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Year Two, Day 316: Laughing in the Rain!

So after my sluggish start to yesterday, it ended with a flourish!

I was leaving my last student's house. It had begun to rain.  I had not brought my umbrella along. When I left the house earlier, it was warm and dry.  I did hesitate, thinking I might need it - I mean that 3/4 mile walk home at night would be mighty sloshy without an umbrella.

But I was tired and cranky. And I wanted to travel light. So I took off sans umbrella.

And there I was. The end of my day, facing a sloshy commute home.  I had felt so proud of myself. Instead of stopping and buying a packaged snack, I did buy my apple. It was a Fuji. Most crunchy and delicious it was!

My last family of the evening, is like a real family to me. The grandma always makes me tea. Sometimes they invite me for dinner. She also told me her door is always open, if I am in the neighborhood and want to just stop by and play her old upright piano. And I occasionally do!

So when she saw my face as I was prepared to leave, she offered to lend me an umbrella. I was greatly relieved and told her I would bring it back when I was in the neighborhood again.

Alas, she could not find a spare umbrella!  So I wrapped my books and kindle in plastic, put my cell phone in my purse, underneath my big winter coat, secured my hood and marched out. It was a steady drizzle, but not too cold.  I told her I would be fine. That I would "run in between the raindrops".  But inside I was feeling cranky.

But something amazing happened. I believe a small God thing. However, with God, nothing is small is it?

I got to the corner just in time to catch a bus. I was only going to the next stop, but every bit helps!  As I got off at my stop, a young mother followed me with her three children. They were adorable - about 8, 4 and 2.  The oldest were girls, the youngest a little boy in a stroller. They looked perfectly content to walk with their mom, holding hands in the rain. They were speaking Spanish and laughing.

They walked across the street to the same stop as I.  There was no covering for this bus stop. And much standing water.  They also did not have an umbrella. We backed up against the building by the stop, seeking shelter. I got out my cell phone to call the transit tracker to see how long of a wait we had. Just then, a car came speeding past us, and we were drenched with a wave of cold water!

I grimaced, but to my amazement, the family broked out in giggles. I looked down at them. They smiled at me. Another car came by just then, and they laughed hysterically. The mom and I looked at each other and started to laugh too. Soon, we were having a grand old time, laughing each time a car came close to the sidewalk, drenching us.

My heart soared. And my gloom lifted.  The bus came soon and we sloshed on board.  Smiling.

This is what they mean by looking at the glass half full or half empty.  I used to be more of an optimist.  If I am not careful, I will become cranky as I get older.  I intend to fight it all the way.

When I got off at my stop, I ducked under the shelter of a building and got out my little radio and headphones. Tied on my hood, got out my flashlight and walked merrily home in the rain.  Listening to my favorite radio personality to walk home to: Clyde Lewis.  I walked briskly, feeling more energized then ever.

And guess what? This morning I woke up easily.  Feeling less poofy.  One of my piano student's grandmas told me her allergies have been bothering her lately too. She recommended Zyrtec. She takes the generic form ("Cetirizine").  She gave me a few to try.

So I took one this morning with my tea.  And it helped!

Today, I felt almost healthy!

These are the changes I have made in the last week:

  1. No television at night. Only reading one hour before bed.
  2. Keep the radio on (I have it tuned to K-Love, a Christian station).
  3. Drink herbal tea before bed.
  4. Put a warm, wet cloth on my eyes before bed, and when I wake up during the night (to discourage rubbing my itchy eyes!)
  5. Exercise in the morning (this is my television time. I am currently watching "Person of Interest")
  6. Eat apples for snacks.

Today I deviated a bit.  Since I had a real day off (Spring break at the music center where I usually teach classes on Friday), I went to the gym instead of my morning elliptical/tv time.  But I had an apple on an empty stomach.  A nice, crisp, juicy apple.  I am wondering if part of my "allergy" symptoms are stress related?  Many of my symptoms seem to get worse when I start worrying. And my cough seems acidic.  The apple seems to sooth my tummy.

Perhaps the old saying was correct! ("An apple a day keeps the doctor away")

I also put lentils in the crockpot before I headed out this morning. So I came home to a lovely bowl of dal.  I shared with my housemates, and Squire the Dog. They all gave their approval.

I am thinking my diet has become too high in fat, salt and too acidic.

Although, I did treat myself to my Egg McRice cake today before I went over to my daughter's house and helped her and my son-in-law do their final packing before they move tomorrow.

All this change in a short period of time.  Change can be a good thing, but it is stressful nonetheless.  So after I type this blog, I am going play a bit of piano and then hop on the treadmill and watch a bit of Person of Interest.

Then it will be to bed with my book. Earlier than usual. Saturday is my busy day.

Happy Friday!

P.S. My fruit of the spirit for the day was "love".  (From Galatians 5:22-23).  Learning to take better care of myself is the most loving thing I can do. Because if I feel loved, then I am in better shape to pass it on!

Talk to you tomorrow...



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