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Year Two, Day 314: "Mind the Gap"

Today was overall a very pleasant day.

I popped up at the last possible moment and was able to get in my 20 minute elyptical workout while watching "Person of Interest". This routine is really working for me. Yes, I am bribing myself.  I don't allow myself to watch any television at night for the time being, while I am in "training". So when I open an eye, hit the snooze and contemplate sleeping in, I start craving my time with my new show I am binge watching.  Then, once I am vertical, I am awake!

Today I had a bit of a breakthrough. I was so engrossed in the plot, that without realizing it, I was actually "running" on the elyptical! Broke a sweat did I!

After my shift at the church, I stopped in at Starbucks and had a green tea latte with my housemate before heading off to lunch.  I decided to try a new place: "Sunny's Diner" in my new hood. I've heard good things about it.

I was greeted by a friendly server.  When she came to take my order, I smiled at her. She gasped. "I love your gap!"

I laughed.  I told her she was the second person in a week to mention it. I told her I used to be self conscious because I thought people might think I was missing a front tooth!

"No!", she exclaimed. "It is really cute"!

Well, I'll take cute!  The last person to comment was at Burgerville.  She said I reminded her of Lauren Hutton.

The weird thing is, before these two, I cannot remember anyone even mentioning my gap!

My lunch was yummy. I had a mushroom swiss burger sans bun, fries and tea.  While I was eating, the man sitting at the table opposite me received his pancakes. He kept exclaiming about the size of them. (They were enormous!) And he kept asking the server for more butter. When I chuckled he looked up at me and smiled.  Then he proceeded to talk to me. The entire time I was there! At first I nodded and smiled politely.  Then I started feeling tense.  I just wanted some quiet time with my food and "Words with Friends".

Then I felt guilty. He was obviously lonely. He was an older gentleman.  So we chatted. He asked me if I heard about the attack in London. I had.  He proceeded to tell me why the world was a mess, and what should be done.  I nodded and inserted a few words here and there. He was getting quite animated. I didn't want to talk politics.  So I did the only logical thing possible at a moment like this: I faked a phone call.

"Excuse me", I interrupted his talk about Nazi Germany. "I have to take this".

Then, embarrassingly enough I faked a conversation.  Then I fake hung up my phone and got back to my burger.  And he started up again.

Sigh.  I listened a bit and then said, "Yes, this world is an absolute mess. I have enjoyed talking, but I have a bit of work to do". I smiled and got out a pencil and paper and started doing fake work.

He finally got the hint.  "So sorry",  he said. I smiled and said, "No worries. I enjoyed our chat!"   He seemed happy. He asked for a box for his pancakes. And more butter.  And waved goodbye.

Later on, I read more about the attack in London.  And something was tickling the back of my mind as I listened to a newscaster with a lovely British accent. It was about the "gap" in my teeth.

There is a British saying: "Mind the gap".

I looked it up.  It turns out, it is a public service announcement used in the London underground transit, called "the Tube".  When passengers are about to step from the platform onto the train, there is a bit of a space. They are told to "Mind the Gap" as a safety precaution.

Here is a Youtube video of the London Underground with Oswald Laurence's voice saying "Mind the gap!" He was apparently a British actor, now deceased. But in some places, they have brought back his recording.

I am keeping my blog short.  Still suffering from allergies. And saddened by the latest terrorist attack.

My prayers are with the people of London.

Blessings to you. Happy Wednesday.

Talk to you tomorrow!


P.S. My fruit of the spirit today (from Galatians 5:22-23) was "gentleness".  I was pondering this as I tried to be kind to the man at the diner today.


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