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Year Two, Day 300: Christian Mingle, Christian Slater and a Singles Luncheon...

Wow!  Day 300 of my second year of this blog. So that makes this:

DAY 665!

That is a lot of blogging! And for someone who used to scold myself on not sticking to anything, this is a major accomplishment!

Proud of self, I am!

Today was quite a day. I went to a singles luncheon!  
But first, let me tell you about yesterday.  

I had unexpected quality time with my piano. It filled my soul with joy. I had planned on coming home (aka walking across the field between the church and house) after work and practicing for maybe 45 minutes before I headed out to teach my first student.

I had sat down and run through the music for choir and then looked at the clock. Time always gets away from me when I am at my piano.  I started to pack up when my cell phone rang.

It was the mother of my first student. He had a conflict with his lesson and needed to reschedule. She sounded apologetic. I told her not to worry, I could use the time for my own practice! 

And that I did.  I exhaled a sigh of relief.  And I had a wonderful session.  

Now that my move is nearly complete, I am looking forward to spending more time with my best friend!

Coincidentally (or not), my fruit of the spirit today  was "joy" (Galatians 5:22-23).
One of the ladies from the church had made plans to pick me up for the singles lunch at 11:45. My usual hours are 10 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. So I went in 15 minutes early this morning. I had planned on going in early for 5 days to make up for the time. But the pastor told me they considered this social development time. A good opportunity to get to know people from the church.  And I should explain here the the "singles" group is a group of women.  They were worried that I would be disappointed that there were no men. I assured them I would not be.  

And I was not.  What a precious group this was. Fourteen women, most of them over 70 years old. But interesting, kind, funny and entertaining. We had a lovely lunch. And I was invited to the craft group's St. Patrick's Day party. 

It seems this introvert is getting a social life after all. 

This church has already brought me so many blessings.  :)

Coincidentally (or not), I opened my email up this morning before work and found a notice the Christian Mingle be deducting my annual fee from my bank account. At first I panicked. I was getting ready to call and cancel. I had forgotten about that I had joined last year.  It was during my dating app phase. I was told Christian Mingle would be a safe place to find people of the male persuasion. But nobody really emerged to talk.  So I stopped visiting the site.

Then I reconsidered. I am saving money living here in the parsonage. And I have a bit of extra time since I only have a 2 minute walk to work in the morning.  And not living with my grown children is giving me a bit of freedom to rediscover me again.  

And I wouldn't mind discovering a person of the male persuasion as well.  

I hope I have learned a bit from my last round of internet dating.  Taking it slowly I am. Talk online for quite awhile.  Limit my choices to men close to my age. And not base my choices on physical appearances.

We shall see!

But now I have a date with my new favorite television series I am bing watching. With a bit of popcorn of course.  "Mr. Robot".  Rather dark, but I am fascinated by the main character and the plot. Plus there is also Christian Slater on the side.

I will talk to you tomorrow.

Happy Tuesday!



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