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Day 72: Online Clothing and Lunch at the Taj Mahal!

Today was a very light day for me. I usually go down to Salem on Wednesday morning. I start at the gym and then meet up with some lady friends for a bible study and snacks. Then off to the home of four piano students, light dinner, train and home!

But next week will be my last week in Salem for the summer.  I will probably return in the fall. My students are too wonderful to leave!

So instead of the gym and bible study, I went to my old stomping grounds, a little Indian buffet style restaurant on State Street near the capitol. It's called Taj Mahal.


I used to eat there once a week or so when I lived in Salem.  But hadn't been back for many moons.

And I was so pleased with the improvements!  They had big bowls of fresh watermelon and cantaloupe.  The rest of the food was the same: Tandori chicken, aloo gobi (curried cauliflower and potatoes), dal (a lentil dish), rice, naan (an Indian flat bread), cilantro/mint chutney, rice pudding and fresh vegetables.  I loaded up my plate with the fruit and veggies, and a bit of chicken. I had a steamy cup of chai tea to finish it off. Since I focused more on veggies and fruit, and kept the carbs at bay, I left feeling satisfied, not stuffed.

Since I didn't make it to the gym, I did some brisk walking in Salem. I estimate I did about 1.5 miles. I brought my resistance band with me and as I waited for the bus, I did some stretches and biceps curls.

I was thinking about clothes on the bus ride down to Salem. I'm not fond of shopping, but my clothes are not fitting so well lately. This is a GOOD thing!  When I went shopping with my daughter last weekend, I actually tried on a few items in a regular clothes store, not  a PLUS sized store! I was so happy that I could fit into "regular" clothes again. My daughter bought me a top.

I've been getting emails from a site called "Gwynnie Bee" lately. (Gwynnie Bee Clothing)They are an online clothing rental site.  It's a fascinating concept. For a monthly fee you get 1, 2 or 3 items sent to you at a time. You wear it and then send it back for more items. And the clothes are really cute! They are having a promotion, one free month, so I am giving it a try. The cool thing is I do not have to leave my home! I can view the clothes online and they have special sizing for each outfit. I put my measurements in and up popped my size.  Two sizes smaller than I was last year.


And Happy Wednesday (after the fact!)
Zita :)


  1. I read a fashion blog where the author uses gwinnie bee and she loves it. The clothes look really nice too. Hope your experience is just as positive!

  2. Cool! :) I will keep you posted. I have an interview for a church job coming up. Now that I'm down a few sizes, it will be nice to try new looks. And at least I will have a new outfit for church each Sunday! :)


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