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Year Two, Day 320: "Hara Hachi Bu"

My Monday perked up significantly after I blogged yesterday.

I met my daughter "pho" lunch. We shared a large steamy bowl of #6 which is round steak and flank. We ordered green onions in warm oil on the side, along with the bean sprouts, fresh lime wedge, fresh basil and jalapenos.  I sniffled and snorted my way through lunch, trying not to complain. Because these lunches with my daughter (and grandbaby to be!) are precious. Since I do not cohabitate with her and my son-in-law, I want to cherish our time together.

She was tired today too. They had just moved into their friends' home this last weekend.  So we had a nice, quiet lunch. After lunch we were going to make a quick stop at the grocery store. But she told me that the little mini kitchen attached to their living quarters is bigger than she imagined. "It has a real stove!", she exclaimed.

They had put most of their cooking utensils in storage when they moved. So, she was considering stopping at a thrift store and buying a skillet.  There was one right up the street. We kind of looked at each other conspiratorally. You see, last time we ventured into that thrift store they were having their Veteran's Day sale. EVERYTHING in the whole store was 50% off. We made out like bandits!

I told her she was not allowed to look at clothing. And she told me I was not allowed to look at books.  We agreed.

Went straight back to the cookware, but on the way to the cash register we passed through the clothing aisles. And all the purple tagged items were 50% off today! I found a cute "church lady"  top, matching jacket and matching necklace!  We pryed ourself away and up to pay for our finds.  And when I got to the cash register, a sign said "55 year-olds and older get a senior discount"!


So we got a new outfit for me and a skillet and lid for my dollar for about $10!

My "Church Secretary" outfit! :) 

And you know what?

At that moment, my allergy symptoms completely disappeared!  I was cured!

Perhaps shopping is my secret medicine?

Alas, by the time we finished grocery shopping I was sniffling again, but I felt wide awake and chipper.

Shopping with one's daughter, I deduced, is good medicine indeed!

I bought more Zyrtec at the store. I did make a doctor's appointment, but they could not get me in until Friday. If I get my symptoms under control before then, I will cancel my appointment.  While at the store, I also got rice, beans, salsa and avocados. I am going to make rice bowls for my at home meals.  I still am feeling like my diet is too acidic.  Alkalizing, apparently has many health benefits. Plus beans and rice bowls are good protein, low in calories and high in fiber.

Most determined am I to lose weight and feel great!

As I approach my two year blogaversary, I am wanting to recommit myself to getting down to a healthier weight and gaining more strength and energy.

On that note, I was scanning the internet earlier and I found an article about the longevity of Okinawans. I have heard this before.  They are known for living healthy lives and have the largest number of citizens over the age of 100 than any country in the world. Okinawa is a group of islands - a "prefecture" of Japan.

Their diet is heavy on fresh fruits, vegetables and fish.  Instead of rice, they lean towards the purple skinned sweet potato. They also eat a lot of tofu, but not the unhealthy genetically modified kind that we have here.

They are active and have positive attitudes.  According to many sources I read, they live long, healthy, HAPPY lives.

One eating practice, which I intend to employ is "hara hachi bu" which means essentially eating until you are about 80% full.

I think growing up in a low income family, that an empty belly was scary. It was a sign of scarcity.  I remember days when I came home from school, both parents at work, quite hungry, and only finding a lone potato and a frozen pizza for dinner.  When our parents got paid, we would party! Load up our carts with our favorite foods at the supermarket and come home and it most of it in one night!  I remember going to bed with a full, happy tummy. But I knew it wouldn't last.

I am a grown woman now.  I am not worried about starving.  So I am going to add hara hachi bu to my health regimen.

And when it gets a bit warmer, I am going to walk over to the school next to my new home early in the mornings for a run! I recently discovered they have a running track!  When I first created this blog, one of my goals was to begin running again.

Now nearly two years later, I think I am ready!

I am so excited about this new book series I am reading.  One of my student's dad recommended that I rent books from the library on my Kindle. Honestly, I had never tried to download an e-book from the library. He told me it was quite simple.

Today, I went to my favorite Starbucks and downloaded some library books on my Kindle. Easy cheesy!

No more dark "gothic suspense" or dark novels of any kind. Only uplifting words.

Speaking of uplifting words, my fruit of the spirit for today was kindness. (From Galatians 5:22-23).

That is one of my favorite fruits of the spirit.  Being kind to others always lifts my spirits. And lately I have learned that being kind to myself radiates outward to the rest of my world.

Today was a good day.

I hope it was for you too!

Happy Tuesday!

Talk to you tomorrow!


Zita :)


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