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Year Two, Day 312: Quicksand

Gratitude was the focus of my daily devotional today. Specifically gratitude to God for His forgiveness of my sins.  Today's reading struck me deep inside. I paused. I exhaled a long sigh. Then I inhaled what felt like new life.

I need to spend more time reflecting on what I am thankful for.  It is so easy to be obsessed with the negative.  Perhaps not really enjoying the negative, or even complaining. But maybe, like me, constantly worrying over what is wrong and trying to figure out what is right.

But in the process, I become engulfed in negativity.

Time to pull myself out.

My father used to warn me about quick sand when I was a child.  Why he focused on quick sand here in the Pacific Northwest, I will never know. But I developed a deep fear of falling into quick sand and sinking down, down, down until I disappeared. But there is a technique, apparently, according to my father, in surviving a quick sand plummet.  Gravity pulls you down. And if you flail around in a panic, you sink faster.  So to survive, you must lay back as if you are floating on water.

Thankfully, I have never had the opportunity to test his technique.  But right now, I am suddenly seeing the parallel between quick sand and negative thinking. If I flail around in a panic, thinking, "Oh, no, what will I do! Poor me!  I can't handle all of this right now...yada yada yada." Guess what? I will sink faster.

But how about relaxing, laying back, whispering to God that I need help. And just floating it out?

Wow! I love this analogy!

I have learned a thing or two from my father!

On a totally different subject, today was officially the first day of Spring here in Portland, Oregon.  This is what spring looks like here (at least Spring, 2017):

Yup. Cold. Dark. Wet.  Spring in Portland.

I was chatting with a grocery clerk before I made my way home tonight. He said he just moved here from Arizona.  "So do April showers bring May flowers in Portland?", he asked.

"Nope", I smiled. "In Portland, April showers bring May showers!"

I hope not.  This is the longest, coldest winter I ever remember.

Most everyone I know is sick with a headcold, headache, cough or just slightly depressed.

I am one who rarely complains about the rain.

I am now complaining.

I really am longing for some sun and warmer weather!

So, to celebrate the first day of spring, I took myself out for ice cream before my last students.  I went to "Cloud City Ice Cream" on SE Woodstock. I have heard rave reviews from students and friends.

It was totally worth it. I had two scoops. I probably should have had just one, but I couldn't decide between "Lemon with Black Pepper Marionberry Jam" ("house-made lemon curd base + black pepper mrionberry jam) and "Earl Grey Blueberry" ("Earl Grey lavendar tea from jasmine pearl +locally grown blueberries!")

So I made the logical choice - BOTH!

It was super yummy!  And it seemed to be what I needed on this cold, dreary day.

As for tomorrow, I have a plan.  In my quest to wake up earlier, on the right side of the bed and exercise and practice piano before my church office job, I am going to try to go to bed by 10:15, read a bit while listening to K-Love radio. Then pop up and go next door to the "gym", turn on Netflix and watch "Person of Interest" whilst walking on the treadmill or the elyptical.  Then I shall take a hot shower, down some hot tea and practice piano.

You heard it here first!  And now the time is 10:00, so I bid you a happy Monday!

Oh, and my fruit of the spirit I focused on today was "goodness" (from Galatians 5:22-23).

Talk to you tomorrow!

G'night all!

Zita :)


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