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Year Two, Day 8: The Best Chili Ever!!

My goodness, the black bean turkey chili in the crockpot smells divine! I need to write down, this very moment how I made it, because this is seriously the BEST CHILI EVER!!!

I soaked a pot of black beans overnight. Then I hauled my sore body out of bed at 7:00 a.m., drained the water, poured on some fresh water to cover and put them in our smaller crockpot on low.

When I finally got vertical, I switched the crockpot to high.

Then I went to the stove and sauteed a package of ground turkey, 3 cloves minced garlic, half an onion minced,  and a diced jalapeno in some olive oil. I added the following seasonings:  1 tablespoon Tony Chachere's Creole Seasoning (which I put on nearly everything), 1 teaspoon cumin,  half teaspoon turmeric, half teaspoon red pepper flakes,  a quarter teaspoon cinnamon (trust me, this enhances the flavor big time!), and a splash of worcestershire sauce.  I simmered for a few minutes and then added a big can of chopped tomatoes (28 ounces) and simmered some more.

Then I dumped this all into our big crockpot and added a can of tomato paste.

Then I sat down at the kitchen table with my prayer journal, Bible, day planner and a cup of Earl Grey tea. I had the sliding glass door open behind me. Honey Dog was running in and out, looking for cats and squirrels, no doubt.  All the kids were at work. I felt very peaceful.

I journalled, prayed and read a bit. Then, the hunger kicked in, so I sauteed a chicken sausage and nuked some instant grits in the microwave.

By this time, the beans were cooked almost to perfection. So I turned off the small crock and let them sit for a bit while I ate my breakfast.

Then I dumped the black beans with their liquid into the large crockpot with the meat mixture. I gave it a stir and a taste. OMG!

Then I contemplated my grits.  How tasty they were. Which got me thinking. Perhaps I should put a polenta crust on the chili?  But this chili is so good alone, and a huge portion. What if the polenta ruined it.

So Oila! I discovered a recipe for polenta croutons online.

I have a pan of cooked polenta cooling, ready for the final frying step. I will let you know how they turn out.

I just tried another taste of the chili. It is done and ready for me to enjoy! I had better get busy with my croutons.

Today I am feeling the need to be kind to myself.  Gentle even. A nice peaceful, cloudy morning  of reading, cooking, sipping tea and a big bowl of steamy chili should do the trick!

I am going to do some stretching, crunches and pushups in my room whilst listening to the Mozart Requiem. Then off to teach a few piano students.

Tuesday and Wednesday I have taken off for piano practice and long gym workouts.

I am still pondering Psalm 40, and I have some reflections. But they are on the back burner. Behind the chili.

I will talk about more about Psalm 40 and some revelations from scripture, the pastor at the church I attend, and the workings of the Holy Spirit in my heart tomorrow when I have more time.

But for now.....


Happy Monday!


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