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Year Two, Day 12: A Good Mile

A Good Mile

I had a good brisk gym workout yesterday.  I notice my pace has picked up on the treadmill. I did a mile in 17.24 minutes! The proof is in the image above! :)  It really helps to watch the news. Especially politics. Which tends to quicken my heartrate and give me a dose of adrenaline.  Who said politics are not worthwhile?!

I am on my way to dress rehearsal at the University of Portland for the Mozart Requiem.  I am feeling much better about my part. But my left elbow is aching again.  So I am going to take it easy and go have a nice, hot steamy bowl of pho before I hop on the bus.  I have some reading material, so I am good to go!

I made a discovery earlier today. On my way to teach a piano class, I realized I needed some sustenance and had not packed a snack.  And I needed some caffeine.  I like unsweetened green tea, which they have at the corner convenience store near the music center.  I was going to grab a bag of mixed nuts, but I was really craving potato chips. I was early, so I compared calories.  A bag of mixed nuts actually had more calories than the chips. But, I do realize the nuts had more protein, and are lower on the glycemic index and have more protein. But still.  Well, I talked myself out of the chips and I discovered Sinfully Thin Popcorn!

Sinfully Thin Popcorn: Kale and Pomegranate Spiced

These were really delicious! Satisfied my hunger and crunch need.  Gluten free, low fat and roughly half the calories of that bag of Lays I was craving.


I need to run to dinner and rehearsal.  But I am feeling good today about my choices.

Happy Friday! :)


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