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Year Two, Day 296: "D" Part II or the Finale?

Most tired am I!

And sore!

It is very late, but I would not feel right going to bed without posting.

I cleaned out my room at the old house today. My daughter has carpet cleaners coming tomorrow. Sunday I will hire my nephew again to take some more things out to storage. Whatever is left will stay in the garage until our garage sale.

Amazing for someone who is purging and simplifying, that I still have so much stuff!

Oh, but let me tell you the latest about "D".

Here I am yesterday after work, waiting for the bus...

And it pulled up, right on time. With "D" driving!

We smiled and greeted each other. I asked about his dog. She is doing well. Still a little sleepy from the procedure, but no word on the biopsy yet.

Yet again he asked about me.....

As I was prepare to exit the bus, I turned to him and handed him my card.

"I may not see you tomorrow", I said. But I want to give you this so we can stay in touch. Because I like talking to you!"  Then I waved and jumped off. I turned and said, "Good luck on your new route!"

I was still looking at my card. He smiled and said thanks.

I know I was blushing as I headed to my next stop. And a bit embarrassed was I.

How bold!

I don't usually act so rashly, but I was afraid I would not see him again. And I do like talking to D. Amazing, since we just met.

But, what if I misread the situation? What if there is a "Mrs. D"?!!

He had said he had no children. And Inky was his best friend. But he did not actually say he was single. And I did not crane my neck to look for a wedding ring...


I do not know if I will hear from him. But you know what? I am ok with it. Because if I hadn't given him my card, and a friendship was possible, I might have missed an opportunity.

If he is not interested, or married, or (I don't know what else!), he will just not contact me. And nothing will change.

On another note, I am reaping huge benefits from my Lenten vow to not think negatively about people. Oh, I have had many pop-ups all day. And I was tempted to follow the thought, but instead, I squashed it like a bug and said, "Bless them, God".

And now I bid you a good evening and a Happy Friday.

Blessings to you!


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