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Year Three, Day 156: Thank God for COPD and 120 Days of Daily Hooping

10:00 a.m.

Today has been a very good day so far.

I am here at my daughter and son-in-law's church.

I have Baby Gracie duty. It is a pleasure! I had not seen her in four days. Such a difference those days made! I arrived at their trailer before church. I went straight to her crib and said,"Hi Gracie, your grandma is here!"

I scooped her up and noticed her looking intently up at my face. Like she was studying me. I continued talking to her and her face lit up with recognition!

My heart leapt for joy!

I danced with her around the living room, softly singing our theme song ("The Bunny Hop"). When I got to the "hop, hop, hop" part she would grin.

Earlier, I took the Max to Cascades Station. Had a cup of Earl Grey tea and a gluten free breakfast sandwich at Starbucks. It was such a beautiful morning. Clear, crisp and chilly. Sun shining brightly.

I love this time of year!  I did cough quite a bit last night. The Prednisone has taken the edge off, but does not seem to be working as well as it has in the past. I had a chat with my brother, the pharmacist last night. He said Prednisone at the low dose I am taking is effective. But not long term he says I also need an Albuterol inhaler. He is right. Thursday night when I was up all night coughing and wheezing, I became short of breath. I started to panic, because I could not catch my breath. Luckily I had an old inhaler. I think it is almost a year old. From my last bout of bronchitis. I inhaled a few puffs, which seemed to ease the congestion in my lungs.

Perhaps that is why they are called "rescue inhalers".

11:20 a.m. the church service is nearly over. Gracie was so well behaved, I actually got to hear quite a bit of the sermon. She fell asleep listening to the praise band (we sit in the lobby so the noise is not to hard on her little ears).

I put her in her stroller and walked around the lobby with her until the sermon started. Then I wheeled her near the "sanctuary". Not sure what else to call the area people gather to worship in this church. It is housed in an old K-Mart building.
 I like the large space and "come as you are" vibe.

And I really enjoyed the pastor 's message who preached today. His style is deeper than the other pastors at this church. Less evangelical, more bible based. I enjoy the other pastors, but this guy resonates with me. He caught my attention right away by opening with Philippians 4:11-13 which was my scripture of the day yesterday!

8:19 p.m. 

Most tired am I! On my way back home after watching Gracie all day. I loved it, but my daughter fed her before they left for the volleyball game they coach. She left me two bottle of breast milk, but didn't think she'd drink both.

We did fine the first hour. She ate and fell asleep. I was even able to watch a movie! ("Grid Iron" with Dwayne Johnson - loved it! Shed a few tears, it was that good!).
But then, the baby awoke! I changed her, danced and sIng with her. But she was howling like a hungry animal! I fed her the second bottle, Buford her and gave her a binky. She sucked on her bunny for a bit, angrily. Then spit it out and howled!

So I walked and sang and comforted Miss Gracie for about 30 minutes. We were both very happy to see her mom!

Her mom and dad suggested I spend the night. I must have looked tired.

But thank God for my COPD! I told them it would not be good for my COPD for me to sleep on a mat on the floor. They are planning on buying a recliner for when I spend the night when my daughter goes back to work.

I told them I'd wait for the recliner.

Ah, the joy of grandmahood!

There are rewards as we age!

On that note, this grandma needs her bed!

I leave you with day 120 of my daily hooping experiment. Today, I used my injured hoop when store at my daughter's house. Space is limited. I actually ran into the neighbor's fence with my hoop.


Talk to you tomorrow. Happy Sunday!


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