.  I had this with a bit of hot sauce, with a kale salad and a half of a tangelo on the side  Pretty fancy, right? :)

I am feeling good today.  I don't hurt much. I've been working on all my issues: Trying to get good, regular sleep, plenty of water, no gluten, and plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. And of course some kind of exercise every day and stop eating at 7:00 p.m.

My skin in particular is looking great, glowing even!  Well I am quite pale, so I would probably glow in the dark!

Yesterday I took my blood pressure at the "higi" kiosk at Fred Meyers. Here are my check in results:

Blood Pressure: 113/69 mmHg
Pulse:  68 bpm

I am still slightly blown away at the big improvement in my blood pressure. 

So, in celebration of life, I went for a fabulous foot massage with Daniel at the Amazing Foot Spa on 82nd and Foster. We are becoming good friends. He does such a good job. Knows all the right points.

I am now on my way to dinner with my son.  And then a piano student. 

It was a wonderful day indeed!

Happy Friday! :)


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