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Year Two, Day 295: "D"... a New Chapter?

So I have to tell you about my bus encounter yesterday!

With my new favorite driver. Perhaps there might be a spark there...We shall see!

But I got on the bus at 12:58 as usual after my church job. And there he was.  He was smiling today. I asked him how his dog Inky was doing. He said she was home from the hospital. They removed the tumor. She is a little sleepy (which is to be expected after surgery), but she is eating and wagging her tail. They now are waiting for the results of the biopsy to determine if the tumor is benign.

I will keep praying.

But he must have remembered that this was my short bus trip day, because he suddenly turned the conversation around, looked right at me in the mirror and said, "So, how are YOU doing?"

It surprised me.  I told him I had just moved. That it was a long story, but I was now living in the house behind the church.

He said, "Good, then I will still see you."

But then he said, "But this is my last week. I am being transferred to another line next week".

At which point we arrived at my stop. I hopped out and turned around.

"What is your name?", I bellowed.

"D!", he bellowed back.

"I'm Zita. Nice to meet you!", I smiled and waved.

"I will see you tomorrow, Zita", he smiled back at me.

My heart did a little dance. I'm sure I blushed.  And practically skipped to my next bus stop!

This saga will be continued tomorrow. So stay tuned!

On a completely different note, yesterday was the first day of Lent. Ash Wednesday. I was teaching in the evening, so I was unable to attend a service.  I would like to have gone to one, especially at the church where I work, but I missed so many days with the snow, my back injury, the flu and my move, that I do not want to cancel any more lessons.

But I have been thinking about Lent.  For the last several years, I have either given up or severely limited my social media use. Especially Facebook. The first year I did it, I deactivated my account. And I felt like I was going through withdrawals.

This year, I have decided to focus on adding something good to my life.  It seems like helping those less fortunate has been placed in my path.  Yesterday, I had another opportunity as I was getting off the bus on SE 82nd and Foster.

This is what I posted on Facebook earlier:

"Was in the right place at the right time again getting off a bus today. A sweet older man tripped on a curb in front of McDonalds and hit his head and scraped his hands. A crowd of people rushed out to help him. It was heartwarming. As we waited with him for the ambulance to arrive, workers brought out paper towels to hold on his wounds. A woman trained in first aid got her first aid kit from the car and distrubuted rubber gloves. I talked with him as we waited. He told me his name, but when I asked if we could call friends or family, he said sadly, "There is no one."
Then he looked up and said, "But all you people are so nice. Thank you."
I went into McDonalds to wash my hands after the paramedics arrived. One of the workers brought us some hand sanitizer.
Today is the first day of Lent. It has become clear to me that instead of giving up Facebook this year, I am going to devote the next 40 days to giving of myself to those in need."
But as I rode the bus and walked between student houses, I felt a nudge in my conscience. I feel like I need to give up something for 40 days as way to remove obstacles between my earthly life and God's plan, to show gratitude for all He has done in my life, and to try to live a holier life.
And then it hit me!  I will give up thinking negative thoughts about people. Even, or shall I say, ESPECIALLY those who have hurt me.

I felt an instant sense of freedom, relief and light-heartedness.  Years ago, I told myself I wanted to resist the urge to gossip or speak negatively about anyone.  It is something I still work on.  But I have allowed myself to secretly think negative things.  I justify them of course.  But they poison my soul.

So today, if a negative thought about someone popped up in my head, I immediately said, "God bless this person." And I would feel a release.

These are my Lenten vows:
  1. To find opportunities every day to assist people in need.
  2. To give up thinking negative thoughts about people, and instead ask God to bless them.
  3. Continue with my morning prayer and bible study.
I love a good plan!
After Lent, it will be nearly two years that I have been blogging everyday. It will also be Spring! And I will be making new goals to improve my health and fitness. With a vengeance!

Today my fruit of the spirit (Galatians 5:22-23) is "goodness".  This fruit fits especially well with my Lenten vows.  In fact, it might be a good idea to try to incorporate my Lenten vows into my life!

But one step at a time. First, to get through these 40 days!

Happy Thursday!


P.S.  I can't wait to see my new friend D later on!


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