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Year Two, Day 23: Saying No to Tony Soprano

 It is going to be 90 degrees today.  The last day of May!

I feel like I have just woken up from a long winters nap. I know that my joy has returned when I want music in the background as I blog, journal and pray in the morning.

This morning I am stiff and sore. Especially my neck. So I am starting my day stretching to classical music. Back to the Classic FM Hall of Fame. I just listened to the Violin Concerto Opus 14 by Samuel Barber.  I have played the piano accompaniment for a violin student for this lovely piece.  This beautiful piece came in at 211 in the Classic FM 2015 Hall of Fame. Samuel Barber was an American composer. He started writing this piece in 1939, primarily for "financial reasons" (

Yup, the life of a musician!

Next on my playlist this morning is "Scottish Fantasy" by Max Bruch. He was a German composer (1838-1920). This is a lovely piece, filled with passion and lots of dynamics!

But  I am stalling. The real issue that I am avoiding is a heavy one: it is my weight..

I stepped on the scale his morning. Oy! I swear I heard it yelp! 195. Gulp.

My binge watching of "The Sopranos" involved a big time relapse of binge eating of large bowls of popcorn. With much butter.

Back to  the 'ol drawing board.

First order of business: portion control.

I picked up a book at the used bookstore yesterday. Volumetrics: Feel Full on Fewer Calories, Barbara Rolls, PhD and Robert A. Barnett.

I am eating this book up!  And it was only $0.10 at the used bookstore sale.  Score!  Good info here to add to my eating for weight loss data base in my brain.

I speed read the book today. Here are some nuggets of dietary wisdom I took away:
  1. "Foods with a high water content have a big impact on satiety"-foods to focus on are most fruits and vegetables, skim milk (I use almond milk), broth-based soups, beans, many cooked grains (I do not currently eat gluten), breakfast cereals with low-fat milk (again almond milk, gluten free and I read labels to avoid added sugar), and lean meats".
  2. "Reducing usual intake by 500-1,000 calories a day...should lead to weight loss of 1 to 2 pounds a week".
  3. Fiber: 20-30grams a day.
  4. Protein: About 15% of total daily calories.
  5. Water: About 9 glasses (8 ounce) a day.
  6. "At least 30 minutes or more of moderate intensity exercise most, if not all days of the week. Includes strength training twice a week".
  7. "Keep a food and exercise log".
  8. "Work on your thoughts and feelings...cognitive restructuring: learning to interpret events and expectations in a more constructive way".
Ok. I broke down and started a food and exercise journal today. I ate healthy all day- much fruit and vegetables! And a a good half hour of exercise!

I may share my log tomorrow, but now I am going to hit the hay. (I began writing this blog when I woke up this morning. Didn't get a chance to finish it until just now- 10:33 p.m. I aim to finish what I start!)

Without Tony Soprano and a bowl of popcorn! Woot! Woot!

I think there is hope for me!

Happy Tuesday!


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