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Year Three, Day 160: This is Why I Ride!

5:00 p.m.

I've had such a stellar day today so far! And that is saying a lot. It has been pouring down rain all day, skies are slate gray. Not too cold though.

But the amazing thing is how my commutes have gone! I set out this morning after my hoop session to catch the Max to the Cascades Station Transit Station. Where I had a brief layover with a London Fog tea at Starbucks.

Then I ordered a "Lyft" ride over the bridge to Vancouver to see my daughter. I love Lyft! But alas, I cannot afford $13.00 every time I want to cross the bridge. Especially now that I do not have my church office job.

There is a bus that goes from the Parkrose Transit Center in Portland, straight to Fisher's Landing in Vancouver. From there, it is just one C-Tran bus to my daughter and Baby Gracie's house.

Her new nickname is "Gracie Belly" by the way. I discovered it by accident, actually out of desparation this morning. She was quite fussy when I arrived, so I made up a nonsense song and danced around with her. My daughter started laughing and said, "Gracie Belly! Perfect!"

Gracie's middle name is Isabel.

So it is perfect! Especially since she sometimes has a gassy belly and needs a song and dance to cheer her up.

But I digress.  The bus ride from Parkrose to Vancouver seemed too time consuming for me, since I am not an early riser. So I have been taking Max to Cascades, having a nice cup of something at Starbucks and then taking Lyft car to Vancouver.

But I can no longer be a lady of leisure! Fall term is in swing, I have several piano performances coming up and a dwindling bank account!

Helping take care of Gracie Belly is my priority, but if I can't take care of myself, I am no use to anyone!

Today, since I had an earlier piano lesson cancellation, I did not need to be in Portland until about 4:30.  So after a wonderful visit with my daughter and Gracie Belly, I grabbed my umbrella, pulled on my rainboots and walked to the C-Tran stop near her house. It pleased me to hop on and find that it looked just like a Tri-Met bus! And my "Hop" card worked! I just tapped it and on I went.

The ride to Fisher's Landing was probably the longest ride of the day. But it was pleasant. Not as many passengers commute in Vancouver, or perhaps it is just that it is a smaller city.

But the pleasant surprise was the Parkrose direct bus. It picked me and two other passengers up at Fisher's Landing, and sped off to the I-205 freeway, over the bridge and directly to Parkrose.

Plus the seats were cozy and reclined!  What's not to like?

I am a proud commuter! I have gained peace of mind, get exercise walking between stops, am saving money and there is one less car on the road to pollute the environment.


I need to head out and teach. I shall continue this later this evening....

Later this evening...

It's 7:17 p.m. I stopped back at the library to seek shelter from the rain. And to finish this blog post!

I have one more student this evening, so we shall see how far I get.

Here is today's hooping video:

It was pretty wet this morning, so I hooped in the confines of the back sidewalk. But U hooped!

I just noticed the time. I need to catch a bus to my final student for the evening. I am feeling good about my life. And about the future.

On that note, happy Thursday!

Talk to you tomorrow.



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