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Day 58: Chinn's

Feeling proud of my lunch choice today!
I had lunch at Chinn's in Salem today.  Ironic name, since I am trying to rid myself of some chins! lol  Chinn's is a little Chinese restaurant in the same parking lot as PhysiQ, the gym I go to on my Salem Wednesdays trek.  I have a confession. Their food is pretty good. But not healthy.  However, they have great prices! So I justify my lunch there by the price and the fact that I just worked out!  Usually I have egg foo young and pork chow mein. It comes with eggflower soup and a fortune cookie, tea and ice water.  But I usually feel bloated and miserable afterwards, so what is the point I ask?I have struggled with my Salem day in terms of eating.  I am usually there from noon until 5.  Hour bus ride there. Hour bus ride back to Portland. So packing a lunch is awkward.  I was happy to find Chinn's because of the price. But the portions are too large.  So I tried eating half and saving half for the ride home a few weeks ago. That worked pretty well. Especially since it was within my eating hours - I am not eating after 6 p.m. But still, I did not feel so well.

So today, I decided to have a bowl of tofu veggie soup. And I believe this is the ticket! it was a large bowl of steamed vegetables and chunks of tofu, in a nice clear broth. I ate about 1/3 of it and then asked for a to-go container. I was worried about it spilling on the music in my bags, so I drank the broth and took the veggies to go. 

On the train ride home, I had a nice meal of veggies, applesauce, and bottled water.  I also had packed a small bag of popcorn.  It was only 70 calories.

Overall a very good day, especially in the eating department!

Happy Wednesday!
Salem has many creeks! I walk by this one to and from the Amtrak

Veggie and Tofu Soup at Chinn's in Salem


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