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Day 359: A New Routine. And Bob. The Moss Ball

I decided to break free and try a new routine today.

I was very tired all day Sunday. It was the day after our chamber music group's last concert of the season. I always have post concert depression.

But I managed to wake up and drag myself to church yesterday.  As usual, I was glad I did.  Then I stopped for lunch and some reading. Thankfully my afternoon student had canceled. I had planned on a long gym workout, but instead went home and had a nice long nap.

I awoke with a start and much feelings of guilt in the late afternoon. I decided to assuage my guilt and head for the trail.  It was a nice evening. Warm, with a gentle breeze. There were quite a few cyclists on the trail. Not many walkers or runners. The tent dwellers were out and about, mostly gathered around each others tents, visiting. They did not bother me.  One walked by and smiled and said hello.

After my walk I went home and had some stew that was cooking all day in the crockpot. Then I finally made good use of the extra time I had that evening. I cleaned and organized my room.  Then I watched a movie with my son and son-in-law ("Jane Got a Gun" with Natalie Portman and Ewan McGregor), which I recommend, especially if you like Westerns with a modern spin and a tough female lead character.

I purposely stayed off of the internet, and got to bed at a decent time. Slept like a log. But this morning I woke up with negative thoughts running through my head and an aching body. I hit the snooze grumpily several times. I noticed the thoughts. It was like I was listening to a radio program.  I cannot remember the exact words. But grumpy. Negative about myself and resenting getting up, not looking forward to the day.

Finally I got mad at myself. I actually said outloud, "How about talking about what you DO like about your life, instead of what you do not!"

That did it. I popped up and made coffee. Had a brief prayer and went to the gym. I had a really good workout. It was hot today. I did not have time for a sauna, but with 91 degrees, who needs one!

I think I am going to try popping up and getting to the gym first thing. Then home for piano practice.  The two activities I really benefit from, but do not often have enough time for.

I can then do some house work, eat, etc and go teach. In the evening, I can spend more time in prayer, bible study and on this blog.  I find that when I do my blogging and studying in the morning, I get immersed and then have to rush to get my exercise and piano practice done.

Plus I am hoping that evening bible study will help with my nightmares and morning grumpies.

On a more pleasant note, I had a sweet encounter with one of my students. She is rather new to me. Has been playing piano less than a year. She is 8.  I do enjoy teaching piano, but I have to say that moments when my student initiate conversation, whatever the subject, warms my heart. When they see me as a positive person in their life, it makes teaching so much more rewarding.

She greeted me at the door of her home with a big smile.

"I have a new pet!", she exclaimed.

"Really?", said I.  "I want to see! I love pets!"

I imagined a little, wiggly puppy, or a fluffy kitten.

"What did you get?", I asked.

"A moss ball!", she giggled.

I thought she said a moth ball.  I looked at her oddly.

She kept giggling.

"I will go get him!", she called out as she ran up to her room.

I looked at her mom, with my eyebrows arched, quizzically.  Her mom just smiled and kind of rolled her eyes.

"This is my new pet!", my student said holding up a little glass bowl filled with water. In it was a round, green thing.

"Well, hello", I said, playing along. "What is his name?"

"Bob!", she shrieked.

Mom explained that in Japan, parents encourage their children to get moss balls for first pets because there is little care.  In fact no care. They just plop them in water.

My student gave me her permission to share this picture of Bob:

 He sat on the window sill in his bowl while she had her lesson. I am not sure, but I think he enjoyed the music.

And on that note,  I wish you a pleasant Monday evening!


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